Marxist-Islamist coalition is a growing threat to America

Ted Belman

We must take note of the Enemy in Our Back Yard (New York Sun Staff Editorial)

We are advised

Iran is moving aggressively to gain influence in our hemisphere, and left-wing, anti-American leaders in Latin America are rolling out the red carpet for President Ahmadinejad. As this Marxist-Islamist entente grows, it presents a clear danger to American security and makes the need for action against Iran’s nuclear program even more pressing.

[..] The two retired to the presidential palace, Miraflores, to sign off, El Universal reported, on at least 29 memorandums and letters of intent. They also reiterated that they would push for OPEC production cuts, and, the Associated Press reported, they announced plans for a $2 billion joint fund to finance projects that would thwart American domination. “This fund, my brother, will become a mechanism for liberation,” Mr. Ahmadinejad said to Mr. Chavez during the announcement.

[..] The only thing Marxists like Messrs. Chavez, Ortega, and Correa have in common today with the likes of Mr. Ahmadinejad is a hatred of America. That is the foundation on which the Marxist-Islamist scheme is formed and the motivation behind any actions it carries out.

Although economic in nature, this entente will eventually become a military one. This has been underscored in the last several years by Venezuela’s billions of dollars in arms purchases, which included both small arms and more serious weapons like the Sukhoi Su-30 Russian fighter jets and Russian-made attack helicopters. There is also increasing troop movement among the left-wing Latin American states. The military ambitions of Messrs. Chavez, Ortega, and Ahmadinejad spell trouble.

Blocking this Islamist maneuvering in Latin America needs to be put at the top of the priorities for American foreign policy in the coming months. The existence of the Marxist-Islamist scheme also increases the importance of putting a definitive end to Iran’s nuclear program. It is no longer a strategic matter of protecting our ally Israel or heading off a Middle Eastern arms race. The threat posed by a nuclear Iran will be to our own cities — Miami, Houston, Tucson — and it will come from Iranian missiles based in the jungles of Nicaragua and on the plains of Venezuela.

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7 Comments / 7 Comments

  1. Felix

    People use the word Marxist loosely. In this context it simply denotes a socialist, one who wants to nationalize key industries. Or maybe a rallying cry for anti-capitalists or imperialists.

  2. M Simon

    It is determinist rubbish, totally anti=historical, which is actually in line with your own method, if you could actually call it a method.

  3. Islamists love Canada. So do the Marxists and the anarchists. Muslims also love Canada becuase of it’s huge social safety net. Canadian Islamists like Mohamed Elmasry and the Communist Party of Canada already have a rather close relationship. Elmasry has given speeches at their conventions. CPC members show up at pro-Hezbollah, pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli marches. I do not know exactly how Canadian Muslims vote, but it is not Conservative. No, they are socialist-lite at best (NDP), and Liberal, which is socialism pretending to be liberal. The only true liberals are the Conservatives, but they get a bad rap by being called “right-wing” and “neo-cons”. Anyway, Arabs and Muslims really are socialists which might help explain their inability to adapt to benign governing, such as democratic governments. Not that all democratic governments are benign but they aren’t in the same league as pure Communist or Socialist governments, the Big Daddies, kind of like Allah is to the Muslims. Castro could sure whip them into shape with a little help from Allah.

  4. Felix,

    I suppose we could start with the Nationalization of the oil industry in Venezuela.

    BTW Felix ever read Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom”. Or Friedmans “Free to Choose”? A video of “Free to Choose” is widely available on the net. You might want to have a look.

    And Felix you are not one of those guys who believe that “real” scocialsm or Marxism has never been tried are you? I suppose you are right. Real socialism works. Since no one can find such a working animal it has obviously never been tried. QED.

  5. Ted

    You go the whole hog here and refer to this as a “Marxist=Islamist” alliance.

    We already had something like this when Prof Eidelberg referred to Ben Gurion as a “Marxist” and Ami Isseroff wrote to that point in disagreement, and you did not challenge Isseroff.

    So now please explain why you label these gentlemen like Mr Chavez as “Marxist”. Or Socialist. or indeed Leftwing.

  6. Jews are overwhelmingly leftist/socialist.

    Iran and Venezuela have just taken socialism to its logical conclusion. See Hayek “The Road to Serfdom”

    Jews in other words are on the same path and by their support of socialism (lite or heavy) are aiding their enemies. So what else is new?

    Guys like Milton Friedman are ignored except by a few of us Jewish misfits.

  7. The Iran-Russia-Venezuela Axis of today reminds me of the German-Japan-Italy Axis in WWII. And although on the surface such an alliance between Islamic and non-Islamic countries seems counter-intuitive and a confliction due to differing worldviews and dogma, it makes perfect sense in that they need each other to unseat their mutual enemies, the USA, Canada (yes, Canada) and Israel.

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