Nothing is as it seems in Jordan

By Ted Belman

Last week there was a news article out of Jordan reporting that Palestinians were protesting in front of the US Embassy in Jordan against a change in their refugees status due to the KIRK amendment regarding UNRWA.

Mudar Zahran tells me:

    There was a 30 people protest against the American Embassy in which the Palestinian allegedly said they wanted to remain refugees….. Please pass this message::::::From Mudar Zahran, less than 35 people attended this protest, This is a fake Jordanian-intelligence backed protest, this was called for by the Jordanian intelligence service, and the majority of Palestinians refused to attend as I have advised them openly not to so, the protest of 35 people was organzied by the my own cousin, Omar Abu Latifa, a known-intelligence agent operating at Hitten refugee camp, who has been instructed by his officers to confront my effort, nonetheless, turn out number…less than 35, from two million refugee camps residents. Please spread my response.
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