Obama’s Stealth Revolution*

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Pamela Geller’s The Post-American Presidency reveals that America has been systematically penetrated by countless Muslim organizations. Their proliferation, like the proliferation of mosques, is a cancer that has metastasized. Many of these organizations and mosques are funded by Saudi Arabia and Iran. They operate in all sectors of American society and government. Many are connected with terrorist organizations, including the Muslim Brotherhood, whose ultimate goal is the Islamization of America and the destruction of Israel.

Weeding out these subversive elements is rendered all the more difficult by the constraints of the First Amendment and American civil rights which Muslims know how to exploit to America’s detriment. What makes this task virtually impossible is the man in the White House. Obama’s Leftist and Muslim appointees are well placed in the executive and judicial branches of government. A stealth revolution is occurring in America,

Obama brazenly identifies with Islam. He is committed to America’s demise as a sovereign state. He knows where to begin.

Obama scorns the foundational principles articulated in America’s Declaration of Independence: its doctrine of “natural rights,” its emphasis on individual freedom and limited government. For Obama, not the rights so much as the needs of individuals should be the primary concern of government. This requires enlarging the scope and power of government, and this will permeate the economic, social, and even the private domains. Obama is a radical socialist. He hates capitalism. He is committed to a redistribution of wealth on a national as well as global scale.

This president rejects the immutable doctrine of natural right because he is steeped in progressivism and cultural relativism. He rejects American “exceptionalism,” which is rooted in the desire to liberate rather than dominate—so contrary to the ethos of Islam. He turns a blind eye to America’s culture of benevolence and magnanimity, which contrasts with Islam’s culture of hatred and revenge. Obama is either ignorant of or dismisses what this Republic stands for, its commitment to the primacy of reason and persuasion as opposed to the primacy of force and coercion. This is precisely what binds America to Israel whose Bible affirms man’s creation in the image of God, an affirmation lacking in Islamic theology.

Obama is infected by Islam’s grievance mentality compounded by the Marxism instilled in him by his mentors—for example, William Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Louis Farrakhan, and the anything but reverend Jeremiah Wright. Stamped on his tabula rasa we see the notorious duplicity and anti-Semitism of Islam. We see the self-intoxication of a man without a beloved country, a man detached from history, a man without a grateful sense of identity. Obama boasts of being a “cosmopolitan.” He is a multiculturalist devoid of culture.

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His appointments to the Supreme Court are cut from the same cloth. Such is their arrogance that Sonia Sotomayer and Elena Kagan would subordinate America and its Constitution to international meaning foreign law. Hence they would nullify the principle popular sovereignty, or of government by the consent of the governed. The American people are being disempowered.

They are also being disempowered by a legion of socialist “czars” accountable solely to the president. Even though their powers intersect executive functions of government, their appointment bypassed Senate confirmation. Obama has therefore circumvented America’s system of checks and balances. Of course, they share Obama’s socialist and internationalist ideology. And what is no coincidence, many are anti-Israel.

Now let us probe Obama’s mentality more deeply.

Pundits wonder about his fictitious views of history. He would have us believe that Islam played a significant role in American history. He has called America “a country of Muslims, Jews, and Christians” in that order. What is behind this falsification of history and demotion of the Judeo-Christian foundation of the American heritage?

Prevarication and self-delusion readily follow from the supremacist mentality of Arab-Islamic culture. Sonia Hamady, a liberated Arab sociologist, has noted that “Lying is a widespread habit among the Arabs, and they have a low idea of truth.” But truth is embodied in the Quran, and if there is any disparity between the Quran and historical reality, Islamic theology requires denial of that reality. Moshe Dayan once put it this way:

    [The Arabs] live in a world which is not truth and they do this almost like a man who needs hashish in order to feel himself present in the Garden of Eden. Reality is hell! The aim is therefore to swallow a lie-pill, which will give the sensation of Paradise. It often seems to me that all Arabs—and on all levels—act as though under the influence of drugs. Yet illusion is worse than a lie. You make a lie consciously and you dominate it, while the illusion will finally dominate you.

The glory of Islam in the past is more real in the Muslim mind than Islam’s subsequent decline. Islam’s decline spawned among Muslims a victimhood mentality. They blame the “other”—”colonialists” and “Zionists”—for their decline, and not any shortcomings in Islam. Besides, Islam’s doctrine of predestination precludes the idea of individual responsibility.

Perhaps this influenced Obama’s rejection of the primacy of individual rights in the Declaration of Independence. His diverse racial, ethnic, and religious antecedents, coupled to his shifting family life, yield a mystifying personality. The Islamic art of ingratiation and some benefactor must have facilitated this Black Muslim’s rise to prominence via elite universities. But Islam fosters contempt for unbelievers as well as toadying. Obama’s contemptuous treatment of Binyamin Netanyahu and fawning attitude toward King Abdullah seem to apply. Of course, Muslims go with the strong horse, and Netanyahu does not behave like a strong horse. This is why it was a mistake to think Obama would be supportive of Israel.

But there is another possible reason for Obama’s hostility toward the Jewish state. He sees that the Jewish people, despite centuries of humiliation and persecution, have preserved their national pride and creativity. Like his anti-Semitic gurus, he has no insight into this arcane matter. Conversely, no gentile has understood the Jews as well as Nietzsche, who I now quote:

    In Europe [the Jews] have gone through a school of eighteen centuries, such as no other nation can boast of … In consequence whereof, the resourcefulness in soul and intellect of our modern Jews is extraordinary. In times of extremity they, least of all the inhabitants of Europe, try to escape any great dilemma by recourse to drink or to suicide—which less gifted people are so apt to fly to. Each Jew finds in the history of his fathers and grandfathers a voluminous record of instances of the greatest coolness and perseverance in terrible positions, of the most artful and clever fencing with misfortune and chance; their bravery under the cloak of wretched submissiveness, their heroism in … [deriving pride even from being disdained] surpass the virtues of all the saints.

    People wanted to make them contemptible by treating them scornfully for twenty centuries, by refusing to them the approach to all dignities and honorable positions, and by pushing them all the deeper down into the mean trades—and, indeed, they have not become genteel under this process. But contemptible? They have never ceased believing themselves qualified for the highest functions; neither have the virtues of all suffering people ever failed to adorn them. Their manner of honoring parents and children, the reasonableness of their marriages and marriage customs make them conspicuous among Europeans. Besides, they know how to derive a sense of power and lasting revenge from the very trades which were left to them (or to which they were abandoned) … Yet their vengeance never carries them too far, for they all have that liberality even of the soul in which the frequent change of place, climate, customs, neighbors, and oppressors schools man; they have by far the greatest experience in human relationships …! [Friedrich Nietzsche, The Dawn (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1903), pp. 203-206, J. Volz, trans.]

This portrait of the Jews is diametrically opposed to Islam, a culture of hate and revenge.

Does Israel arouse in Obama the envious hatred that animates Islam? The incredible accomplishments of this besieged country puts to shame her Arab neighbors, but therefore Islam, and they know it! Israel’s economic productivity and scientific achievements must constantly vex Muslim leaders. Their vow to wipe Israel off the map manifests a repressed awareness that the existence of this Jewish state casts a shadow on Islam—on its most sacred beliefs.

Where does a dreamer like Obama fit in this conflict? He will do nothing to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. He has said no to a preemptive strike by Israel. His emphatic support of a Palestinian state suggests that he wants to deliver Israel to the Islamic world. And since he is deliberately undermining America as a sovereign state, perhaps Barack Hussein Obama, animated by black Muslim revenge, wants to terminate Western civilization and usher in an Afro-Muslim World Order with which he and his black and Muslim mentors have long identified.

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  1. yamit, my scenario was mostly tongue-in-cheek. BB (Brains and Balls?) doesn’t have enough of either to play the hand. And I wouldn’t expect the Saudis to permanently honor the agreement, any more than their ancestors did with Hudaybiyya. However, absent the requisite military might, the Saudis would be unlikely to abrogate for many years and by that time (2030? 2100?) with Judea and Samaria integrated into Eretz Israel and absent a gnawing Palestinian population, who knows what wonders might occur in the Middle East?

  2. You even make the same spelling errors as your brother in Toronto. Runs in the genes, eh?

    You noticed as well? Only Ted is convinced otherwise. Why? Duuno.

    Charles one small problem with your scenarist assumptions, Arabs LIE and have never honored for long any agreement not to their liking or interests.

    We should in any event nuke Iran just for the sake of long term deterrent even if we fail in the end to stop them from getting a bomb which some like Sam Cohen believes they already have. He figures 5-10 devices. N Korea could sell them off the shelf as well if they already haven’t and the Saudis have some from Pakistan in payment for financing the Pk bomb program. Egypt is well advanced in their Nuke program and could have a bomb in a few years as well. Our big problem remains Egypt who will elect democratically the Muslim brotherhood after Mubarak is gone. Egypt is more of a threat than distant Iran. Egypt has gone to war against us 3 times in the past 62 years Iran despite rhetoric never. I would still nuke Iran as we can’t take the risk. Egypt is our biggest threat and Pakistan with 50 plus nukes could be?

  3. Martel:

    Israel deploys its various deterrents including EMP eliminating Iran (and its lackeys Syria and Hezbollah) as a threat and walks away with a peace deal with the Arab world along with Judea and Samaria. End of conflict.

    Beautifully and neatly summarized. Those same words were uttered in 48, 56, 67, 73, 82, 2002, 2008, and now 2010. Presumable we will here it 2050, and into the future.

  4. If Netanyahu had the brains and balls, he would inform Obama and the Arabs that Israel is fully prepared to live with a nuclear Iran and say nothing more. Well before Iran’s nuclear project goes operative, the Saudis will either command convince Obama to strike Iran or be forced to beg Israel to do the deed. If Abdullah comes a’calling to Israel, Netanyahu should say, “fine… you agree to abandon all belligerent claims against Israel and enter into a peace agreement without reference to borders and we’ll handle Iran”. Israel deploys its various deterrents including EMP eliminating Iran (and its lackeys Syria and Hezbollah) as a threat and walks away with a peace deal with the Arab world along with Judea and Samaria. End of conflict.

  5. I agree with much of this article, with a couple exceptions.

    First, I would not rule out a U.S. strike on Iran. Obama will not do this for Israel; the Sunni Arab bloc is as worried about Iran as is the case for Israel, if not even more so. So, just as Bush 41 expelled Iraq from Kuwait largely for the sake of Saudi Arabia – even as this was significantly “spun” as being for Israel’s sake – so too may Obama strike Iran in similar fashion. I’m not countingon this; I’m only saying this is plausible.

    What I actually think is more likely is that Israel will be privately encouraged to initiate a strike on Iran that will be publicly disowned by both Obama and the Saudis as “reckless”, even as the U.S.- in the resulting melee – will be “forced” to intervene to keep the Strait of Hormuz open and get her licks in to make sure the job is finished. But that won’t stop the U.S. under Obama (heck, under Reagan for Iraq in ’81) from publicly excoriating Israel for her “irresponsible” behavior, and thus used as leverage to either force Israel to accept the Saudi “Peace” [surrender] Plan, or be left to the tender mercies of the UN to be given the “Rhodesia treatment”. In short, Iran is, in effect, being used to bait a “trap” for Israel. With this in mind, I am left to wonder if it might not be the smarter policy for Israel to concentrate on her missile defenses…and let the Sunni Arabs and their Manchurian Candidate, Obama, stew over Iran until the U.S. must act, with or without Israel. And if they don’t, and Iran gets nukes, then Israel goes on “launch on warning” footing with her own nukes…and if there is a computer glitch in Israel’s EW system and she launches anyway and blows the whole of Moslem SW Asia to Kindom Come (and probably a lot of European capitals would be included, just on general principles), that’s the breaks!

    My only other exception is the primacy given to Obama for the phenomenon described of the Islamic corruption of the United States. Yes, the installation of Obama is perhaps their crowning achievement, but he is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a large segment of the American leadership class – in government, the military, academia, journalism – that has utterly sold out to either Saudia or even Iran. Obama is more of a symptom of a larger ill than anything else, but his position of power, of course, allows him and his cohorts to enable this corruption to accelerate.

    Getting rid of Obama is of prime importance, but this did not begin with him and it won’t end with his ouster. Much else needs to be done. The Bush dynasty was almost as bad, in terms of kowtowing to the Saudis. We haven’t had a president with the balls to tell them to get lost since Nixon (I hold up the ’73 airlift as my primary evidence of this; imagine any president since then who would do that). The Saudis have many other stooges out there who can undermine the pro-Israel agenda of any future leader. And they are hedging their bets: watch out for the Ron Paul fellow, as I think he’s their “insurance” against Obama getting kicked out in 2012.