Olmert wants to share JNF lands with Arabs

Proposal: Land bought for Jews must be shared with Arabs

By Aaron Klein, WorldNetDaily.com

JERUSALEM – Prime Minister Ehud Olmert yesterday was presented with a proposal demanding the return to the state of more than 400,000 acres of land purchased with hundreds of millions in Jewish donor funds solicited mostly in the U.S. for the stated purpose of facilitating Jewish settlement in Israel.

If returned to the government, the lands purchased for Jews will be utilized for both Jewish and Arab construction and settlement, according to the proposal presented to Olmert by former education minister and Israeli legal expert Amnon Rubinstein.

The proposal was in response to the Knesset’s passing earlier this month of a preliminary bill which calls for all lands owned the Jewish National Fund or JNF to be allocated only to Jews since it was purchased on behalf of the Jewish people. The JNF has been allowing the Israeli government to manage its lands.

The bill passed by a massive majority of 64 Knesset members to 16, garnering support from a number of prominent lawmakers, including opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu.

Sources in Olmert’s office told WND the Israeli Prime Minister supports giving the JNF land to Arabs and Jews. CONTINUE READING THIS HUGE EXPOSE

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  1. The JNF by soliciting donations for a specific purpose and receiving such donations put themselves into the position of trustees of a trust to be administered on the terms under which that trust was created.

    The Israeli government seized with full knowledge of that trust and the terms thereof and charged with the responsibility of administering the laws of Israel, by not only allowing illegal Arab construction on lands designate for Jews but by seeking to take jurisdiction in the matter and allow Arabs to purchase such lands, not only makes the Israeli government complicit in the JNF’s breach of trust, but as well derelict in its state duty to ensure the laws of the land are obeyed and to halt illegal Arab construction.

    It is not just a matter of law, but of plain common sense that no explanation or justification, no matter how right they may be, changes the fact that the JNF and the State of Israel have by their actions breached and betrayed the trust and faith put in the JNF by those who donated monies for the specific purpose of purchasing land for Jews and that the State of Israel in failing to follow and enforce its own laws has breached its trust and faith with all Israelis.

    Law suits should be flying by now by both those who have donated monies to the JNF and Israeli citizens whose rights and interests are being ignored and compromised by a government that has failed in its duty to Israeli citizens.

    Will they?

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