Moynihan’s Moment by Gil Troy

Peloni:  The United Nations was a power construct, built by the victorious powers in WWII to maintain their political prowess in perpetuity.  It was sold as being a liberal institution supporting liberal values, even as the great decisions agreed upon by the Great Powers led UNSC have the only binding authority.  Its legitimacy was founded upon principles established during `the prosecution of the Nazi leaders for their war crimes, even as men such as Albert Speer, the largest holder of, and murderer of, slave laborers in history, was awarded a sentence of merely 20yrs for his extensive and significant crimes in those trials.

One of its established credos of the UN made crimes against humanity an international offence, yet, this august institution remained deafly silent as the Jews of Arabia were stripped of their holdings and forced to flee their homes in which they had lived going back a millennium in many cases.

Notably, the UN supported a blockade of the fledgling Jewish state while knowing that their defeat would mean the annihilation for every Jewish soul in Palestine.  Shortly after being disappointed by Israel’s miraculous victory in 1948, the UN next created UNWRA as a subsidiary to weaponize the Pal refugees against Israel in increasing numbers, permanently into the future.

And on November 10, 1975, this corrupted and tyrannical organization betrayed its own previous stipulation to support the Zionist project in what had been Palestine by labeling Zionism as racism.  Of course, at this time, the Jews had far broader support among the liberals and Democrats in that age, and we were quite well defended by the efforts of men such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the American people in rejecting out of hand the verdict of the vote of the General Assembly which exposed its own illegitimacy, dishonesty and depravity in passing the Anti-Zionism resolution.

Yet, in doing so, the UN established, for all to see, the grossly antisemitic and corrupt nature of that institution which holds nothing but contempt and derision for the Jewish people and their Jewish state.  And in the years which have passed since then, these facts have only grown more apparent and more flagrant.

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