A Priceless Strategic Military Asset for the US

Mark Langfan, INN

After Hitler invaded Poland in 1939, in America, there were Hitler enablers like the American hero Charles Lindbergh who publicly championed– the Big Lie– that England was a strategic liability to the US, was the cause of world war, and, that England needed to be dumped.

Today, there is a new crop of neo-fascist enablers by the names of Walt and Mearsheimer. These Neo-Lindberghs espouse an analogous -Big Lie- that Israel is a strategic liability to the US, the cause of Middle East wars, and, that Israel needs to be dumped, and there are also neo-isolationists like Ron Paul who says “the US would be better off without Israel.”

I will now graphically show you in 3 simple steps that these “Professors” and these neo-Ostriches are, in fact, Neo-Lindberghs.

Step One, if you would look at the 8½ x11 colored “Katyusha Rocket” graphic of Israel, www.marklangfan.com/Postcard2.html, in any “West Bank” Palestinian “Demilitarized” state, Hamas will smuggle in thousands of chemical-warheaded Katyushas into the “Demilitarized” West Bank which they will launch, en masse, into the Tel Aviv. Imagine, if to placate Muslim “anger,” some US president ceded Brooklyn to al Qaeda, and al Qaeda-Brooklyn had thousands of chemical Katyushas aimed at Manhattan. Manhattan would be toast. And if there is ever a Palestinian State, Hamas with thousands of chemical katyushas backed by Iranian long-range missiles will toast the Tel Aviv coastal corridor holding 5 million Jews.

Step Two, if you would turn to the large “Eastern Theater” colored graphic, www.marklangfan.com/easterntheater1.html, after Israel’s destruction, without Israel protecting him, the Hashemite-King Abdullah of Jordan is also toast. You’ve then got an Egypt with 80 million hungry people, the strongest army in the Middle East, and military control of the Suez Canal now having a direct contiguous land border with the oil-rich Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is also happens to be a historical rival of Egypt. Is this “stability” for USCENTCOM? Is this lower gas prices in Salina, Kansas? But no, we’re not done yet.

Step Three, if you would turn over the “Western Theater” colored graphic, www.marklangfan.com/westerntheater3.html, I’ve done the same analysis for the Eastern Med. Christian Greek Cyprus has a total population of 800,000 people, and there is about a quarter trillion dollars worth, or more, of gas between Cyprus and Israel. If Israel were to be destroyed, surrounded by 150 Million Muslims, and a Turkish standing army of 400,000 soldiers coveting the whole of Cyprus, how long will Greek Cyprus last? In September 2011, Turkish PM Erdogan stated: Turkey and Egypt would “form a force of 150 million strong” and “We are substantially surrounding a Mediterranean.” And, “I recommend the international community take the necessary lessons from the Preveza victory.”

The “Preveza victory” to which Erdogan is referring is the Turkish decisive naval victory over a pan-Christian “Holy League” Papal alliance in September 1538.

Without Israel as the bulwark against the waxing Islamic tsunami to the East, there will be a direct Islamic military threat to the very doorstep of Europe. Without Israel, how many trillions–trillions–of dollars will the US have to spend to defend Greece, and NATO from such “clear and present” danger to Western civilization? Or, as the Visa commercial would say of Israel’s present-day strategic value to the US: Priceless.

You can find the video of the speech on Mark Langfan’s website by going to: www.marklangfan.com/videos.htmlTo view the speech video from you Ipod, Iphone, or Flash, go to: And if you have any questions, he will be happy to answer if you email him at mapmun@aol.com, or call 212-832-0200 or visit my website, www.marklangfan.com.

The writer, has created an original educational 3d Topographic Map System of Israel to facilitate clear understanding of the dangers facing Israel and its water supply. It has been studied by US lawmakers and can be seen at www.marklangfan.com.

Click to see the graphics because Mark Langfan’s remarks upon acceptance of the Justice Louis B. Brandeis ZOA Award this fall are an important learning experience. The maps are the fruit of painstaking research and have been shown in Congress.

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  1. I cannot believe this incredible reply. So you think its best to wait and see even after Iran has stated unequivocally that they will wipe Israel off the face of the earth. You will probably call it metaphor. Another difference is that Hitler did not have the bomb. Another difference is that Hitler wanted to own Poland whereas Irsn wants to destroy Israel. People like you always want the Jew to be the canary in the coal mine.

  2. @ eF (Does F stand for fool?). You clearly know nothing about WWII . A general such as Patton would have never made general in the Red Army. Due to Stalin’s purges, almost all the trained general officers , unless they were clearly puppets of Stalin were either executed or imprisoned. Here is an except of the biography of the IVAN Chernyakhovsky Jewish General (spelling different due to the fact their names were originally in the Russian alphabet)”In April 1944, at the age of thirty-eight, Chernyakhovsky, the youngest front commander in the Soviet army, assumed the command of the Third Byelorussian Front at Kransoe, part of the continent-wide Operation Bagration, the Soviet’s four-front all-out campaign directed at Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe. By the end of the war, the Third Byelorussian Front would consist of five armies and an air force.Indeed, by July 4, 1944, Chernyakhovsky’s Third Byelorussian Front, marching on Vilna, was able to make a vital contribution to the destruction of the Nazi Army Group Center, in a campaign that resulted in the deaths of as many as 350,000 German troops. 57,000 Nazi prisoners were marched through the streets of Moscow. On July 13, Chernyakhovsky’s troops captured Vilna. Not long afterwards, in August, it was one of Chernyakhovsky’s riflemen who became the first Soviet soldier to stand on liberated German soil.
    On February 1945, Chernyakhovsky, deploying his men against fierce German resistance, fell at Mehlsack in East Prussia and died of his wounds. On Stalin’s orders, he was buried in Vilna to a salute of 24 salvoes from 124 guns”.My point is the US Army would have never allowed a Jew to hold such a high command especially at such an incredibly young age. To your other point: How would the US Army have fared if Roosevelt had killed or imprisoned practically every experienced or promising general? Then believing he could buy time before being attacked by an enemy as powerful as the Germans who didn’t have an ocean to cross but only a river,Roosevelt would not allow his army to prepare for the coming invasion until practically the day before the attack. Then in an almost completely unprepared state suffered the largest attack in world history by an army of 3 million German soldiers who were recognized as being the best trained and best led of any army in World War II and were at their peak ,fresh from defeating France, Great Britain, Belgium and Holland in essentially a week (with 4 more weeks to mop up)and conquering and occupying the eastern half of the USA? That would have meant the most industrialized regions (with one exception in the USSR’s case Moscow) were lost to the Germans. If the US would have suffered such a fate would they have recovered,first by completely stopping the Germans despite losing most of their capacity to produce weapons and ammunition after the initial gains by the Germans from June 22, 1941 to Dec 2nd 1941? and inflicted over 4 million deaths on the German military? The ratios of killed was never 10:1 you fool. As the Soviets developed a cadre of top generals the Germans suffered one defeat after another. The Germans after Kharkov in early 1943 never won one single battle against the Red Army.The Soviets even at the end of the war still were suffering the lingering effects of Stalin’s purges, yet were essentially fighting the best German soldiers and generals alone for 3 years before the US and Britain fully committed troops to assist the Soviet Union. the By the time of Normandy, the Red Army had already inflicted 2.4 million killed on the German Army including the SS. The damage inflicted on the Germans prior to D-Day by the US and Britain was laughable compared the 2.4 million killed by the Red Army . The Western Allies killed a “staggering” 15,000 Germans in North Africa and perhaps another 50,000 in Italy prior to D-Day. Zhukov may have avoided the purges due to the fact he was away in Mongolia accomplishing something the US military never did in the 3 years and 8 months of fighting against the Japan in World War II, forcing an entire Japanese army to surrender. He masterfully had an entire Japanese Army totally surrounded and in such a precarious position they despite their Sumarai tradition formally surrender to the Soviet Army led by Zhukov at the Battle of Halkin Gol in Mongolia. No Japanese army unit of any size ever surrendered to US military until to final surrender of the entire Japanese military. Zhukov never lost a battle to the Germans and along with Vasilevsky was responsible for the incredibly devastating defeat of the Germans at Stalingrad where the Nazis and their allies suffered one million casualties and lost enough equipment to equipment one fourth of the entire German army. Your ignorant statement about the Soviets losing 10 soldiers for every German they killed shows you are only making a fool out of yourself. The Soviet lost 4.2 million killed in action against the Germans and the Germans lost 4.3 million killed in action or died soon after being taken prisoner against the Soviets. The Soviets inflicted 4.3 million of the 5.3 million deaths suffered by the all branches of the German military in World War II.(Reference: Ridiger Overmans. Deutsche militärische Verluste im Zweiten Weltkrieg. Oldenbourg 2000). So Zhukov whom you derided, in ONE BATTLE led the Red Army to a victory in which approximately 750,000 Germans and German allied soldiers were killed which is not much less than the entire of number of deaths inflicted by the Western Allies in WWII on the German military. There is no doubt despite all the pro American propaganda Americans have been subjected to, their US Army Generals were generally second rate and remain second rate as evidenced by ignoring the value of the IDF which requires either a total fool or a military advisor with a hatred of Israel.

  3. Iran financed Hezbollah that murdered 241 US Marines who were peacekeeping in Beirut. This was determined by evidence received in US courts. It murdered others in Riyadh. It is currently supplying copper penetrators for the bombs that are killing US troops in Afghanistan. Recently,Iran attempted to murder the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the US on American Soil in Washington, DC in a bomb attack that would have also killed many in the US Congress. Fortunately this was discovered in time and stopped. How many Americans must be murdered before you will agree that Iran is making war on us currently?

  4. The Dreyfus affair should be kept in the mind of any Jew who wants to shine in the art of war.
    As long as the Orientalists remain in power (US, GB & Fr) Jews will remain victims.

  5. The way russian Generals Zhucov and others operated can be characterized as a crime against humanity for their solders. For each german solders 10 russians was killed.
    Really ginious generals. Joe Hamilton does not know what he is writing. “A class above any US general in WWII”????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. John B’s reference to Hitler’s invasion of Poland is incredibly naive.

    Historians generally agree, that if the Western Allies (bled white by the First World War, and too weary to face the reality of what was happening), had stood up to Hitler when Germany occupied the Rhineland, the Second World War might actually have been averted in Europe.

  7. @scotdnok I was in the US army and also worked at the US army infantry museum and my knowledge of the history of the US army history is certainly well above average. In the US Army of today, I differentiate between the noncommissioned officers, specialists, Pfcs who very competent, brave and the Officers. The officers especially the general officers were incompetent fools. The “star” general of OIF, Patreus, actually very recently said Iran was not building a nuclear weapon. Is he that stupid, or just anti-Israel? This is the same allegedly “brilliant” US General who tried to blame lack of progress in Afghanistan on Israel. For history of anti-Semitism in the US Army read “The Jewish Threat” by Joseph W. Bendersky. The 3 most well-known (as far as book sales of anti-Israel garbage) anti-Israel pseudo-intellectuals, Walt, Mearsheimer, and Joseph Bracevitch were graduates of the US military academy at West Point. There are and when I was in, very very few Jews in the US Army. Part of the reason in my opinion is they feel unwanted. The army, of course, tried to hush up, what happened to an orthodox Jew during basic. Basic can be tough but I highly doubt it results in what happened in 2008 to a Jew during basic at Benning. At the repeated urging of the drill Sgt, a soldier assaulted an Orthodox Jew and injured him so severely; he required admission the intensive care unit. I knew one of the investigators of the incident and ,he knew how embarrassing having one of the few Jews who enlisted and could be readily identified as a Jew, suffering deliberately inflicted injuries unheard of in today’s US Army and said “the drill Sgt was a ‘knucklehead’ . Basic which was considered mild by career soldiers compared to what they went through 5 or more years earlier, became so mild that the drill Sgts were not permitted to make soldiers in basic do pushups as punishment. So is it coincidence or is it part of the extensively documented history of anti-Semitism in Bendersky’s book. I just presented the facts and logically conclude part of the reason, US policy in the Middle East is to minimize any contact with Israel, which is very self-defeating is due to the advice of military advisors such as Patreus who I consider clearly no friend of Israel and I’m not going out on a limb saying he has made several anti-Israel statements.

  8. Chill Joe. Why do you say the USM is more anti-semetic than Red Army? Just because There was one good high ranking Jewish General out of how many in this army? Jews in the US had other outlets than just the military to excel in – certainly ones that were more profitable. Regarding studying some of the Red Army Generals of WWII, maybe it is time that the Cold War losers be given their due? Disclose why you are so bitter.

  9. The US army is the one of the most anti-semitic organizations in the US. Despite their undeserved reputation as the most powerful army ever, in reality they only excel in 2 areas: producing anti-semitic pseudo intellectuals ,and claiming false credit for winning wars . Stupidity should be the US Army’s middle name and therefore, I’m not surprised at the lack of appreciation of how Israel and especially the IDF can be a tremendous strategic asset for US interests in the Middle East. There is a deeply ingrained anti-semitism in the US Army. The most well known anti-Israel and anti-semitic pseudo intellectuals, Walt, Mearsheimer, and Joseph Bracevitch a professor at Boston University (who is one of David Duke’s favorites) are all graduates of the very overrated West Point. Instead of receiving a solid military education, the future leaders of the US Army receive a propagandized version of the performance of the US army. In reality, the US Army has not defeated even a moderately difficult opponent or played the major role in defeating such an opponent in a major conflict with the exception of Iraq in their history. For example, despite the fact the Red Army in WWII were responsible for killing over 80% of the deaths suffered by the German Army and their allies, at West Point not one single minute is spent learning about the Red Army .Max Hastings ,the respected British military historian has said the Red Army had at least 4 or 5 generals who were a class above any US general in WWII. The anti-Semitism in the US military is worse than even in the Red Army in WWII. One of the top 5 or 6 Red Army generals was a 38 year old Jew ,Ivan Chevarovsky. So it is no surprise the US government advised by their generally inept military advisors, would discount the IDF and Israel and fail to recognize what a tremendous potential asset the IDF is. The US military has a history of letting their hatred of Jews and Israel cloud their judgment. The US navy mistreated a Jewish naval officer graduate of Annapolis during WWII, who later became the greatest US Navy admiral ever , the military genius Admiral Rickover. Rickover developed the nuclear powered submarine which is potentially the single most destructive military weapon ever. So I am not at all surprised the US would minimize the value of the IDF and Israel.

  10. The US Army is one of the most anti-semitic organizations in the US. It is also one of the most inept armies which is only able to defeat countries like Iraq. The 2 areas in which they excel the most are in producing antisemitic/anti-Israel pseudo-intellectuals such as Mearsheimers, Walt as well as the very anti Semitic Boston University Professor Joseph Bracevich (who is a favorite of David Duke among other Jew haters) who are allgraduates of the extremely overrated West Point. The second area they excel in is claiming victories that others were mostly responsible for. In Europe, during WWII, the Red Army killed more than 80% of the Nazis soldiers are died. Max Hastings a respected British historian gave an accurate assessment of American Army generals vs Red Armies generals, when he stated the top US army generals were a class below the top Red Army generals. The Red Army actually gave much more opportunities to Jews than the US Army. No US general was on the same level as the 4 Red Army Generals: Zhukov, Konev, Rokkosvosky and the Jewish 38 year old Chernyakovski who died leading one of the 4 Soviet Fronts which invaded Germany as well as other Soviet generals such as Vasilevski. But at West Point, there is not one minute spent learning about the Red Army which as stated above killed more than 80% of German and their allies who died in WWII. The future leaders of the US army are given the false idea the US Army defeated the Germans. The US army has only won battles when they were able to utilized overwhelming air superiority. Stupidity should be the US Army’s middle name so I’m not surprised at the failure of the US Army’s total lack of appreciation of the prowess and willingness of the Israeli Army to assist the US in protecting their interests in the Middle East. The hatred of Jews by the US military leaders , not the non commissioned officers ,specialists and PFCs who actually do the fighting, is exemplified by the treatment of Admiral Hyman Rickover the Jewish military genius who developed the nuclear powered submarine. Rickover developed the US “nuclear” navy in the 1950s. However, before that period During WWII, Rickover, a graduate of Annapolis, was only allowed to command to mine sweeper. Rickover was a slightly built man ,and was the victim of several physical assaults by other US Navy officers before becoming the most valuable US Navy Admiral in the history of the US Navy.

  11. The difference is that Hitler INVADED Poland (he attacked Poland) and Iran hasn’t attacked anybody and Israel is talking about attacking them first. If Iran invades Iraq, Turkey, and Afghanistan, I will totally agree that they are a huge threat to world peace. Before that, absolutely no World War II comparison.