UK Terror threat worst since 9/11

By Sean Rayment, Security Correspondent, Sunday Telegraph

The terrorist threat facing Britain from home-grown al-Qaeda agents is higher than at any time since the September 11 attacks in 2001, secret intelligence documents reveal.

The number of British-based Islamic terrorists plotting suicide attacks against “soft” targets in this country is far greater than the Security Services had previously believed, the government paperwork discloses. It is thought the plotters could number more than 2,000.

Under the heading “International Terrorism in the UK”, the document – seen by The Sunday Telegraph – states: “The scale of al-Qaeda’s ambitions towards attacking the UK and the number of UK extremists prepared to participate in attacks are even greater than we had previously judged.”

It warns that terrorist “attack planning” against Britain will increase in 2007, and adds: “We still believe that AQ [al-Qaeda] will continue to seek opportunities for mass casualty attacks against soft targets and key infrastructure. These attacks are likely to involve the use of suicide operatives.” CONTINUE

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  1. Very nice satire in post number one. The British public is reaping the rewards of their own stupidity and gullibility and the rewards of what the British power elite has sown. If the British public had learned to fight for their freedom from the power elite in the first place they wouldn’t have this problem now. So it’s simple social evolution at work. They made their world now they are getting blown up in it.

    Canada doesn’t have to worry so much because for now The Muslim extremists and all Islam generally do not want to disturb their number one safe haven, refuge and terrorist staging area in the Western World. Well we might get some of the nuclear or biological fallout from the USA depending on which way the wind blows. When the time comes, Canada and Canadians will be an even easier kill than Britain for the Muslims.

  2. Dr Jonathan Eyal, the director of international security at the Royal United Services Institute, said that the al-Qaeda revival was down to the West’s inability to kill or capture Osama bin Laden and that wars in Afghanistan and Iraq made matters worse.

    This is circular logic. Dr Eyal is saying the war in Afghanistan is making it more difficult to capture or kill bin laden, yet how are we to capture or kill him if our military isn’t in that country?

  3. Before the war in Iraq got underway I wrote in to our local newspaper to say that the US should have bombed Saddam’s palaces and elite forces and government infrastructure but not to waste the lives of troops on the dictator by putting them on the ground in face-to-face combat. When they made the decision to enter, I supported the plan because I thought that there was a plan…which there was not; and because Saddam was yet another evil dictator/killer who deserved what he got. It turned out to be a weak and badly (non-) planned war in which the idea of winning the hearts and minds took precedence over winning…very bad idea with Muslim enemies. The war is now into its 4th year and yet the US would not give Israel 2 more weeks to defeat Hezbollah…go figure.

    I do not have a complete understanding of the Balkans, I must admit. When that war was raging I bought into what the media was broadcasting. Israpundit is educating us as to what really happened. I am not sure that the US has strategies as comprehensive and well planned as some here suggest. The planners did not even have a plan for the reconstruction of Iraq or to win the war so why do you suppose that they are playing the Shiite – Sunni divide like advanced chess players in the Balkans?

    All I can add is that if the US is looking upon the Muslim nations as a fractured bunch rather than a unified group that is of one mind on almost everything, then that would be a mistake. Dividing Islam into good Muslims and bad Muslims does nothing to address the problem – and it will make those good Muslims (either Sunni or Shiite) become more consolidated in their growing irrationality and hate for us. They are a self-absorbed religion only concerned about what is good for Islam, and to hell with morality and to hell with mankind. Whenever I see very slight hints of this same kind of mentality in the Jewish religion or the Christian religion it makes me very angry and that is why we must all strive to not be like radical (the status quo) Islam.

  4. Gary

    While agreeing totally with you, yet I have to qualify on the issue of the Bush Blair war in Iraq…do not forget that Bush fights this war on the basis that Islam is a Religion of Peace, and that the “Coalition” has been promoting a Sharia Sistani led Iraq. That is the trap. And it must be read all the time along with the US EU support for Islam in the Balkans and to disrupt the states of Russia and China.

  5. “…can’t quite appreciate the vast pool of land and resources that Allah has blessed them with…”

    You bet. But the entire Muslim world has been gained from the backs of those they’ve plundered. It’s getting more and more difficult to plunder these days, so they’re suffering. Mind you, there’s always Western Europe…

  6. Those are not terrorists in Britain; they are good people of the Muslim persuasion exercising their right to free speech and self-determination in a free society that has let them down due to the fact that it is not yet a strict Islamic state.

    It is also the right of Muslims to show their displeasure in a state where there is an asymmetric imbalance between the police and the terrorists. This imbalance in which the terrorists do not have quite the same number of weapons as the state causes bad behavior among terrorists and so the citizens should not be surprised that the good Muslims do nothing to control or even show horror over the actions of their radical Muslims brethren. Also, the British should encourage more universities and academics to pin the blame on Israel and discriminate against Israeli academics because they are the victims of Islamic conquest and the victims of terrorism – it will satisfy the Muslim hordes to gang up on Jews so that might appease the Muslims whom the British simultaneously fear and respect.

    There is also the war in Iraq and especially the existence of Israel which upsets all Muslims who can’t seem to find fault with their own 20+ Islamic dictatorships and can’t quite appreciate the vast pool of land and recourses that Allah has blessed them with. Doesn’t everyone in this world find the existence Jewish state offensive to lovers of terror, oppression and Islamic conquest? How dare anyone but Muslims be in the Middle East!

    The answer for the Brits is to just give in. Pull troops out of the “orgy of terrorism” in Iraq, let Islamists protest in the streets and teach their young to hate everyone (especially Jews who the coward/bully killers outnumber 100:1), allow mosques to preach the real Islam of hate, give aid and succor to the Palestinians who have created a mythology of their own for a gullible world to weep over while Palestinians raise their children to kill.

    Tongue in cheek? You bet! Unfortunately many others might read the above as truth.

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