Newsmax has come to Israel for July 4th, 2023

By Ted Belman

For some time now, Newsmax has been publishing my articles So I have developed a relationship with it.

Newsmax has come to Israel to celebrate July 4th this year. They are holding a major event today at the King David Hotel and I have been invited.

One of their anchors who is also here is Greta Van Susteren.  Her show yesterday was entirely on Israel’s reality. You can watch it here. She covers the Jerusalem reality, the Jenin operation, antisemitism in Israel and America, the Hezbollah tunnels into Israel, the Iron Dome system and other topics of interest.

I recommend it.

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  1. @Ted

    I am glad to see that more and more Israelis are carrying guns.

    I quite agree. Such public displays of armed guards/civilians is an important move to deter the cowards who perpetrate terrorism against the Israeli public, and if the display of such weapons do not deter them, the same weapons can be used to eliminate these cowards before they can spread their mayhem further than their initial target.

  2. While at the King David, I noticed that at least 3 people were carrying guns visible to all. I think they all lived in Judea and Samaria. Obviously, no one complained even the hotel management. I am glad to see that more and more Israelis are carrying guns. They make the rest of us feel safer. One such armed citizen neutralized an Arab attacker in Tel Aviv yesterday. Ben Gvir commended him publicly.

  3. I just returned home from the King David Hotel. While there, I met many old friends including Amir Amini, Mordedchai Kedar, Yishai Fleisher, Josh Hastens, Danny Seaman, Danny Danon, Rabbi Yehudi Glick, Martin Sherman, Avi Abelow, Mordechai Nisan and Alex Traiman. I am sure I left some out.

    The new people I met and talked with include Greta Van Susteren, Fred Fleitz, Chris Mitchel with CBN who said he was on my mailing list, many Newsmax execs and many Christian evangelicals. All good friends of Israel. Many knew of Israpundit.

  4. Great show by Greta. The footage of the terror tunnels was particularly revealing, but the entire show was important in demonstrating the situation in Jerusalem.