Palestinians are perceived as the underdog.

There is a lesson here. Israel hasbara should always present the issue as one in which there are 350 million Arabs vs 6 million Jews or 13.5 million sq km of Arab and vs 22,700 sq km of Jewish land and that’s without counting the Turks and the Iranians who are not Arabs. And not to mention the 1.3 billion Muslims the vast majority of whom are lined up against Israel. At a minimum we should add Jordan’s 77,000 sqkm to Judea and Samaria’s 6,000 to get a total of 83,000 sqkm of Palestinian Arab land vs 6,000 of Jewish land. We must present Israel as the underdog at every opportunity. Ted Belman

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  1. The Jordanian king rules over a “Palestinian” majority, but his constituency is the Bedouin minority. The king is also the legitimate ruler of Hijaz and Asir, the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia, including Mecca and Medina.

  2. I sent this post to a number of politicians and planners and attached another comment,

    This is a simple message but a profound one. I know that the odd time we mention this but our choice of words must change and be consistent and persistent.. For instance, always refer to the Palestinians as Arabs. Always mention that Jordan was part of Palestine and intended for the Jews and that 60% of the population in Jordan are Arabs no different from the ones living in Judea and Samaria.

    We must never lose an opportunity to repeat this message.”

  3. “The Palestinians, on the other hand, don’t have a pot to piss in.”

    That’s the narrative you’re supposed to swear by.

    After all, it worked for the Jews in 1947-48.

    The Palis are just copying what has been seen to be successful.

    The objective reality is, however, that it is still true of the Jews — and not, in fact, true of the Palis.

    The “Palestinians” are in fact functionally a construction of the Arab League — the PLO was created in Cairo in 1964, its first Chairman [Ahmed Shuqeiry] was hand-picked by Nasser.

    After the 6-Day War of 1967, the Arab League — having now failed multiple times to annihilate the Jewish state — lit on a plan, to reverse the appearances of things.

    Thus, from that time forward, the idea would be to deflect attention away from the Arab world’s image as “Goliath” bearing down on Israel’s little “David” — and instead, posit the image of the poor, put-upon, oppressed, “Palestinians” as the new “David”: which by default would leave to Israel only the role of big, bad, “occupying,” Bad Guy Himself. Suddenly the Arab world’s language changed: no more bloodthirsty threats to “march into a Palestine soaked in blood,” and “drive the Jews into the sea,” and “turn the Mediterranean red with Jew blood.”

    Now it was, save the “occupied “Palestinian people” from the heartless Israeli juggernaut “stealing” “their” land, and killing their women & children, whom their “fighters” use as human shields.

    “Victimhood” (or the image of it anyway) as WEAPON. Very potent in the world of electronic media.

    The Palis know they can always rely on the Arab world to press their case — and the Arab world knows it can always count on the Palis to keep the Israelis off balance, especially under the influence of the major Western powers: who are all-too-prepared to kiss Arab ass for the sake of ready Arab oil.

  4. From what I’ve heard from people returning from Israel, the Arabs don’t piss in pots. They piss on Jewish holy sites.

    Until the Jews are strong enough to protect their own holy sites, and make the Arabs among them piss into pots, I would say the Jews are the underdog — and very, very weak.

  5. Israel as the “underdog” is over. No Arab country has nukes, Israel’s military is one of the most sophisticated and destructive in the world, and it’s a prosperous country. The Palestinians, on the other hand, don’t have a pot to piss in. The great majority of Christians, Buddhists, etc. hold religiously to this “dogma” as do the 11 or so atheists living in White Plains, N.Y.

  6. I haven’t seen any evidence to separate atheism from anti-Jewism and anti-Zionism. The belief of the “overdog” status of the “world-controlling Jews” over the mythical race of “Palestinians” is a religious belief, held dogmatically by atheists. Any thinking person with a minimal knowledge of history and geography ought to see this thinking as nonesense; yet I have seen distinguished professors of the natural scientists holding such views. That is the essense of dogma: It ignores reality.