News Flash: Five dead in terror attack on Jerusalem synagogue

Five people are dead and thirteen people are injured Tuesday morning, after twoArab terrorists entered a synagogue on Agassi Street in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood bearing guns, axes, and knives.

The terrorists began attacking worshippers, stabbing them, before opening fire.

Initial footage of the attack has now surfaced. Shots can be heard fired in the background.

Police who arrived at the scene shortly after the shooting began shot both attackers dead, it has now been confirmed.

Medics are currently at the scene treating the wounded, as photos from social media show.

November 18, 2014 | 20 Comments »

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20 Comments / 20 Comments

  1. @ Goldi:

    Hosea 4:6

    6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge;
    because you have rejected knowledge,

    Job 36:12

    12 But if they do not listen, they perish by the sword
    and die without knowledge.

  2. Goldi Said:

    among them the creme de la creme, i.e. Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Yale, to name just a few.

    What make them the crème de la crème, if they such they would not be so stupid when it come to Israel !!!!!!!!!!

  3. ebyjeeby Said:

    Sounds like concealed carry permits are in order. Maybe even no so concealed.

    Do you need a permit for open carry, how odd. How about conceal carry and damn the law.

  4. How many more victims before the GOI acts like any sovereign country would? What are the leaders waiting for? time is overdue to declare our Rights to the Land of all of Eretz Yisrael from the river to the sea. Let us take on the fight from a position of strength, truth and justice.
    At the same time, ensure that our youth get the appropriate education. Let our soldiers know the full truth why and what they are fighting for. Let our graduate students be a prepared to defend our land when facing the liers at universities the world over, among them the creme de la creme, i.e. Harvard, Columbia, Georgetown, Yale, to name just a few.
    Let them know that we, the Jewish people have legitimate Rights to the Land of Israel, under the law!

  5. PA TV Airs Film Justifying Holocaust, Fatah’s Military Wing Calls For More Brutal Attacks

  6. @ Yamit82
    THE ALMIGHTY has afforded us the abilities, we must now employ those very abilities.

    Asked and answered !!!!!!!!!

  7. honeybee Said:

    G-d helps those, who help themselves. THE ALMIGHTY has afforded us the abilities we must now employ those very abilities.

    We know how but is there the wisdom and the will to do it?

  8. I am hoping the my fellow Israelis will not sit still this round of Arab terror and if the government does not act to end it quickly and finally those responsible for our security will have their own heads served up on the plate of public anger and disgust.

    The signs have been evident for a long time and we have been lied to and or they, our so called leaders are living in a surrealistic bubble…..

    There is only one truth:


  9. How many more slaughtered in the name of islam until it becomes clear that Islam is evil and Muslims mean for our demise and of the demise of our civilization?

    Hey Kerry, why would the PA condemn the synagogue slaughter when in fact they are the ones who are inciting the murder of Jews n a daily basis?

  10. @ SHmuel HaLevi 2:
    Yes, Israeli “officials” and “spokespeople” should shun interviews with media folks, because it all ends up sounding apologetic, and many statements are either misquoted or taken out of context.
    Silence is the best policy and this will drive said media people absolutely crazy. Meanwhile, the (silent) Israelis can “get down to real business”.

  11. at the same time, official PA television showed images of Bethlehem residents handing out candy in the streets, in support of the attack.

    this is on land under Israeli control. It is incredible that Israel allows the celebration of Jewish murders in the Jewish state. These celebrants and their families should be liquidated or expelled, preferably the former. Areas in gaza that celebrate should be bombed. BB again boasted of a harsh response but a “harsh” response is more than the usual remedy of the courts, it should incorporate revenge on at least a scale of 10-1.

    I would not be surprised if this was not planned by Iran to try to get a religious war going to redirect sunni jihadis focus from them to Israel

  12. @ Eric R.:
    No need to nuke it. It would render the land unusable…
    We must do as the Egyptians are doing. Flatten the area completely but not just two kilometers. Raze the whole pestilence to the ground and under.
    I would not worry about the Europeans. They will be taken care by the Islamics they so much love… 🙂

  13. Moments ago I saw an interview of Minister Bennett by the british sewer called “bbc”.
    The ghastly female acting as interviewer demanded that Mister Bennett do not show a picture of the murdered Jews.
    I fail to see why we must demean ourselves accepting the the “bbc” remain here and even worse, accept interviews from that filth.

  14. Can we nuke Gaza now? And while we’re at it, how about a few choice cities in Nazi Europe.

    Oh, and the real murderers of these Jews are the EU, the UN and the Nazi scum of the Obama administration.

  15. My friend,

    They can assault and try to kill Jews. They will never destroy the Jewish people’s faith in G-d.

    Before Him, the enemy is powerless.

  16. And did we expect from the disgraceful gang of garbage we allow as leaders and commanders.
    Time for a people’s guard armed and ready to take over the internal defense of our people.
    Relying on the renegade filth is suicidal.