Olmert’s Statement at the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit

I have deleted the bullshit because it made me sick.

Bottom line is that he still needs consent of his Cabinet for the release of prisoners and he only said that we will “continuously pass on tax money” but he didn’t say how much or when. Also his recognition of the new government is conditional.

The new government in the Palestinian Authority, which recognizes Israel’s right to exist and a solution of two states for two peoples, which is ready to implement the agreements signed, one which eschews terror and violence as a means and a goal, and a government which has no members of terrorist organizations, is a government which we recognize. We will work together to implement the Roadmap and advance the goals set out therein.

[Strangely worded. I read this to mean we will recognize the new government providing…]

Today I met with the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and informed him that we will work with the new government and maintain continuous ties with it. We will continuously pass on the tax monies which we collect; we will renew the security and economic cooperation between us; we will improve the freedom of movement of the Palestinian population in Judea and Samaria in a significant manner; we will renew and expand trade relations between us in Judea and Samaria, which will lead to economic well-being. The residents of Judea and Samaria will feel that the choice of a path which is not terror and violence, but rather a path of dialogue and peace opens up new political possibilities and leads to a better life, one which is more comfortable and tranquil.

[This is a gratuitous promise and thus not binding. It is also vague.]

I acceded to the request of Mahmoud Abbas to continue humanitarian assistance for the Palestinian population living in the Gaza Strip. We will continue to provide this population with electricity, water, medical services, food and medications, in order to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

[Another gratuitous promise, more sickening then the first.]

We have no interest in punishing this population simply because it is ruled by a terrorist organization and extremist forces interested in destruction and ruin. We cannot and we will not cooperate with these forces, who wish to lead the region into ruin and prevent the moderate Palestinian people from realizing its aspirations.

[He ignores the fact that they voted for them knowing their intentions. How can he call such people “moderates”.]

We agreed to meet at least once every two weeks, in order to advance all the issues on our shared agenda, both in the short- and long-term, in order to create the necessary political horizon and the appropriate conditions which will lead, as soon as possible, to discussions on the establishment of a Palestinian state, which will live beside us in peace and security.

[In legal circles this is called gobbledygook. Words and more words, signifying nothing.]

I have no intention of delaying this; on the contrary, I will make every effort to expedite the process which will lead us to negotiations on the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel.

[He is signaling that he will negotiate a state and bypass the need to end terror first as required by the Roadmap. Now I am not sick, I am disgusted.]

As a gesture of good will towards, and given the importance of the prisoner issue I decided today to present to the Israeli Government at its upcoming meeting and a proposal to release approximately 250 prisoners who are members of Fatah, who do not have blood on their hands, with their commitment not to involve themselves again in terror.

Your peace initiative, the Arab initiative, is important to us. We cannot ignore your sincere calls for full normalization with Israel.

[No peace agreement, just normalization. But its “sincere”‘]

[What did he get in return? Nada, Nothing. Zilch.]

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