Never forget the COVID fanatics

By Trevor Thomas, AM THINKER

Never forget how wrong they were on virtually everything concerning COVID-19. From lockdowns, to maskssocial distancingtestingvaccines, and so on, the American left — especially those in the media, education, and the Democrat Party — got almost everything on COVID wrong. (For a litany of information on all things COVID, see here (2020)here (2021)here (2022), and here (2023).

Additionally, as the video below highlights, whether media leftists, or Democrats, the COVID-19 zealots slanderously accused the unvaccinated of numerous healthcare “sins.” The likes of Mika Brzezinski, Don Lemon, Stephen Colbert, Whoopi Goldberg, Howard Stern, Joy Reid, et al called the unvaccinated “lunatics” who are “killing people.” The unvaccinated were told, “You are the problem,” and were “not to be trusted.”

Jimmy Kimmel was for denying the unvaccinated hospital beds. The unvaccinated were blamed whenever COVID cases rose, though that flew in the face of the mantra that the COVID vaccine would protect one from getting infected (it didn’t!). Additionally, unvaccinated were used to keep the foolish, ignorant, and useless mask mandates in place.

As Bob Hoge at RedState rightly puts it,

Entire swaths of citizens were deemed enemies of the country by our own president, and many thought that those who did not want to get the shots were simply stupid or evil or both. This is in spite of the fact that it quickly became apparent to any rational mind that the mRNA jabs weren’t working to stop transmission or infection… The viciousness and self-righteousness displayed by so many “leaders” during the pandemic will go down as one of the darker periods in American history. It would be bad enough if they were right — but they were wrong, and it was they who ignored the science. Trust them again at your peril.

Watch for yourself:

Trevor Grant Thomas
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  1. @mirib

    They weren’t wrong about everything, they LIED about everything!

    An exceptionally significant point to make.

  2. They weren’t wrong about everything, they LIED about everything! And so many people obeyed all the directives of the genocide plan.
    That’s the only way to stop the continuing genocide plan.