Palin “has has star power to burn, savvy to spare, is as tough as a hickory knot,”

John Nolte at Big Hollywood:

    “The former Governor of Alaska has star power to burn, savvy to spare, is as tough as a hickory knot, and yet while were told again and again by The Sophisticated Class that she’s dumb as a post, somehow she also happens to be right about almost everything… I’ve never seen anyone put through such a cruel, mean-spirited, public meat grinder where their family, womb, faith, gender, dialect, looks and culture are all fair game for the worst kinds of smears. And because she has survived this unprecedented evil with such grace and dignity – Sarah Palin is my hero. And of course I want her to be president… But it’s just a fact that the price of a President Sarah Palin is a hole in the crucial pop culture war that only she can fill..”


I liked this quote so I posted it.

Greta interviewed Sarah last night after Obama’s speech. Palin ridiculed Obama’s unwillingness to call it a war and she called it a skirmish, Later on in the interview, she called it a “squirmish”.

The blogosphere went wild pointing out her butchery of the English language. Unfortunately for them there is such a word and it fits perfectly. Look it up.

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  1. “One of the reasons that I support Palin is because the MSM and the GOP elite keep dumping on her in an unfair way. “

    They dump on her because she scares the pee-pee out of them (both).

    Of course, the dumping just keeps her front-&-center all the more prominently.

    And she handles it astonishingly well.

    Didn’t see the Susteren interview, so I don’t know whether “squirmish” was a gaffe or a comment.

    But whether or not it already was actually a word, there’s no ignoring the fact that the application to His Wonderfulness’ dancing around the Libyan adventure is nothing short of exquisite.

    And on the money.

    If the bozo blogo’s couldn’t see that, that tells you more about them than about her.

  2. One of the reasons that I support Palin is because the MSM and the GOP elite keep dumping on her in an unfair way.

    That aside, she may not be the best person for the job. I just listened to Pawlenty and was impressed. He is very articulate and said the right things. Rubio is even better. Nothing wrong with Bachmann and so on.

  3. If we’re going to have a “Pop Culture” President, I guess Sarah is the best choice. I am not overly enthusiastic about the prospect. Except for Ron Paul, who appears sensibly isolationist on these matters, all the candidates I’ve looked into so far favor the US taking a dominant, micromanaging role in world affairs. Given this fact, it is noteworthy that the “Right Wing” candidates, who react with horror at any mention of the US merging with the UN, appear fully committed to our continued leadership of the NATO alliance; and NATO is, effectively, the military arm of the UN. Sarah may be a lover of Israel; but a UN-embodied world system, enforced by NATO and led by the US, is ultimately Israel’s most dangerous enemy; and Sarah, if President, will find herself in the “squirmy” position of leading that system.

    Up until the outbreak of World War I, the world seemed to be safely snuggled in the arms of a Victorian “Pax Brittanica”. The leaders of the world’s great powers Britain, Russia and Germany were all cousins of each other and descendants of the great Empress. Yet a horrible war ensued, with cousin fighting against cousin. It is said that blood is thicker than water; but I will note that political self-interest is thicker even than blood. It’s hard for me to imagine Sarah Palin as the Antichrist, leading the forces of the world into Zechariah 14; but I can easily see her conducting a foreign policy that will pave the way for her successor to do so.

    That said, none of the other front-runners would do any better; and some would do considerably worse. So let’s hear a cheer for pop culture — but not too loud of one — and prepare for war.