Netanyahu’s Upcoming Visit to China – Strategic Analysis

The Caroline Glick Show

T. Belman. It doesn’t get better than this. Carice Witte is brilliant. I met her when I made aliya in 2009. She made aliya from the US the year before. At that time she decided to devote all her efforts in embracing China. As a result, she is the leading expert in the Israel-China relationship. She just returned from the US where she participated in 20 meetings with US officials and congressmen who wanted to benefit from her knowledge. She is now expanding her focus from China to the World and in particular, India, South Korea and Japan.

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  1. Abedalelah Amaala tweeted:

    Durra oil field will be the title of the third Gulf War. Iran will occupy Kuwait and head to Saudi Arabia. The Iranian-Saudi agreement has been consigned to the dustbin of history. The Salman monarchy is at the gates with the battle of division and the fall of the Salman monarchy

    I wonder what he means by that. I’ll ask him.

  2. Thank you, Ted. The video is very informative. One point I note:

    Peter Zeihan noted, about Secy. Blinken’s recent visit to China,

    At its core, Blinken’s visit is about intelligence gathering. When you have a leader like Xi (who doesn’t talk to or trust anyone), it’s incredibly difficult to get information. So the only decent way to get info is through a trip like this.

    This also applies to Netanyahu’s visit.

    China’s economic clout, vis a vis the US, is in decline, but it continues to increase militarily. It is worrisome, that Xi is increasingly interested in meddling in the Middle East — and, at that, on the side of Iran and the Palestinians. Israel’s and China’s competing interests in the UAE, as was mentioned, must be seen in the view of the global picture. Israel has a natural interest to trade with the Emirates, and the latter has an even greater commercial interest to deal with China; but in today’s high-tech environment, commercial and military interests have increasingly become merged; and all parties need to recognize where each other’s loyalties and interests lie.

    Both Glick and Witte seem to see the best horizon for growth in meaningful ties to be between Israel and S. Korea-Japan-India. That, of course, has military and strategic implications.