Money makes the world go round

By Ted Belman

I had a little time so thought I would have fun with numbers thought I didn’t have to time to get exact numbers. You’ll pardon me.

In 2005 the EU and the US contributed $1 billion in money to the “Palestinians”. This was increased on 2006 notwithstanding that the “suspension” of aid that was announced. I don’t understand at all the reports that the PA must accept the three conditions of the Quartet before aid is resumed. It was never suspended.

When Israel withdrew from Gaza, the G-8 offered $9 billion in aid over three years to create a viable entity. It never happened.

Now Iran has offered $250 million and Saudi Arabia has guaranteed $1 billion a year. So why does the Quartet need to give anything. Yet they keep making demands as if the Palestinians need the money. Its the other way around. The Quartet needs to give it.

So if the G-8 kicked off the ball by putting up $9 billion and the Quartet and S. Arabia continued with their $2 billion a year for 10 years, that adds up to $30 billion.

Now there are about 2 million “Palestinians” that need hope for a better life. Pursuing political rights is not going to realize this hope. These Arab s must be transferred with incentives.

Look at it this way. 2 million people represent maybe 400,000 families. $30 billion represents $75,000 per family. President Hoover suggested moving all of them at the time to Iraq in the Sunni neighborhoods. Others have suggested moving them to the Sinai or Jordan.

These countries would benefit greatly from the inflow of capital and people.

The only thing preventing this from happening is the desire to destroy Israel.

March 4, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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