Marco Rubio defends Israel and Bibi’s upcoming speech. DON’T MISS IT.


February 17, 2015 | 7 Comments »

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. The entire Jewish contingent in the Congress has been disgracefully silent except for two Jewish Democrats who already announced they will boycott Netanyahu. The American Jewish establishment has failed to speak out on this as they should but they are, with rare exceptions, a moral disgrace.

  2. although I thought his speech was very good and well articulated I think he should have put more emphasis on the direct value to the United States and congressional interests that BB’s info will bring. Perhaps he should even have intimated that obama has not been forthcoming to congress with accurate information on the progress of the negotiations. Also, he should have emphasized that personal feelings should be subordinate to reciveing the valuable perspective and information from the PM of Israel. Surely if it was perceived that Israel was in agreement with Obama they would not be trying to prevent the speech but would be encouraging it. How can the members restrict the information being brought to bear in the interests of the US because of hurt feelings? it appears that Obama does not want congress and the US to know something.

  3. I watched and listened to the entirety of Senator Marco Rubio’s speech, which presume, was delivered in the chamber of the United States Senate. But who else was present his speech? In view of the camera, all I could see were empty seats.

    And even if the speech is seen via the internet, how much effect can it be expected to have on the ongoing campaign of this scheming, and thoroughly un-American current president of the United States, to induce Democratic Party members of the two houses of Congress to boycott Prime Minister Netanyahu’s scheduled speech on March 3, 2015?

    All things considered, saving Israel from the explicit threats of annihilation that regularly mouthed are mouthed by the crazed and demonic religious leader of the present government of Iran, may, in the end, depend totally on Israel’s ability to target and destroy the various nuclear enrichment facilities of that country. Senator Rubio spells out, clearly and concisely, the Iranian Shia leadership’s implied threats of igniting a worldwide thermonuclear holocaust, from which they apparently imagine an Islamic-dominated world will arise upon the ashes of Earth’s current civilizations that they wish to destroy.

    But anyone who imagines that the present government of the USA — or any other American government — would ever use military force to destroy the nuclear enrichment facilities of Iran or possibly any other nuclear power, almost certainly is indulging in a fantasy. If all this were otherwise, why has the United States neglected to destroy the nuclear enrichment facilities of North Korea, whose crazed family-based national leadership openly threatens the United States, and which, if they ever can assemble the means of doing so, can probably be counted upon to carry out such threats?

    In the end, Israel and the Jewish nation cannot totally count on any outside power or combination of powers to protect their existence. And the goodwill even of a majority of the American people and of the Congress of the United States, may count for little in the face of a US presidential administration who, continuously and directly, evidences determination to support policies that undercut not only Israel’s rights and means of defending itself, but also is making serious efforts to guarantee to Iran the means and political backing they wish to acquire that will enable that country to threaten the not only the entire Middle East, but ultimately the world as a whole.

    Unless something is done to reverse this situation, a successful military attack using conventional weapons will no longer be possible to achieve, with the corollary assumption that only a first strike with nuclear weapons will save the threatened and targeted country or countries from their own destruction.

    Arnold Harris
    Mount Horeb WI