McCain/Lieberman ticket v Obama/? ticket

By Ted Belman

Richard Baehr thinks Only McCain Can Beat Obama

    I know John McCain does not go down easily among many conservatives. But with Barack Obama looking like the victor among Democrats, his party needs the Arizona Senator at the top of the ticket.

    Conservatives may decry his support of campaign finance reform (a mistake to be sure — it simply moved the money around to new vehicles, but with less disclosure of contributors), his opposition to the size of the Bush tax cuts, his support for the Bush immigration plan, his embrace of global warming fears. But this is the reality ten months before the November election: if the Republicans nominate anyone other than John McCain, they are doomed to defeat against Barack Obama, maybe even a decisive defeat. McCain on the other hand, has a real shot at winning against Obama.

He would have made a stronger case if he included the following;

Confirmed: Barack Obama Practiced Islam
Obama’s Racist and Anti-Semitic Connections
Obama Wants a Dialogue with the Butchers of Iran
Proof that Obama is pro-Islamic agent

    “As a fledgling Christian, Obama didn’t join just any church. He joined the United Church of Christ. The United Church of Christ is very anti-Israel and supports divestment. It also sponsors speeches at its many functions by the Arab “Christian” pro-terror religious organization, Sabeel.

    Sabeel holds some of its biggest meetings in Chicago., (www.scoop.,co, nz/stories/ HL0510/500139. htm) ”

Barack Obama’s Pastor is a “Total Hater”
Barak Hussein Obama Picks Anti-Israel Foreign Advisor

Finally Ron Kampeas writing in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency advises Throughout his career, Obama has reached for Jewish support. On reading that piece I couldn’t help but think that many Jews are holding Obama forth as a viable candidate.

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