The Palestine Papers: Al-Jazeera Has an Agenda

Pinhas Inbari, JCPA

* Al-Jazeera, the powerful Qatari satellite television station, has been publishing documents leaked to it from the PLO Negotiations Support Unit.

* The release of the documents has caused great damage to the reputation of the PA and the PLO negotiating team. Sa’eb Erekat noted that while the PA was en route to triumph as it gathered international support for the recognition of a Palestinian state and for isolating Israel, al-Jazeera cut short this triumph and “instead of delegitimizing the occupation, they delegitimized us.”

* The PA’s success in gathering support for statehood recognition was turning Hamas rule in Gaza into a liability. Once Ramallah is recognized as representing a state, the international community might turn against the separate entity in Gaza and seek to end the problem.

* For years al-Jazeera has sought to advance the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood against the Arab regimes. The problem it faces is that the sources of the current wave of Arab unrest are actually local and have nothing to do with pan-Arab ideals or with the Palestinian problem.

* Now, after al-Jazeera has brainwashed Arab minds with charges of PLO treason, no declaration of statehood can be expected. Neither will there be a resumption of negotiations with Israel since the Palestinian team will stick to the most hard-line positions possible.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. this farce will run on until the sun dies

    No. Major spiritual changes are occurring before our eyes. The world of lies is being exposed in all kinds of ways: Wikileaks, Al Jazeiraleaks. America’s move toward financial insolvency is a part of all this too. Until the Annapolis international Peace Farce in Nov. 2007, America’s annual deficit never exceeded 600 billion dollars per year. All of a sudden in fiscal year Oct. 2007- Sept. 2008, the deficit was over one trillion dollars. Then Gog W. Bush Jr. dedicated another trillion dollar deficit for the next six months, four months of his presidency and the first two months of Obama’s. From March 2009 until now Obama then managed to rack up another 3 trillion dollars to the National Debt. That is 5 trillion dollars in just 3 1/4 years! From a 9 trillion dollar National Debt to 14 trillion dollars in 3 1/4 years. This also is Divine Judgement at its most hidden, where G-d works through the natural order to obtain the desired result. Gog son of Gog Bush, Jr. should have known that if one gathers 56 nations to take on G-d’s chosen nation over the territory called the “West Bank” by the world, which is the size of a pea on most maps, there would be immense Divine ramifications for his country. From that time onward America would no longer be blessed. The great native American accusation books were opened in Heaven when Gog Jr. played host to this ill-conceived conference. He accused us of stealing someone else’s territory, so now the dead native American souls could accuse the US of stealing their territory. He wants to gain favor with his Saudi handlers to keep the price of oil below $150 per barrel, the prosperity gained by holding this Conference is taken away 100 fold. This is how G-d judges, measure for measure. Now Wikileaks has just exposed that Gog and Condi ordered one of the most extensive spying campaigns in America’s History against Israeli officials who do not play ball with America over Judea and Samaria. The lie that America never spies on friends is exposed, again. And Jonathan Pollard is rotting away in his 26th year in an American prison when the Walkers who spied for the Soviet Union went free after ten years. I wonder what will happen to America if Jonathan dies in an American jail? His continued suffering alone is a rallying cry for a whole host of Heaven’s angels. The smell of Truth is in the air, and the world will not be as it has always been. Watch the amazing happen over the next five years, and then one should change his ways accordingly.

  2. It seems that at some point in time, Hamas will need to be destroyed not only militarily but POLITICALLY. Unless the UNCORRUPTED average Palestinians realize quickly what is their best interest. If the Palestinians want their state without a single Jew, Israel must have the same right.

  3. this game of leapfrog has been running for 90 years and the ups and downs are recorded as plan after plan , hundreds of thousands of hours with arabs and jews and thousands of assorted unwanted foreigners over the last 62 years who refuse to tackle reality and move pieces around in a game of futile monopoly.
    if the san remo convention is not respected and the arabs moved to jordan as the british mandate desired
    this farce will run on until the sun dies !!

  4. 5.4 million Jews.

    Actually there are 5.77 million Jews between the Mediterranean and the Jordan, not 5.4 million. All I can say is that the signature of the Creator is Truth, and now with the almost universal Palestinian rejection of the PA’s private concessions, the Smell of Truth is in the Air. Ah, what a pleasant savor it is. Tis good to expose the underbelly of lies. There will be no PA State, for they will concede nothing in public. Let the world come and try to enforce that one in the face of the signature of G-d.

  5. Sa’eb Erekat noted that while the PA was en route to triumph as it gathered international support for the recognition of a Palestinian state and for isolating Israel, al-Jazeera cut short this triumph and “instead of delegitimizing the occupation, they delegitimized us.”

    G-d sure does move in mysterious ways. A bit like the midianites destroying themselves.

  6. FOR almost 24 hours Al Jazeera the Arab world s most popular newschannel has with reports of outlandish concessionsmade by Palestinian officials during negotiations with Israel since 1999. The majority of Palestinians as well as other Arabs in the region as Al-Jazeera has been quick to grasp dont want any resolution to the conflict unless it means the removal of Israel altogether..That is why the Al-Jazeera publication is received so enthusiastically by Hamas. Froy .Regarding your comment on the Jews in the West Bank will overrun the Arabs..In the West Bank 17 of the population are Jewish out of a total of 2.5 million .In the Gaza strip 0 of the population are Jewish out of a total of 1.6 million .In Israel 21 of the population are Arabs out of a total of 7.3 million .So what are the Palestinians afraid of again?.In total there are 5.2 million Arabs in Palestine and 5.4 million Jews.