Muslim Students Feel “Unsafe” After Koran Stomp

Islamists keep trying to turn blasphemy into a hate crime.

An instructor was fired at Hamline for showing images of Mohammed in art class. A Persian instructor is being investigated at San Francisco State for doing the same thing. Those are both examples of Islamist student associations trying to turn blasphemy into a hate crime. But there’s an older example of that which is the claim that any desecration of the koran, an Islamic text that calls for the mass murder, enslavement and rape of non-Muslims, is a hate crime and endangers Muslims. The latest example of this took place at Wayne State U.

A confrontation on campus has left Muslim students at Wayne State University fearing for their safety.

They say last week members of a religious group – known to travel the country targeting people of other faiths – were on the Campus of Wayne State, holding Anti-Islamic signs. But what happened next left students feeling not only deeply offended but fearful for their safety.

“One of them grabbed the Quran and started stomping on it,” said Mahmoud Muheisan, a senior at WSU.

The Quran is the holy book of Islam. Muslims consider the desecration of the Quran as an act of hate.

Just because your religion is offended by something does not mean it’s an act of hate. If that were the case, all the various art exhibits blaspheming Christianity and Judaism would be acts of hate. If Piss Christ isn’t an act of hate, neither is stomping on a koran. It’s not an actual threat or act of intimidation. It’s a display of contempt for a religion which lefties have built their entire culture around… at least when it’s Christianity and Judaism.

But Islam gets special theocratic privileges.

And even after Mahmoud Muheisan, a philosophy student, grabbed the Quran from one of the men, he says the hatred didn’t end there.

“They called us devil worshipers, ignorant and prideful,” said Muheisan.

It sounds like Mahmoud was the only to have committed a physical act of aggression. There may be a basis for bringing charges.

Being offended is not a hate crime, being threatened is. Islamists keep threatening people and then demanding that they be penalized for blasphemy.

It’s the Koran that has no shortage of hate toward Christians, Jews, and all non-Muslims, women, accompanied by calls for violence that are relied on for acts of violence, oppression and terror today.

Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

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