Media distortion driven by agenda

By Ted Belman

aldura_tragedy_1.jpgvietnam_execution.jpgWhat do these photos have in common ?

Breadth of the Beast comments on this question and links to an article by Neo-Neocon who does likewise.

“Why did I only remember seeing photos that portrayed what we, or our allies, had done—photos stripped of all context and meant to maximize our feelings of wrongdoing? Photos that emphasized the victimhood of a Viet Cong terrorist, or made it seem as though we were targeting civilians when the civilians were actually being put at risk by the aggressive actions of the enemy in attacking and occupying a village?”

[..]”And I found, to my surprise, that the agenda appeared to be substantially the same: to magnify our wrongdoings and those of our allies, to downplay those of the enemy, to simplify matters that were really complex, and to sensationalize.”

If you like good writing and hate media reporting, you simply must read both articles.

January 19, 2008 | Comments »

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  1. It’s more like the Arab leaders want Hamas taken down and are not pressing EU and America, except for necessary public anti Israel statements and even these are muted.