Israel – US Relations: A Mutually Beneficial Bilateral Bond

April 23, 2017 | Comments Off on Israel – US Relations: A Mutually Beneficial Bilateral Bond | 71 views

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  1. :
    I haven’t had time to watch the video, but I assume that the headline captures its sentiment.

    I’m sure that sentiment is totally wrong.

  2. @ Abolish_public_education:

    As a military officer who has worked closely with the militaries of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon [and has worked with the Palestinians on public health, economic development and infrastructure development] I was hopeful of a peaceful resolution.

    However, the reality is that only when the Arabs fully understand that there is no way that the US will abandon Israel and that Israel will not be forced into making unilateral concessions will they then consider a peaceful solution.

    Thus, the only realistic and effective United States position is to put extreme pressure on the Palestinians and at the same time recognize that if Israel, to survive, has to immediately crush any attack on its territory and/or its citizens.

    When I have negotiated with the IDF I have fully represented the interests of the United States. Unconditional support of Israel is in the military and national interests of the United States.

    I find it distressing that American Jews such as Roger Cohen, Jeffrey Goldberg, Thomas Friedman, Americans for peace now, etc. misstate the facts on the ground which are then seized upon by Israel’s enemies in the attempt to destroy Israel.

    An example is this article from the Jewish Journal Los Angeles: “Enslaved by politics” by Danielle Berrin published Apr 19, 2017.

    Berrin starts out by saying: “One thing you learn by engaging in ‘dialogue’ with Jews is what the essayist Joseph Epstein put this way: ‘Jews don’t listen. They wait.’ “

    Berrin then goes to berate members of her audience for taking issue with some of her many very misleading public statements such as that “the occupation is a fact”.

    How many Israeli Jews will be murdered because this opinionated, ill-informed, writer for the Jewish Journal provides the justification that the Palestinians use to murder Jews?

  3. :
    Your sympathy for the Israelis, and your palpable hostility towards the left-wing Jews who underestimate (deny!) Israel’s precarious situation, is very touching.

    The interests of the entity which you purport to have represented are not the interests of average Americans. They’re the interests of controlling shareholders of multi-national corporations such as Standard Oil, AIG, and Boeing.

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