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  1. Being saddled with this family of displaced Ottoman Satraps has had the ill effect of their administration being conducted to maintain themselves at the great disadvantage of the Pal Arab public, which have only been subjugated in their current situation. From education to economy to justice, the Pals have been the victim of this false institution being implemented by foreign actors over them and which has, even to this day, been maintained only due to the delivery of foreign cash to maintain the Hashemite brigands in their mismanagement of the Arab Palestinian state. Indeed it has been a terrible tragedy which has held these Arabs in a state of manufactured strife against the Jews who were intended to have shared a common fate, side by side, as sister states emerging from their shared community in the former lands of Palestine. The mix of British colonialism and al-Banna’s blood libel, unfortunately has been the better lessons learned by the Arab descendants of the Palestine Mandate, and these same Arab descendants have reaped the whirlwind for learning the wrong lessons of history. l honestly yearn for a return of reason, honesty and reciprocity with a community of Arabs on the far side of the Jordan who are educated in history rather than propaganda, provided a fair and improving economy rather than a maintained squalor, and a fair understanding and appreciation of what peace might actually bring to them and their descendants. For the wrongs which have been institutionalized by Abdullah I to Abdullah II and their alternating foreign masters, much must change in Jordan, but it all begins with Mudar’s rise to power. I hope to see such a visionary of hope and restoration, healing and reform, as Mudar represents, to be empowered to correct the fissure of history which began a century ago. Every day that this is delayed only adds to the tragedy which has befallen the Palestinian Arabs of Jordan, while their tragedy is is brandished like a knife at their Palestinian Jewish counterparts in Israel. It did not need to be this way, just as it does not need to continue this way, and I hope to see the day when these two communities begin to move towards each other, even as they remain on either side of the Jordan.