Netanyahu wants Jordanian troops deployed in West Bank


Opposition leader Binyamin Netanyahu is urging that Jordanian troops help secure the West Bank. He planned to raise the issue in a conversation with US Vice President Dick Cheney Thursday afternoon.

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah faction won’t be able to retain control of the West Bank without outside help, Netanyahu said.

“We have to shore up the Abbas government,” he told reporters. “But we have to do that with regional participation, that is with Jordanian support.” He called for Jordan to provide “some security presence.”

“There’s tremendous danger to them,” Netanyahu said. “Since it endangers the Hashemite Kingdom, we expect them to lend a hand.”

He warned against an Israeli and US rush to make gestures to Abbas that could make the situation worse.

Returning responsibility for the Palestinians to Jordan has long been promoted by the Right. Though Netanyahu stopped short of backing such a dramatic step at this point, the chaos in the Gaza Strip and the threat of the rise of Hamas might give traction to the idea.

Netanyahu cautioned against releasing popular Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti from jail or unilateral withdrawal from West Bank territory.

“We could repeat the same mistake, and the mistake is to assume that you have someone to do the job who is either unwilling or unable,” he said. “Let’s say he’s unwilling. He’s certainly unable, no matter how much you prop him up.”

Netanyahu also met with leading presidential contenders Senator Hillary Clinton and former senator Fred Thompson on his trip.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments


    It’s easy to make conciliatory or ambigious noises like “He warned against an Israeli and US rush to make gestures to Abbas that could make the situation worse.”
    However after listening to hardliner Professor Paul Eidelberg on Israel National Radio
    Prof. Eidelberg: “An interview with Benjamin Netanyahu” whatever Mr. Netanyahu is likely to say or to
    better leave unsaid just before the elections, could be taken with a reasonable pinch of sea salt.
    For Israeli survivor-lists the choice between Fatah and HAMAS intentions towards the land of Israel can be reduced to a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea:

    Lest we forget:

    Abass’ ultimate aim or has it CHANGED, remains:

  2. Dear Ted,


    I am no military strategist but I read with some trepidation the Jerusalem Post News item that Netanyahu would like Jordanian troops to monitor ”the West Bank”. Is this common sense naivety?

    Objections to this are not merely traditional, viz

    1. The principled objections that Israel has always maintained with regard to Foreign Troops including UN’s, on (sovereign) Israeli soil.

    2. More importantly on this occasion, considering that 70% of the Jordanian population is Palestinian , we don’t know how proportionally that percentage reflects in the overall composition of the Army of the Hashemite Kingdom, considering the most important element of loyalty, and would not be surprised should those that Netanyahu propose should be deployed to monitor Palestinian-occupied Judea and Samaria should have a high percentage of Palestinian soldiers in their ranks.

    Indeed Faysal Al-Husseini had talked about the Oslo process as being a Trojan horse, in that his last interview:

    The Hamas –Fatah confrontations notwithstanding, Jordanian troops in the West Bank seems to me to harbour a less concealed prospect of TROJAN HORSE and the proposal is therefore more preposterous as the loyalty and sympathy of those troops, no matter their composition is surely and undoubtedly pro -Arab West Bankers.

  3. Zionsake, I wonder whether the prophecy of Isaiah 17 is going to come true?

    I wonder whether that prophecy actually predicted a person in the form of B. Natanyahu would be the instrument to fulfill the prophecy? If so one cannot fault Netanyahu, he had no choice in the matter.

    If the prophecy of Isaiah 17 is a true prophecy and did not predict anyone in particular would be the instrument to fulfill the prophecy, then it doesn’t matter that it is Netanyahu who has stepped forward, for if not him, some other person would have been available to take his stand in his stead.

    On the other hand if you do not believe in the prophecy of Isaiah 17 and are rooted in objective realities, then one is just left scratching their head at Netanyahu’s proposal and wondering what in the world is this man thinking?

  4. Fronts against Israel have now been formed in north by Syria and Hizballah and the west by Hamas in Gaza – all, of course with Iran’s help. I would therefore not be surprised if Jordan also gets dragged in to form an eastern front. This is also in line with prophecy, viz. the war in Isaiah 17 in which Damascus will be destroyed and Aroer (in present day Jordan) will be without people – but sheep will be grazing there.

    Without knowingly it, Bibi could be starting a process that will fulfill prophecy.

  5. BBs Poll numbers are sinking so he has to say something. Dumb real Dumb, he is panicking again! some things never change and BB is one of them!

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