Oren: Bush still wants the Arabs to play nice

…in exchange for which Israel should cut its throat.

By Ted Belman

A month ago, the WSJ published an Op-Ed by Michael Oren, Fatah Isn’t the Answer – Israel is. in which he argued for Israel keeping the West Bank and offering autonomy only for the Arabs. He should have left it at that.

Today, the WSJ published another Op-Ed by him The Bush Doctrine Lives and sub-titled, The president isn’t selling out Israel or relaxing his call for Palestinian democracy. I beg to differ.

To be sure, Oren points out all the demands Bush made on the Palestinians and on the Arab countries but failed to point out the same demands were made in his vision speech and in the Roadmap. They didn’t satisfy them since and they won’t hereafter.

At least before they were a condition precedent to moving to the second phase. Now, he proposes moving to the final stage notwithstanding that the Arabs have done nothing regarding the demands made on them.

Secondly, Oren is making the central issue the acceptance of Israel and the ending of terror and incitement. I object.

Firstly, Bush bypasses the requirement for “secure borders” as set out in Resolution 242. He now proposes to substitute an American guarantee of Israel’s security for “secure borders”.

Secondly, I don’t like the deal. It’s a lousy deal. Israel has to retreat from lands given it by the Palestine Mandate and never cancelled. The West Bank was given to Jews, not the Arabs. Israel had to defend itself from aggression in ’67 and recovered the land illegally taken from them by the Partition Plan. Its ours and we want it. But Bush is forcing us to give it away.

Oren seems to think that’s okay, because Bush is still asking for the Arabs to play nice.

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6 Comments / 6 Comments

  1. the article was interesting(Goldenbergs) submitted by Bill, until I saw the last para. quoting MJ Rosenberg : A left wing peace now activist who has jumped over past 20 years or so from one anti Israel group to another. He Uses a cover fig leaf of pro Israel but in fact he is a front for EU and even I think George Koros who supply his organizations with plenty of funds. This puts to my mind and way of thinking that the whole article and it author in the suspect classification!

  2. Good find Bill. By the way, I correct your link.

    First you must copy the url, then select the words to be linked, then click “link” and the paste in the url,then click OK.

    If you want to make certain words in bold or Itallics or b-quote, first select the words then click ‘b’, ‘i’ or ‘b-quote’ as the case may be.

  3. It appears that the neither Israel, nor other Middle Eastern Nations are as anxious to move forward as quickly as Pres. Bush hoped with his call for moving the Israel-Palestinian peace process to the stated goal of an independent Palestinian state Middle East

    See Suzanne Goldenberg’s July 17th, 2007 Guardian Unlimited article Middle East unmoved by Bush summit plan

  4. I think Oren sucks! I understand his History of 6 day war got good reviews and in some circles he is a respected Historian but his piece in WSJ is so disturbing for me I almost want to shout what in the Hell is wrong with these otherwise good and intelligent people?It dosent matter that at the end of the piece he enumerates why he doubts it will come about( BUSHES PLANS FOR A CONTIGUOS ) Pali Stat on just about all of J&S. It doesent matter that he doesent believe the Saudis or othe Arab nations will fall in line and do their part! The point is he sees the Bush proposal or plan as positive and laments that it might not happen. THIS from a reputable ex American (NJ) very much now an in crowd Israeli. THE WEST BANK FOR THESE PEOPLE ARE JUST PIECES OF REALESTATE TO BE TRADED ON THE OPEN MARKET LIKE ANY COMMODITY.

    I am tied of being the one at risk for their grand visions of Peace(A SUBSTITUTION FOR GOD) Peace has become the Neo God and Religion of the Liberal left. I personally am quite content with the Old one and If I were to seek a new one it would be in the oposit direction to theirs.

    I dont like being to rabbit or mouse in their insidious peacemaking expierments. I resent being the target of my enemies and If I fall victim called a victi of peace by those proud purveyers of lies and deceit, and self delusion and arrogant self rightiousness. No I want them and their familys to be the victims of peace caused by their lust for their new neo gods. (PEACE AND STABILITY)!

    During the 2nd temple period a Patriotic Jewish group who were called Zellots through a sub group of assassins called the SICCARRIM named after the short daggers they used for their HOLY work killed as many Jewish traitors alligned with Rome as they could. They may have been: depending on which side you were on, either the first terrorists or first revolutionary freedom fighters in recorded history. I am suggesting that desperate measures for desperate times. Our enemies with the aid of our left have killed many of my people and countryman but we got one back. Maybe some of us refuse to become victims of peace and would prefer to become if need be victims of war fought for the right reasons and the right God.

  5. Oren may be a respected historian, in some quarters and I hear his history of the six day war was given good reviews but according to his piece in WSJ. He has Liberal,Leftist painted on ea. sentence, and every nuance stated or implied. Apparently he has a wet dream just contemplating Saudi recognition. Wow! Even if we had peace most of us would not be allowed into Saudi Arabia. Maybe he thinks if we give up our homeland the Saudis might through a few mil. to the Shalem Center.

    He also seems to believe tha J&S are just pieces of real estate, bargaining chips! He has no problems with American guarantees of our security what ever that means? He has no problen with splitting Israel in half to give them contiguos connectivity. He seems to buy into Bushes contention that the Fatah are good guys and Hamas the Bad Guys, and this from an Historian, what the hell are his sources al arham or NYT ONLY?

    It is very apparent that Oren like most of the left prefer to see only what pleases them and what fits into their world view . The News in todays and yesterdays newspapers seem to have eluded him. Even Experts and his own colleagues at Shalem Center like Boogie Ayahlon would not accept such Bull even from an Imbicile President Of USA>

    Here is a bit of HISTORY for Oren and this is what he should take note of: DURING THE 2ND TEMPLE PERIOD THER AROSE IN ISRAEL A GROUP CALLED ZELLOTS WHO HAD A SUB GROUP CALLED THE SICCARIIM, these assassins would kill any Jewish collaborator with Rome or 2nd temple equivilent to our leftist quizlings today. They say desperate times require desperate measures.

    I do not want to be what Rabin and Peres and company called victims of peace nor do I want my children or grandchildren to become victims of leftist foolish peace initiatives, or American or EU, Or Quartet stupid peace initiatives, as we the simple comon unwashed masses more than not pay the ultimate price for those callus and insidious politicians who are always safe, except one of them got it! GET IT?

  6. This Bush policy is immoral: punish the good guys and reward the bad. It’s the morality stupid. On ANY level.

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