No Wonder They Tried To Kill Him

E. Rowell:  In an article on the substack Scientific Progress, the author discusses criminal motive and intent and then asks a series of questions about the COVID money trail.  Such as, “Why would they profit from the masking, distancing, hack-swabbing and lockdowns, when they could still sell the vaccines without them?”  “Why would they require legal immunity if their product was safe and effective?”  “How could all private [vaccine] manufacturers collude in worldwide bribery without competing and without a single whistleblower?”

Watch Slovakian PM’s stunning talks against the WHO, vaccines, covid testing:

Robert Fico is a huge threat to the globalist cartel.

By Brucha Weisberger, TRUTH 613     24 MAY 2024

I just watched two of Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico’s fearless speeches: the 4-minute speech from January, in which he announced the formation of an investigative commission into the covid vaccine, testing, and related corruption in Slovakia, and a shorter talk from last November, in which he decried the vaccines, the Pharma-WHO cartel and their “Pandemic Accord,” and more.

It was shocking and wonderfully exhilarating to see how bluntly a leader actually called out the “covid circus.” I really think that the whole world needs to hear what this almost-assassinated head of state was saying.

Here’s the January talk: (click on above screenshot)

Knowing that many people don’t watch the videos in articles, I transcribed the English subtitles from Mr. Fico’s January speech here:

“Ladies and Gentlemen of the Progressive Slovakia and the Opposition, have you seen the statistics on how our deaths from various cardiovascular events have risen because of vaccinations?

But you reject it, of course you reject it, you claim that vaccination was the best thing in the world.

What do you know about how many expired vaccines we have left and how much money has been wasted?

What do know about purchasing medical equipment and tests?You are aware that we have demonstrated very clearly the connection of a company from Trnava to the chairman of one of the opposition political parties. The hundreds of thousands, millions worth of purchases, completely useless. What do you know about management?

What do you know about what was going on in terms of taking various measures which, in my view, increased the morbidity substantially more than was perhaps the case in other countries. And you all laughed at other states, other countries.

You laughed at Russia, where they built on the principle of individual visits to patients by doctors and managed it much better than we managed it here in Slovakia. We have 21 thousand deaths, which we link to the fact that the governments that have been here since 2020 have been unable to govern and have looked only at unnecessary medical devices and, often, vaccines in huge quantities.

I do not even want to talk about the European level anymore, you know that I have been very open and I have said it to the President of the European Commission also openly, that those suspicions are linked to her and to the purchase, in fact, the largest purchase in the history of the European Commission of vaccines, when she exchanged secret text messages with the director of Pfizer, literally and to the letter, and when a report was written and issued to the ridicule of the Members of the European Parliament, which was all blacked out and we will simply never know the truth of what role the pharmaceutical companies played and who actually organized this whole circus around covid.

Under these conditions, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include a commitment in the Governor’s Programme Statement to deal with this issue.

The Slovak public simply needs an answer, needs an answer about vaccination, what it actually was, why people were vaccinated with various experimental vaccines without any tests, why all sorts of drugs were pushed into people, why there was statewide testing, who was buying, why were they buying, what quantities were being bought, how much money did it cost. And we’ll end with billions, billions, you can grin all you want because you don’t know anything other than showing disrespect for another opinion.

You know democracy is about sometimes respecting other opinions. When you are here for the third week talking about the Criminal Code, nobody is even cursing you, we are listening to you, you are talking, so be kind enough if we have a different opinion, respect it, even if you disagree with it.

Under these conditions, we have decided to create the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary to deal with these issues, we have not only appointed the Plenipotentiary today, but we have also empowered him in terms of obtaining information from various institutions, in particular we will obtain information from the Chief Hygienist, we will ask questions to the National Health Information Centre.

We still want to know, based on the what is available to us, what has actually happened. I think that Dr. Kotlar, a Member of the National Assembly, is sufficiently equipped in terms of information, and I see that he is also prepared to assemble a team.

I have asked him that before we make any public statements we first go through everything with the government and I am absolutely, I repeat again absolutely convinced that his work will lead to results that we will publish and we will tell the Slovak public what on earth actually happened during covid.

We know one thing today: the previous governments have completely failed covid-19 and have 21 thousand dead people on their hands and have made, apparently, a huge amount of money on the unnecessary purchase of various medical devices and vaccines.

Thank you very much.”

Below this screenshot is a link to 2 minutes of PM Robert Fico’s very powerful November speech, calling out the Slovakian government’s “pandemic response,” the mass coerced vaccination with experimental vaccines, the financial corruption, the WHO power grab which he attributes to Big Pharma, and much more:

Robert Fico was shot after declaring a rejection of the WHO Pandemic Treaty.

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  1. E. Rowell

    Why would they profit from the masking, distancing, hack-swabbing and lockdowns

    Masking…correct procedure

    Distancing… dittos


    These are correct procedures

    Are you an anti vaxxer? Say if you are so people can know

  2. It never occurred to me that the assassination attempt had any connection with Covid or WHO. Excellent research by Brucha Weisberger