Obama will not veto U.N. assault on Jewish construction

Israel has nothing to fear but fear itself. Let the SC pass the resolution. They sky won’t fall in and Obama will be damaged for not using his veto. Ted Belman

By Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily

JERUSALEM – The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority it will not veto an upcoming United Nations resolution condemning all Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem, a senior PA official told WND.

If the U.S. does not veto the resolution, such abstention largely would be unprecedented. Traditionally, the U.S. has vetoed such resolutions, which have been deemed anti-Israel.

The senior PA official also told WND the U.S. signaled to the European Union it would not object if the EU follows the recent lead of Latin American countries in unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state outside of negotiations with Israel.

A draft of the U.N. resolution already has been circulated to all 15 members of the U.N. Security Council. It currently deems Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem as “illegal.”
However, in a nod to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the U.S. has been trying to change the language to condemn the Jewish construction as “illegitimate.”

Still, PA officials said they were told by the Obama administration that the U.S. will abstain, particularly if the language is changed to “illegitimate.”

The Obama administration long has focused on Jewish construction in the West Bank and eastern sections of Jerusalem. It has demanded Netanyahu freeze all Jewish building projects in those areas as a precondition for restarting negotiations with the Palestinians.

Talks between Israel and the PA have been largely stalled. Instead, the PA has focused on a diplomatic campaign of encouraging other countries to officially recognize a Palestinian state despite the lack of progress in talks with Israel.

Earlier this week, Ireland upgraded the Palestinian delegation in Dublin to the status of a mission in a clear sign Europe is inching closer to unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state.

PA sources tell WND that a number of EU countries are expected to make similar moves in the coming weeks.

Last week, Peru, which has upgraded its relations with Iran, recognized a Palestinian state, becoming the eighth Latin American country to make such a move.

The U.S. publicly has called such declarations premature.
U.S. Undersecretary of State William Burns said, “It’s only through negotiation between the parties themselves, Palestinians and Israelis, that we’ll be able to realize the two-state solution.”

Still, top PA officials told WND the Obama administration has not been discouraging the unilateral recognition behind the scenes.

One senior PA official said the U.S. also signaled to the EU it would not discourage such unilateral recognition on the part of a European country.

The PA officials said the individual recognition of a Palestinian state is part of a larger diplomatic plan aimed at bringing a U.N. Security Council resolution officially recognizing a Palestinian state by next summer, when Obama will already be considered a lame duck president and would have less to lose by voting for such a measure.

The threat to create a Palestinian state using a U.N. vote is not new.
In 2009, Ahmed Qurei, former PA prime minister and member of the Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee, told WND in an interview that the PA “reached an understanding with important elements within the administration” to possibly bring to the U.N.

Security Council a resolution to unilaterally create a Palestinian state.
Asked to which “elements” he was referring, Qurei would only say they were from the Obama administration.

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15 Comments / 15 Comments

  1. The UN is violating its own Security Council Resolution 242 which never said that Israel has to withdraw totally from any land captured during the 1967 War. The claim by the Arabs that “Settlement building” is illegal is pure bullcrap. Hundreds of thousands of illegal Arab settlements have been built in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and Jerusalem since 1967. Jerusalem is not a Jewish settlement, but the eternal capitol of Israel. Hebron, like the rest of Judea and Samaria, has had a continuous Jewish settlement for 3,000 years until Judea and Samaria was illegally captured and annexed by Jordan, along with all of Jerusalem, and occupied it for 19 years – with no call for Palestinian independence – and expelled all of the resident Jewish population from it.

    Jordan also prohibited any Jews from setting foot in the West Bank and Jerusalem from 1948 to 1967, and the UNSC said nothing about it.

    Seeing as how neither the UN nor Jordan recognized the West Bank as a separate entity or the “Palestinian people” – who did not exist prior to 1964.

    When it fell into Israel’s lap after it defeated an attack on them by Jordan, the UN had no right to call Judea and Samaria was “disputed territories” let alone the Big Lie about them being “Palestinian territories.”

    Land acquired in a defensive war launched by a belligerent nation against it is not obligated to return that land. Since the UN allowed Jordan to annex it, and it subsequently fell into Israel’s hand, Israel was under no obligation to return them.

    Especially since Israel made a peace agreement with Jordan which included ceding the rights of the West Bank territory to Israel.

    Israel could have, and should have, annexed the West Bank and the world would not have said, “Boo.”

    They should never have agreed to Oslo and should never have turned governmental control over it to Yassir Arafat’s PLO/PA.

    They were worried about Arabs outnumbering Jews due to higher birth rates, but that never happened.

  2. Israel should build wherever and whenever she wants, according to the San Remo agreement. But, since the US and the arabs in Judea & Samaria, as well as the UN and others, want Israel to stop building, why not require everyone to stop building, arabs as well as Jews. That’s the only way to not decide the end of the negotiations before the negotiations begin.

  3. Most of this will turn out well for the Jews & Israel.
    Let me first quote my departed grandmother(may she rest in peace).She said that “evil men are always digging graves for others but somehow they always fall into the pit they have dug”.This is what will happen to the low-life cretin in the WhiteHouse & his left wing stooges in America & Europe.Israel is no longer the marginal pioneer state that it was in the 1950’s & 60’s,today Israel has some strong cards to play.Israel has worked with one hand tied behind it’s back because of the behind the scenes pressure from the leftist elite in Tel Aviv.Consider that Israel is a regional power with a lot of influence & power to use if the elite class has the nerve to act!Obama,vain & conceited liar & schemer that he is,has no appreciation of the fact that the people he is setting up may be better schemers than he is.He has spent too much time working over the minor league action in Chicago but now he is over his head in the Major Leagues.The trap he is setting for the Jews will instead close on him!Consider this (1)Obama is being stalked by a thousand pound monster,a dead economy going over a cliff,this monster will eat him up before he can harm Israel.(2)Europe is in even worse shape,the EU will soon start to default back into it’s original component states.When Europe sinks,the Statist political establishment in Brussels,who are Israel’s main enemies in Europe,will be discredited & out of power.The reduced industrial output in Europe & America will cause an equal drop off of oil sales,the only profitable enterprise the Arabs have.So here we have a seriously weakened Obama playing a UN ploy he can’t enforce along with an equally enfeebled Europe behind him.When Israel refuses to surrender (what can they do but resist?)after they have placed their demands,what can these Jew haters do for an encore?
    After Israel is pushed against the wall it will find that most of it’s fears are leftist induced fantasies.The final results of all of this political extortion will be the destruction of the Israeli left & the end of this Oslo peace nonsense
    P.S.The EU & Obama are big talking blowhards without teeth,Iran,Sudan,China & North
    korea stare them down on a regular basis,Israel can do the same.

  4. The UN is a sham, that is for sure.

    The Jewish State has been a member of the UN for 62 years.

    In all that time she has not been permitted, not even once, to serve a temporary term on the Security Council —

    unlike several countries which have sat on the Council two (or more) times since 1949, when Israel joined the world body;

    unlike several countries which have sat on the SC, and weren’t even freakin’ members of the UN till long after Israel entered the ranks;

    unlike several countries which have sat on the SC, and weren’t even COUNTRIES when Israel joined the UN.

    And the Security Council presumes to sit in judgment of the Jewish State’s legitimacy? (let alone, its legality?)

    That’s rich.

  5. I would invade Saudi Arabia seize all the oil fields and sell the oil at cost to everyone except Israels enemies.

    Why not let Hashemite Jordan do the honors? (“Legitimacy,” you know, and all that.) Or do you not think the Arab Legion has the sand (ugh — sorry — no pun intended) for the job?

    I mean, with G.O.I. backing, of course, and the IDF, IAF, etc, at the ready — but as a Hashemite project: since they already have a more-than-reasonable claim on the Hijaz (as well as on Mecca & Medina specifically). Israeli postwar partnership & sponsorship would be part of the deal from the getgo.

    Who knows, with a successful outcome, the Hashemites might just find they like the new arrangement enough to relocate, leaving Jordan (or part of it; not Midyan) to the Pali’s? The whole post-GreatWar, Arab configuration has often seemed to me as just one massive game of Odd-Man-Out, or maybe Musical Chairs…..

  6. Yamit: As a little hint, you might say what Mr. Celser recommends is a more refined and calibrated version of some of your own policy ideas. I also particularly recommend this article to you.

    I read some of Checkmate and it does not resemble my ideas which to the best of my memory I have yet to post. Yes I posted some general concepts sans much depth or details. A Hint, as to what I suggest is the destruction completely of all Muslim Main Religious Symbols. I would invade Saudi Arabia seize all the oil fields and sell the oil at cost to everyone except Israels enemies. If the world is concerned primarily with oil and the free flow of the commodity; Israel will guarantee that and at a price no one can refuse. That alone could save all the Global economies from going belly up. We could recruit a mercenary Muslim army to occupy Saudi Arabia for us like we did in South Lebanon. This time using Kurds and maybe Shia Saudi Tribesman who are the real owner of most of Saudi Oil. Peace & prosperity and justice for all! Who would oppose it?

    Bye Bye Mubarak!!! So much for agreements. I have long maintained that Egypt is our real and most dangerous existential threat. Listening to our local talking heads, they claim that it shouldn’t change or threaten the peace treaty with Israel in the short run but none seem overly confident in their assessments. I sense they are all crapping in their pants. Egypt should be told that the Aswan damn is targeted by a Jericho rocket or two and they are not armed with conventional explosives.

    What is happening in the ME will spread to every country in the world including eventually America. The internet will be the engine of protest.

    The Genie is out of the bottle and it will be near impossible to get him back in.

  7. totaly agree, obama shouldn’t intervene.
    USA shouldn’t act for Israel. That’s right, enough of that.
    This is a problem, for 60 plus years Israel got used to rely on USA help against diplomatic onslaught.
    When Israel had true great ZIONIST leaders and diplomats, it could counter attack the antisemitic UN, thru such diplomatic giants like Aba Eban and many others.
    Today Israel doesn’t have not a single real diplomat that could even open his mouth. They are all non-sense, USELESS-Idiots, charlatans, waste-of-space…

    Israel in UN is helpless, and doesn’t want to “upset” its enemy, the UN itself. Israeli “diplomats” are a JOKE, NUISANCES.
    That’s a result of dependance on American Uncle to do the job. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
    The Left taught it’s so called “representatives” to be quiet, to be appeasers, apologizers, to accept all slanders with a smile and then to say Thankyou.
    Let Israel learn from its diplomatic legends of the past, HOW to ACT against UN, HOW to manage, manipulate and maneuver english language as efficient as ABA EBAN did.
    USA today is not Israel’s real friend. USA is on a different path now. USA today is almost as USSR was in the 60s – getting as close as possible to the arab world.
    That’s the Fact, obama’s fact.

  8. What we don’t know yet is whether this is going to be a Chapter 6 or a Chapter 7 resolution. Chapter 6 is little more than a “strong suggestion” with no teeth. Chapter 7 – which has never been passed against Israel to date; no one has the balls because all minimally responsible parties know such resolutions as have been passed against her are b.s. – opens the door to sanctions or even force.

    If it is Chapter 7, then I am for Israel carrying out a little operation described by one Boris Celser, writing under the pen-name Ross Leiber, called “Checkmate”. Here is the link below:


    It was published on-line in September of ’04, but it is highly relevant to the situation Israel faces even today, perhaps even more so now than when it was written. It is 17 pages printed but it is well worth the ink and time to read.

    If it is Chapter 6, and if the UNSC goes on to recognize a Palestinian state under the auspices of the PA later this year, then Israel should declare that they will not recognize this state anyway – any more than China recognizes Taiwan – unless and until the PA formally recognizes Israel as a Jewish state, to include amending the Palestinian National Charter accordingly (which the PA will never do). From there, Israel and her supporters need to work with unrelenting determination to undermine the legitimacy of the PA as standard bearers of Palestinian national aspirations, while promoting Jordan as the true “homeland” of the Palestinian people (which it is).

    If the Palestinians initiate Intifada 3 as a result, then we are back to “Checkmate” as described by Boris Celser, which I recommend right off the bat if this pending resolution is of the Chapter 7 variety.

    Of special interest to Mr. Levinson:

    You in particular ought to read “Checkmate”. This is right up your ally. It recommends, among other things, Israeli annexation of J&S, as you do, but only within the context of a larger set of actions. I won’t spoil the fun by listing any of these now; go and read the article.

    Yamit: As a little hint, you might say what Mr. Celser recommends is a more refined and calibrated version of some of your own policy ideas. I also particularly recommend this article to you.

    All the same, I don’t believe Israel ought to unilaterally walk out of the UN. This action by itself will only feed the agenda of those who are working to make Israel the target of what I call “the Rhodesia treatment”. Hopefully, at some future point, the U.S. will stop funding the UN (the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, is already suggesting this), and perhaps along with Israel and a few other principled countries, walk out. The UN is a sham, that is for sure, but it is a vehicle for policy influence today that still must be reckoned with for now.

    Obama can still be outmatched by Bibi, using the recognition issue as leverage (i.e., insistence on Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state as a precondition to negotiations). But Bibi can’t do it alone. He can scream “recognition” all he wants – he actually has already done this quite a bit – but he has and he will be ignored/drowned out by the anti-Israel, petrodollar-corrupted media. The thing is, whatever one thinks of Bibi, he or any Israeli leader (others have also stressed recognition, even Olmert) NEEDS OUR HELP. They can’t do it alone. The media can drown out one political leader, but they can’t ignore all of us. This has got to be a grassroots hasbara effort.

    Here in the U.S. in particular, we Diaspora Jews owe Israel at least that much, at a bare minimum. Whatever one might say about the weakness and corruption of Israeli leaders, one cannot ignore the facts that:

    – Things sure would look a helluva lot different today if McCain had been elected.

    – 78% of Jewish Americans voted for Obama, and gave $$$ way out of proportion to their numbers to help get him elected while…

    – Only 25% of dual-citizenship Israeli voters supported Obama.

    In 2008, the Jewish American voting population, in what was perhaps the greatest act of mass stupidity in history, SCREWED ISRAEL BIG TIME. I don’t know if it can be said that collectively, we “got Obama elected”; in terms of raw voting numbers, all other things being equal, we could not have stopped him anyway. But perhaps in key swing states like Ohio and Florida we might have made the difference, and there is also the funding issue. In the end, I really can’t say for sure. But at the least, we collectively owe Israel an enormous moral debt for having contributed as we had to electing this asshole Israel is now saddled with for a U.S. president today. We need to do our damnedest to undo the damage. I don’t know if it is even too late now…

  9. I think it is time for Israel to play hard ball. No more “confidence building” measures, no more statements about a two state solution. I think Israel should state that the Palestinians are violating the Oslo accords and therefore Israel is not at the table. Israel is no longer bound by the accords and is reviewing the steps it needs to take in light of the uprisings in a number of arab nations and the reaction to the leaked al Jazeera documents. There clearly is no negotiation “partner” and Israel needs to act accordingly.

  10. It’s interesting to me that Obama has bought into the “precondition” concept the arabs have used so many times. Clearly, he is siding with their interests more and more. What about a more realistic precondition – that the arab countries drop their state of war with israel before talks can resume? After all, what other countries have ever negotiated during a state of war?

  11. …………..Obama urged Netanyahu right to restart negotiations with the Palestinians AFP ………… Israels prime minister has refused to commit to an independent Palestinian state during talks with Barack Obama the US president at the White House.Binyamin Netanyahu told Obama that he wanted the Palestinians to govern themselves but steered clear of explicitly endorsing the two-state solution set out in the so-called road map … He said that Israel was ready to resume negotiations with the Palestinians which stalledduring the 22-day offensivein the Gaza Strip but he attached conditions to any new process… If we resume negotiations then I think the Palestinians will have to recognise Israel as a Jewish state and also enable Israel to have the means to defend itself he said…

  12. I just hope that the MB toadie who rises to the top of the dung heap (f Egyptian politics) can mitigate the future failure of the Aswan Dam in holding back the Nile’s floodwaters.

  13. BlandOatmeal…I hope to heck Egypt does oust Mubarak. WHO IN THE HELL IS MUBARAK anyway? You say Mubarak is our biggest ally in the ME? How is that exactly? And tell me, how it is the people of Egypt don’t have a right to protest being a third world country where people can not even earn close to an honest living. Furthermore, while i have no love loss or trust for El Baradai, Mubarak allowed thousands of weapons tunnels dug from his terrorist third world country into Gaza which killed Jews. So, the fact that both Bush and Obama have classified Egypt as a good friend and ally that is BS. Complete unadulterated lies.

    When Bush was in office all I heard across the board on every conservative blog was how the people in the ME should revolt. Strange that now when they are and good for them you claim it is wrong. I claim it is because the other guy is in office. You just can’t wrap yourself around that, can you?

    Mubarak is a filthy incubator of terror and a gross oppressor of his people. Those that have lied for him are shameful. Let him get what he deserves.

  14. Bill, I agree with you that the UN is bunk. At the moment, though, the US is still giving it legitimacy by being part of it; so the way Obama votes matters.

    Meanwhile, back at Michelle’s house, where our President also lives, the party preparations go on while the world burns. Egypt is hours away from the toppling of Mubarak and the installation of a government consisting of

    (1) The Moslem Brotherhood, parent group of Al Qaeda, and

    (2) El Baradai, the former UN nuclear watchdog who repeatedly told the world that Iran had no nuclear weapons program.

    Obama’s reaction? He blamed Mubarak for the unrest, and his spokesman officially abandoned our biggest ally in the Arab world:

    White House Spokesman Rober Gibbs said that the U.S. was not taking sides in the unrest, despite Mubarak being a close U.S. partner.

    After two years in office, Obama’s hand is on the table. He has four cards:

    a W
    an I
    an M
    a P

    Put another way, he’s Jimmy Carter. Don’t expect anything good from him — he simply doesn’t have it in him, I’m sad to say.