Our historic fight for survival

By Dr Uri Edelman, ISRAEL HAYOM

I was a young officer on the southern front during the Yom Kippur War. The term “Third Temple” was a nickname used by the country’s pioneers — who came to build and rebuild themselves in the State of Israel. The term was deeply ingrained in the collective national memory after then-Defense Minister Moshe Dayan’s bleak assessment of the situation at the war’s onset. At the time, instead of breathing courage and steadfastness into a nation fighting for its life, he conveyed the panic and dread that had overcome him, unnerved in his hour of weakness.

His words stabbed me like a sword, taking me back to the Nazi death camp — the landscape of my childhood. It was inconceivable, I wrote to the esteemed minister from the front lines, that the Creator had salvaged what remained of the Jewish people from the Nazi tyrant’s clutches, only to bring them to the holy land to be killed by the heir to the Jerusalem mufti. I do not know if my letter had any effect, but a short while later the minister issued a declaration that was completely antithetical to his previous one, saying (in a paraphrase of Judges 15:8) that we will “attack them ruthlessly.”

The mufti was Hitler’s faithful partner, both sharing the same idea of annihilating the Jewish people. Their vision, therefore, ultimately failed. The majority of Germans extirpated this ideology from their hearts and minds. The world is now familiar with a different Germany, remorseful and willing to pay for the sins of its leader.

The mufti’s doctrine, however, still thrives today, fed to babies with the milk of their mothers. It is taught in Muslim schools, which preach day and night that the Jews are infidels who must be the first to be wiped of the face off the earth.

They further argue that the small stretch of land on which the Jews live belongs to the Palestinians, the descendants of the Canaanites and Philistines; that the Jews have no connection the holy places or any claim to the Temple Mount; that even the Western Wall belongs to the Muslims because their Prophet Muhammad tethered his miraculous flying horse, Buraq, there. In short, a complete revision of historical truths, chock full of fabrications, delusions and deceits.

I spent four years of my life in the Nazi tyrant’s death camps. My body was subjected to every type of horror his henchmen could administer. Five times I came face to face with his false angel of death. Every minute of every day in the land of my forefathers, the mufti’s disciples make sure I continue to feel the reaper’s breath on my neck. I have to walk about like a troubled person, looking around me suspiciously; afraid that one of the mufti’s many followers may cut me down.

This is the message, for the sake of our preservation, that ever Jew must internalize. Political views and party affiliations are meaningless; that is the essential truth. One need only solemnly ponder on this to understand it to be so. With that, the Jewish people bear no grudge nor seek vengeance. Its hand is extended toward peace, life and commonality, in tolerance and acceptance of any other who shares in the desire for peaceful coexistence.

The desire of the Jewish people is to recognize the rights of all people to visit any place they wish and is revolted by declarations that doing so would contaminate any site, which Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said about Jews who visit the Temple Mount. This is the man who purports to present himself on the global stage as someone who aspires to peace. Israel has a strong but moral and ethical army — which targets and hits only those who rise to kill the Jewish people; and at the same time, spares them if they surrender.

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  1. Amen! And may all peace loving people of the world stand beside Israel, without equivocation. Baruch Ha Shem.

  2. Dr. Edelman
    You are dead wrong in everything you say. Next time you are about to write an article, read first what the Creator of the universe and Lord of The Jews ordered Joshua to do with the people of Jerico. That should be the way of the Jews: eyes on The Torah and obedience to Our Creator.
    Look at Moshe Dayan’s mess on the Temple Mount. He should destroy the mosque of omar in obedience to The Torah, instead of giving it back to the arabs.
    It is not a matter of opinion; it is a matter of obedience to The Almighty Word and Commandments. Period.

  3. Lev Azhar hits the nail on the head!Destroy the mosque of Omar in obedience to the Torah,instead of giving it back to the arabs. It is Not a matter of opinion;it is a matter o obedience to The Almighty Word and Commandments.Period!

  4. “chock full of fabrications, delusions and deceits.” That is precisely what the left (and obviously the mass media) do day in and day out ALL OVER the West! For them the enemy is and remains the JEW! That is why so many Liberal Jews are antisemites.

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