Obama seeks confrontation with Israel

By Isi Leibler, ISRAEL HAYOM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s response to the intensifying global pressures on Israel is ?to firmly reject any further territorial withdrawals that would put Israel’s security at risk, ?stating that “Israel will not lose hope for peace, but neither will it cling to false hope.”?

He was also forthright about his intention to continue residential construction in Jerusalem, ?noting that “all previous Israeli governments have done so. … It is also clear to the Palestinians ?that these territories will remain within Israel’s borders in any deal.”?

The Obama administration’s response to Israel’s confirmation that it would continue to create ?homes in the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem was vindictive, brutal, and in stark contrast to ?its deafening silence on Palestinian incitement.?

The State Department went so far as to accuse Israel of acting “illegally” and in a manner ??”incompatible with the pursuit of peace.” ?

In an interview with American journalist Jeffrey Goldberg published in The Atlantic, a senior U.S. ?official referred to Prime Minister Netanyahu as “chickenshit” and described him as “the ?foreign leader who seems to frustrate the White House and the State Department the most.” ?More than Syrian Bashar Assad, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Russian President Vladimir Putin and the “peace-loving” Abbas??

The curtain drop to the administration’s malice was displayed last week in the Ya’alon ?imbroglio. In a private conversation earlier this year, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ?disparaged Secretary of State John Kerry’s behavior in relation to the peace process as ??”obsessive” and “messianic.” He made his remarks when Kerry was repeatedly making ?provocative statements against Israel and then retracting them. ?

As defense minister, Ya’alon is limited in what he can say publicly and the fact that he spoke ?off-record is irrelevant if he was subsequently quoted. But he apologized and reiterated the ?importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Nevertheless, the White House inflated his unofficial ?remark totally out of proportion.?

To invoke such a vendetta against the defense minister of its most important regional ally, ?months after the event, exposes the pettiness of the Obama administration. That Ya’alon was ?denied access to Vice President Joe Biden and National Security Adviser Susan Rice is ?problematic. But that this was leaked by State Department sources at the end of his visit was ?odious. To make matters even worse, the information was leaked to the Israeli daily ?newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, whose publisher is engaged in a long-standing crusade to ?demonize Netanyahu and his government and which was the source that had initially released ?Ya’alon’s off-the-record comments.?

Clearly, the White House regarded this as an opportunity to undermine not only Ya’alon’s ?standing, but the entire Netanyahu government.?

This is just the latest in a series of vindictive incidents by the Obama administration because ?Israel has dared to reject its diktats. Nothing illustrates President Barack Obama’s ?contemptuous attitude toward Israel more than his directive to withhold arms to Israel during ?wartime because Israel had rejected Kerry’s initiative to engage Qatar as the mediator to end ?the Gaza hostilities.?

As virtually every foreign policy initiative by Obama has proven to be disastrous, his ?recommendations or directives must be viewed with skepticism. After all, it is we who will ?have to live with the consequences.?

This administration adamantly insists that the Israel-Palestine status quo is untenable. Yet it ?remains silent as Hamas boasts of efforts to restore its terror tunnel network; barely reacts to ?the mayhem in Syria and Iraq where close to a quarter of a million people have been butchered; ?ignores the Qatari funding of Hamas and other terrorist entities including Islamic State; ?fails to castigate Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for enabling jihadis to traverse ?Turkey’s territory in order to fight in Syria, while standing by and allowing the massacre of the ?Kurds on his border.?

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas humiliated the U.S. administration by ?merging with Hamas without prior consultation. But the U.S. failed to criticize this move, has ?not responded to Abbas’ policy of ethnic cleansing by making any future Palestinian state ?Judenrein, nor condemned him for executing any Palestinian found selling land to an Israeli. ?The U.S. did not reprimand him for failing to denounce the act of terror in which a baby and a ?young woman were killed last week in Jerusalem. Yet when an Arab teenager was shot to ?death while hurling potentially lethal Molotov cocktails at Israeli automobiles, the U.S. ?immediately conveyed its condolences to the family and urged Israelis to initiate an ?investigation.?

Israel, the principal regional ally of the U.S., is the only country consistently facing criticism and ?has become the punching bag for the inept Obama administration, even being denounced for ?opposing a nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Only recently, Kerry again ?conveyed to an Arab audience the absurd allegation that the Arab-Israel conflict fanned ISIS ?and Islamic extremism. Yet the U.S. assiduously avoids condemning or responding to rogue ?states guilty of criminal bloodletting, out of fear of being further humiliated and exposed as ?lacking leadership. ?

It should be noted that there is a broad consensus throughout Israel that the government is ?justified in resisting efforts by the U.S. and others to restrict construction in its capital ?Jerusalem and the major settlement blocs — which were never challenged prior to the Obama ?administration.?

There are those who question the wisdom of such an announcement at this time, but if there is ?one issue for which we should stand united and maintain our rights, it is construction in ?Jerusalem, whose development must not be dependent on endorsement from other countries.?

The administration’s efforts to demean Israel’s leaders have always been counterproductive. ?Despite the initial media frenzy, Israelis have in such circumstances responded by rallying in ?support of their government. And yet, now when the house of Israel should display unity, ?some of our politicians are behaving irresponsibly.?

Finance Minister Yair Lapid and Justice Minister Tzipi Livni’s public response to the recent ?pathetic and mean attempt to humiliate Ya’alon implying that the fault for the breakdown in ?relations rests with Israel rather than with a bumbling and spiteful U.S. administration were ?highly inappropriate. They promote chaos and bring shame upon themselves and the ?government they purport to represent, conveying the mistaken impression that Israel suffers ?from battered wife syndrome. ?

It is also regrettable that, in the face of a vindictive U.S. administration, Opposition Leader ?Isaac Herzog failed to suspend political infighting and accused Netanyahu of being “personally ?responsible for the destruction of relations with the U.S.” He could have gained respect by ?stating unequivocally that there cannot be any limits on construction in the Jewish suburbs of ?Jerusalem. ?

Yes, there is constant tension and endless recriminations bouncing between the U.S. ?administration and Israel. And according to Goldberg, there is now even the threat that the U.S. ??”may actually withdraw diplomatic cover for Israel at the United Nations.” ?

The government has made every effort to avoid aggravating the situation but Israel is a ?sovereign democratic nation and there are occasions when it must reject unrealistic or ?dangerous demands from the U.S. ?

Netanyahu should be commended for his extraordinary diplomatic balancing act in ?withstanding the unreasonable pressure from Obama and Kerry, avoiding outright ?confrontations and in so doing, retaining the support of American public opinion and ?Congress.??

Israel is a small country and its people are aware that the U.S. is crucial to their survival. But ?does that oblige us to forfeit our self-respect or sovereignty and fawn toward an ?administration that repeatedly displays its contempt and humiliates us??

We should display unity by supporting our prime minister’s policy of rejecting further ?territorial concessions until the Palestinian leaders separate from Hamas, engage in ?negotiations and display flexibility to enable us to achieve our security requirements. We will ?not be denied the right to construct homes in our capital or in the major settlement blocs, ?which will remain within Israel. We seek the support of the United States but we must retain ?our sovereignty.?

Isi Leibler’s website can be viewed at www.wordfromjerusalem.com. He may be contacted at ?ileibler@leibler.com.?

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  1. The US administration gruesome insolence must be brought to a screeching end. NO! They have absolutely NO RIGHT to blackmail and menace and insult. That may be their SOP inside their cesspools, not for us. The can shove their reverse bribes to their industries effected by granting Israel locked money.
    If the unknown origins Muslim passing to be a President hire or eggs on his creeps to attack us, they must pay the price. Electorally right now and later again.
    We love and respect the US people and eventually the stain in power there will be gone.