MK Levin Proposes 8-Step Plan to Prevent Terrorism

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Temporary legislation formulated by MK Yariv Levin calls for harsh punitive measures against terrorists, their families and supporters.

By Cynthia Blank, INN

Arab terrorists (illustrative)

Arab terrorists (illustrative)

Chairman of the House Parliamentary Committee, MK Yariv Levin (Likud) has spearheaded a multi-step program to respond to the wave of terrorism in Israel in recent weeks, Yedioth Aharanoth has reported.

The proposal, presented Wednesday in the form of temporary legislation, will include 8 measures to deal directly with terrorists, their families, collaborators, and agitators.

The measures include automatically revoking the citizenship or permanent residency of anyone convicted of engaging in terrorist activities. Additionally, immediately after serving his/her sentence, the terrorist will be deported from the sovereign territory of Israel.

Family members who support the terrorist and his/her actions will also lose citizenship or residency, and be expelled to Gaza.

Terrorists killed during their attacks will not be allowed to have funerals. Their bodies will not be returned to their families; they will be buried without ceremony in unknown graves that family will not be allowed to access.

The proposal also states that the homes of terrorists will be demolished within 24 hours of the execution of an act of terror.

Agitators, including those who throw stones, or masked men who participate in unlawful assemblies where fireworks or firebombs are shot, will be arrested immediately. They will be held in custody until the conclusion of legal proceedings against them.

Raising an enemy flag, including the Palestinian flag, will incur the same punishment.

Anyone convicted of one of these offenses will automatically lose the right to receive Bituach Leumi (Social Security) funds and services. Their driver’s license will be revoked for ten years from the date of the crime.

Businesses that print advertising supporting terrorism will also be punished with full closure.

The bill further stipulates that business can now request information on whether any of their employees has been held in relation to a security-related offense. If so, they will be given the right to fire such an employee.

The proposal was formulated at the request of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Its goal is to provide the security establishment with more efficient tools to deter terrorism.

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8 Comments / 8 Comments

  1. It sounds too good to be true, is Bibi no longer a closet leftist? But then what about the supreme anti-Torah court, is it still not an anti-Torah / anti-Jewish enclave that should be expected to step in on the side of the muslims? Is it not time to also clip its wings, these are amongst the worst of those who assure the subjugation to their political agenda / suppression of Jews in their own land in favor of those who kill Jews, want a Jew free land here.

  2. So the contractor profits while the society pays out government benefits for these imported “folks”, while taking jobs away from Israelis while lowering wages for the hardest working law abiding IDF soldiers and their families. That is similar to what is prevalant in The United States.
    Well…it is easy for me to suggest, but these ruthless essentially traitorous mercenary contractors should be boycotted. Research them rate them, establish criteria for acceptable, place red lines and implement a boycott to the absolute limitations of the law. Demand this issue be addressed by politicians who can lobby in The Knesset and put this practice to an end. Difficult, but perhaps not impossible in the long run. Humiliate these rotten no good sicko contractors. Put their ugly mugs on billboards.

  3. Like other ‘genius’ plans, none of this will work. The only thing that will every work, that has every worked, is to be totally brutal to those who want to destroy Israel. We don’t have people with the courage to take the necessary actions. When the Police Chief makes statements and takes actions that support the radical Islamists, we should see tens of thousands of people hounding his every step. When the PM says strong things but then allows actions that undermine our future, we should see tens of thousands of people hounding his every step. Op eds won’t work. Only mass action will work. Lawyers should be filing suits against agitators in the ‘Peace’ camp. But everybody seems to be afraid to do anything meaningful. Which means that although some will write heartfelt essays, they don’t have the courage or connection with the Jewish Idea to take action. Sheep behave this way. They don’t do anything to defend themselves. Goats, however, will fight back. We need a whole bunch of goats who’ll fight back. Are you out there?

  4. @ bernard ross:

    Economic exigencies Uber Alles . Need cheap skilled and semi skilled labor. Foreighn labor must be housed and cared for by the contractors. Arbas from Gaza are day laborers who return home each day after work. The contractor can take each day as many workers as he needs according to work schedules. Foreighn workers are on the payroll each day they are here under contract whether they work or not, Arab labor can be tweaked according to need and demand.

    The minister of construction actually is the voice and the representative of big contractors and their investors.
    little ideology or moral considerations at pay it’s all about financial interests.

    The article says 37,000 illegals? Nobody knows the real number 37000 are pulled out of hat estimates with no or little real foundation.

    How many are terrorists? Potential terrorists? How many take jobs away from Israelis? In any case they lower the wage levels for work they are employed to do making it difficult for Israelis and adds to our demands for social service entitlements provided by government and paid by the tax payers.

  5. Housing Minister pushing to allow thousands of Gazans to work in Israel

    makes you wonder what is really going on…what’s the point of the wars when you immediately reward terrorists with entry into Israel. They collectively teach their children to kill Jews and the Jews want to give them jobs? I cant imagine what it would be like to lose a son in such a war for a nation that then does this. I would advise my son not to fight for such a nation.

  6. I commend it.

    If it became law, let’s see whether Israel’s leftist Supreme Court would uphold it.

    It has already blocked home demolitions.