Netanyahu is selling our inheritance for a mess of pottage.

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Ted Belman

With every passing week PM Netanyahu makes his position clear namely that he is prepared to accept roughly the deal being proposed subject to israel’s security needs.

In a comprehensive press briefing with diplomatic reporters, Netanyahu said that the real question is not where the borders will be, but, rather, “what will be on the other side of that border.”

“The first problem is what will be the nature of the regime on the other side,”

“Who will be in charge of the security in areas where Israel leaves?” Netanyahu said that when he is assured by various international interlocutors that Israel’s security needs will be taken care of, he asks, “by whom?” “Who will deal with the tunnels?”

“Who will prevent the smuggling of weapons? Who will prevent the manufacturing of weapons?” The prime minister said that he will ask these questions “again and again and again,” and said the recent elections show that he has the backing of the public on this issue.

“That is why I am sitting here,”

“My position remains a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state,” Netanyahu said. “If the Palestinians would consider other options, we would be in a different place.”

What he entirely leaves out of the mix is Jerusalem, the “right of return” and what to do with the 150,000 Jews that will be situate east of any agreed border. In other words he is working with their parameters rather than inserting our own. He is doing the same with the Iran deal. He is working to amend it , to make it better, rather than to insist it not pave a way to the bomb.

On the other hand French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who is coming to Israel next week and is pushing for a UNSC resolution setting parameters and deadlines said,

“We are for a two-state solution. We need to ensure Israel’s security, that’s obvious. But there is no peace and security without justice for the Palestinians, but let’s be frank: Justice hasn’t been given to the Palestinians,”

Why are Palestinians entitled to justice. What rights do they have to be safeguarded. The problem is the all Europe believes that justice is on their side.

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  1. Wherever IL leaves, Shiadists and Sunnidists will invade. BB is not that stupid. Fabius, an EX-Jew is among the worst. There is plenty of land outside the Jewish land to give justice to the “Palestinians”.

  2. The problem is the all Europe believes that justice is on their side.

    And guess who the author and perpetuator of that “problem” is? None other than the state of Israel and its governing bodies since Oslo when Israel adopted the fallacious “Palestinian” narrative of lies accepting Jews as occupiers in their ancestral, historic and biblical homeland. This gaping wound is self imposed and every effort to correct it, if indeed it is at all correctable at this terminal juncture, have been thwarted. From vilifying the “right” (what right remains that is) to shelving the Levy Report and stressing only our need for security, we have given the pali-posers the justice of our cause and delegitimized our very survival. As “occupiers” of the land of others, we have no right to security and no legitimacy in survival as the growing chorus of global condemnation beats down on us. We have met the enemy and it is US!