Netanyahu is not much better than Olmert

Manhigut Yehudit Press Release

A Feiglin Victory Equals A Safer America

On August 14th Likud members will go to the polls to choose the Likud Chairman

Of the two candidates running for head of Likud, only one – Moshe Feiglin – has a platform that does not reward or appease terrorists.

The policies of Israel’s present Olmert government which have led to chaos and lives lost is only a stone’s throw away from those of Feiglin’s opposition Benjamin Netanyahu. Territorial concessions on Israel’s divinely given land, and appeasement of the terrorists of any kind, are a betrayal of the values that make Israel a proud Jewish state and the consequences have been the formation of a safe haven for terrorists which is a threat to both Israel and to the United States.

Netanyahu continues on the deadly Oslo Accords train, which was criminally conceived to remake Yasser Arafat the murderer into a statesman. Arafat, who invented airplane-hijacking and who mass-produced the use of suicide bombers in Israel, inspired the suicide bombers who murdered 3,000 Americans in New York City in 2001.

September 11th apparently wasn’t a big enough wake up call in Israel as Olmert and Netanyahu are now still attempting to reinvent Arafat’s partner, the holocaust denier and alleged financier of the massacre at Munich – Mahmoud Abbas as a “genuine partner for peace”. While they play the game of which terrorist is more “moderate”, an Al Quaida base with the potential to wreak havoc on the western world is thriving where beautiful Jewish communities recently flourished in the Gaza Strip.

According To Former Knesset Member Elyakim Haeztni, the Likud UNDER NETANYAHU is expressly on the [appeasement-loving] LEFT. Moshe Feiglin will bring the Likud back to it’s nationalistic roots, where it should be.

Moshe Feiglin is with the people of Israel and Manhigut Yehudit’s policies will help keep America safe.

[Meanwhile Gaydamak says his new party will support Netanyahu for Prime Minister.]

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Netanyahu has already said he would include Labor in his “broad-based” coalition. So what is going to be different? The U.S. and their fellow globalist conspirators will still call the shots!

    Netanyahu is not a “son of Zion,” he is a “son of Greece” as the Bible defines the anti-Bible Freemasons, Hellenists, etc.

  2. Feiglin is a smart guy : He doesent want to start from scratch a build a real party that agrees with him, and has proper internal executives etc. he seeks to short cut this sure route to failure and has opted to usurp the Likud from within. His plan is obvious and he has publicly stated as much. Problem is he has little or no real support within the Likud. Those that he brought into the Likud have in the past become members of Likud but few actually voted for likud on Election day. The veteran likudniks will try to block in any way possible any advancement Feiglin trys to make. He will in all likelyhood reduce Likuds support on election day more than he brings to it. While many on the right might agree with many positions of Feiglin most would not support his messianic messages nor I am sure most would see that when the Crunch came to Gush Katif Feiglin was nowhere in sight. I suppose he didnt want to give the police and or political establishment any excuse for barring him from his political ambitions having been burnt once. That he was correct in his reasoned belief that opposing evacuation of Gush Katif was a waste of time and energies Many of his supporters were there or many of his potential supporters were also. So I believe he should have shown public solidarity as Did Eldad and Effi eitam and others. Same goes with Amona. Feiglin has a place in Right Wing Jewish Leadership but not at its head at least not yet.

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