Min Ayalon:”Palestinian lies and distortions,.. plucked from thin air”

Minister Danny Ayalon sets the record straight in Palestinian revisionism is the only obstacle to peace

He covers such issues as Rachel’s Tomb, the Kotel and the claimed Palestinian identity of Jesus. He ends by saying

    Peace can only arrive after acceptance of the other, not just a laying down of arms and weapons. It needs to be enforced by mutual recognition. The current Palestinian revisionism doesn’t just distort history and deny our connection with our ancestral home; it denies the possibility of a peaceful resolution to the conflict and a better future for the people of the region.

This article comes at the right time as the Fatah Revolutionary Council came out against

    – recognizing Israel as a Jewish state
    – land swaps,
    – a Palestinian state with temporary
    – the Referendum Law
    – negotiations without a full freeze

and in favour of the right of return.

Abbas gave the bottom line

    The Palestinians want a just and comprehensive peace, but would not compromise on their rights.

Israel should likewise say she wants a just and comprehensive peace but would not compromise on their rights.

Here’s what the issue of temporary borders is all about,

    The official’s statements follow statements by several Israeli politicians who recently came out in favor of creating a Palestinian state with temporary borders in an effort to prevent a diplomatic vacuum and give the Palestinians the responsibility that a state would provide.

    Kadima leadership candidate Shaul Mofaz unveiled a plan a year ago in which Israel would annex settlement blocs while withdrawing from 60 percent of the West Bank, comprising Areas A and B, where 99.2 of the Palestinians live, and additional land to create a contiguous Palestinian state. Intensive negotiations would then begin on final borders.

    Mofaz said that he has met with senior Palestinian, American and European officials who have privately endorsed his plan.

    President Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Ehud Barak have also expressed support for the idea of creating a Palestinian state with temporary borders.

    Journalist Yair Lapid, who is expected to run for the next Knesset, wrote in his Yediot Aharonot column last week that Israel should forget about trying to achieve peace and instead focus on creating a Palestinian state as soon as possible.

    “The time has come to separate the question of establishing a Palestinian state from the question of peace,” Lapid wrote.

    “Israel must work toward the establishment of a Palestinian state not because it would bring peace, but rather because it would be much easier to manage the conflict vis-a-vis such a state.”

    He predicted that the establishment of a Palestinian state would “take the world off our backs, curb the process of turning us into a pariah state, enable us to maintain our security with fewer restraints, lift the burden of controlling three million people, and enable us to manage the discussion on our final borders and the future of the settlements.”

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  1. Ted, I hope you don’t take seriously that jackass Yair Lapid. His justification of his position is insane. Mofaz is wrong too of course. Tsipi is a moron as we have long known.