Palestinian hate education and its Jewish advocates

by Itamar Marcus and Barbara Crook – PMW

Anyone who hopes for peace should be horrified by the content of the latest set of Palestinian schoolbooks. In many respects, these new books for Grade 12, written by Fatah-appointed Palestinian educators, are the worst of the textbooks produced by the Palestinian Authority since 2000. These newest books deny Israel’s right to exist, anticipate its destruction and define the conflict with Israel as religious, not merely territorial.

As is documented in the new report by Palestinian Media Watch entitled “From Nationalist Battle to Religious Conflict,” the ideological divide between Fatah and Hamas appears to be disappearing. Hamas has always defined its war with Israel as religious and existential, and now that is what all Palestinian children will learn in school:

    “Ribat for Allah is one of the actions related to jihad for Allah, and it means: Being found in areas where there is a struggle between Muslims and their enemies. The endurance of Palestine’s people on their land these days… is one of the greatest of the Ribat.” (Islamic Education, grade 12, p. 86-87)

THE PALESTINIAN conflict with Israel is a unique and eternal Ribat with a special Islamic destiny:

    “The reason for this preference [of the Palestinian Ribat] is that the momentous battles in Islamic history took place on its land.”

As to when there will be peace with Israel? Never, according to the schoolbooks:

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2 Comments / 2 Comments

  1. Even if a plan to have Westerners of every religious stripe adopt Palestinian children to save them from their parents, I am against the West spending one red cent of their capital or incurring more debt to that end.

    If there is ever going to be a will in the Muslim Middle East to get Jew, Christian, Israel, American and Western haters to abandon their hatreds and join the Western civilized world in peace and tolerance, let the Muslim Middle East carry the freight in that regard.

    So far the Muslim Middle East chooses not to abandon their precious and thus far intractable hatreds and the West is played for fools as they continue to fuel those Muslim hatreds by various national appeasement policies and financial assistance given to a number of Muslim Middle East nations. That includes the Palestinians who continue to take advantage of those appeasement policies and financial largesse to fortify their beliefs and hatreds and to arm and inspire their people to increasingly engage in their terrorist Jihad to destroy Israel.

    At some point one can only hope that the West will make the radical Muslims of the Muslim Middle East and those Palestinians so filled with hatred, rue the day they ever chose to value the death of those they hate more than valuing and cherishing their own children and the value of trying to improve their own lives and that of their own children.

  2. In most Western countries, including Canada and the USA, children are taken away from parents who are abusers and parents who won’t care for their children because they are drug addicts, alcoholics, or because they engage in aberrant physical, sexual, emotional or psychological abuse against their children and thus deprive them of the basic food, shelter and education (and life) that make up what we call human rights.

    The Palestinians have been given choices that, had they been pursued with good faith, would have meant that their children would not be brought up in an abusive, squalid system that glorifies death and sends children off to kill others and themselves in a blaze of what in their perverted view of religion has termed “glory.” This glory is taught in schools and constitutes an education system that is nothing more than systemic child abuse and psychological and physical torture.

    Given the state of the education system in the West Bank and Gaza, it would not be unreasonable (if the world really wants a peace process – which it does not), to remove the young Palestinian children from this abusive environment and finance and send them off to attaend schools in Israel; thereby re-establishing them into a humane world free from the terror and away from the sacrificial environment that has their parents and leaders routinely engaging in and teaching their children homicide, filicide, suicide and even infanticide.

    I realize that this won’t go over too well with UNRWA and others who have made a career out of providing facile excuses and avenues for Palestinians to engage in murder and suicide and, as is well documented, the UN has financed several generations of Palestinians who have falsely pinned their hopes on the death and destruction of others, but I say that it would be good thing to get those youngsters away from their sick society. Isolate, condemn and shame those who teach their children to kill and then make an attempt to restore humanity to their children.

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