McMaster U. in Hamilton is suing Dr.Paul Williams. Why?

Because he was investigating Islamic terrorists at McMaster.

    1. McMaster was harbouring known al Qaeda operatives.
    2. When the operatives left McMaster, 180 pounds of nuclear material was reported missing.
    3. The College of Engineering at McMaster contains an over-abundance of professors from terror-sponsoring countries
    4. Members of the Ontario Provincial Police have confirmed that McMaster has been under scrutiny for a long time; that many of the students have ties to radical Islam and terrorist organizations; and that Islamic members of the faculty have conducted clandestine meetings at an off-campus address in Hamilton.
    5. Hundreds of postings on the internet calling for the jihad and the nuclear destruction of America have been traced back to McMaster

For reporting these findings, Dr. Williams has been sued by McMaster University for $4 million plus punitive damages.

Dr. Williams refuses to be intimidated, and indeed welcomes the lawsuit because this will give him access to all of McMaster’s records through the legal process of discovery and he will be able to expose what he believes could well be the nerve center for Osama’s “American Hiroshima” project to blow up ten American cities with suitcase nukes.

Please contribute to The Dr Paul Williams Defense Fund.

May 30, 2007 | 1 Comment »

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  1. The permissiveness towards jihad at some schools of higher education is, as in this case, a top-down problem. The President of McMaster University has been quite a successful leader at attracting money for various infrastructure projects. To his credit, he has also been successful at attracting Arab money in the form of joint initiatives such as this one:

    However, there is the other side of the coin and that is a President who is all too willing to defend the Islam while ignoring those threatened by its more pernicious forms. He is a President who fails to address some ideological issues and potential terror related problems that now confront McMaster. I don’t know if the allegations about McMaster’s connection to nuclear scandals and Islamic infiltrators are true, that remains to be proven. I hope that they are false. However, as we know, where there is smoke there is sometimes fire and in this case it might be a forest fire in the form of nuclear conflagration.

    The President at Mac is quite willing to defend his university against attacks against these allegations, and he is even willing to brand letter writers concerned about the ominous signs and events at Mac, racists. See:

    However, he is not prepared to address the more serious issues related to the way in which the campus has been inundated with groups that have proven to be very outspoken and very radical in their defense of terror groups. The small Jewish student body is being made to feel unwelcome and on the defensive as these groups openly attack Israel and they hold Israel and Jews everywhere responsible for the self-imposed state of chaos/anarchy in Palestinian ruled territories.

    The fact that two alleged terrorists with affiliations at McMaster have been caught already would lead me to think that a President of the university should take immediate action. If any action has been taken to date, then it must have been done in secret because there is no public evidence that anything has changed and the signs are that the situation is worsening on campus.

    Also see:

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