Palestinian prisoners suspend hunger strike

By Ted Belman

I haven’t posted on the hunger strike til now nor have I read anything but headlines. I didn’t realize until today that the prisoners on the hunger strike hadn’t been convicted of anything. They were being held under administrative detention without trial or charges which is legal under international law. Israel has the right to hold them for 6 months and then must get an extension of the time for another six months and so on.

America holds prisoners under administrative detention at Guantanamo Bay.

The strikers were attempting to get Israel to release them and do away with administrative detention

The strikers had been on the strike for 62 days during which time they consummed only water.

Israel in response was moving a Bill along that would mandate forced feeding. The Israeli Medical Association objected on the grounds that doctors do not force medical procedures on patients without their consent. And now the strike has ended based on many reports that a deal was struck.

But the NYT reports:

“All 75 detainees who remained on the hunger strike as of Tuesday, and who are hospitalized, agreed to suspend their protest against Israel’s practice of administrative detention, in which suspects are held without charge or trial, without securing any change in that policy, according to representatives of both sides.

This may or may not be so.

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