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  1. Condell always hits the nail on the head
    however, I beleive the euro elite and gov is not naive but instead making billions from the refugee flood. there needs to be investigation into the connection of church charitiees, NGO’s and the politicians who are making these dangerous decisions. Catholic and lutheran charities make billions while the pope tells euros to welcome the muslims. Who is making what money and to whom do they contribute? Somehow I thing the answer lies in the money and that what appears to be naivete is criminal treason and murder … and that leaders need to be dragged once more to the guillotine.

  2. Lets see if this comment is now waylaid into some special unit checking comments and either filtering the comment out or later allowed through the Ted’s Blog.

    Pat Condell is terrific once again. The Islamic flood of bestial criminals has stained every corner of the civilized world. And that is the way to address that garbage.
    Giving such ghastly monsters a state is far worse than suicidal.

  3. the more that muslims rape europe the more they might understand what the jews face and what the euros are trying to force onto the Jews. Experince is the best teacher and no one can say that the slaughtering euros, who stalked the Jews home and pay the muslims to do their dirty work,… no one can say that europe does not deserve it. As long as they stalk the Jews they deserve to be cannibalized by the muslims.

  4. Worst trade since Boston Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for $100,000 to finance a play. Anti Semitic Europe gets rid of 6 million Jews and welcomes 20 million Muslims. And they say G-d doesn’t have a sense of irony and humor. Zero compassion.

  5. xxx


    Sorry to bother you but how do I send this Condell tape to another. Neither email works. The normal never worked, And I’d send through Gail, but now all the Gmail link does is to open my gmail account, with no connection to the video-article.

    And why are my posts always waiting moderation, although already posted.

  6. @ Edgar G.:
    I can’t explain it. Strange things are happening. Some comments are being delayed only for a few minutes before they appear. Some comments are ending up in Trash instead of moderation .

  7. If the U.S. was conquered by various nations over a thousand years plus and than some outside forces helped Americans defeat the occupiers and regain its sovereignty and set up the American U.S. government again, would you consider the Americans as occupiers.
    I will take it a step further. Many Americans who were displaced by the occupying forces in America were forced out of their homes and returned to the U.S., would you consider them occupiers or people returning to their homes.
    If Mexico which had numerous wars and battles with the U.S. decided to fire thousands of rockets against the U.S., would you tolerate it or you would demand your country respond with extreme force at all costs, no holds barred and stop this rockets and terror attacks against Americans and women and children.
    YJ Draiman

    The tongue has no bones, but is strong enough to break a heart. So be careful with your words.”

    In all the Arab/Muslim countries there are maybe 500 Jews left with the exception of Morocco. But Israel has over one and one quarter of a million Arabs who live there in peace with all the benefits all Israelis receive. The Arabs have a Supreme court Justice in Israel and many Arab members of the Israeli Parliament, there are also Arab mayors and Arab Political parties. Can you show me any of this type of treatment of Jews in the Arab/Muslim countries? The Arabs/Muslims controlled and occupied Spain for over 700 years, how come they do not demand Spain as Arab/Muslim territories.
    The U.S. is fairly a new country in the past 250 years. All that occurred after Americans killed the American Indians who are the indigenous people of the Americas. The Americans fought numerous wars against Mexico and its occupiers and now claim Texas, California, etc. as their country. The same applies to numerous European countries and other countries throughout the world that have taken territories from other nations and now claim it as theirs. The Jews have a history with The Land of Israel going back over 3,000 years, two Jewish Temples with continuous habitation.

    YJ Draiman

  8. @ riverfred123:
    Clicking upper right allows share only through facebook etc, none of which I would ever use. But I persevered with the G+ and lo and behold, pressed a few keys here and there, don’t ask me which, as I don’t know, but somehow it eventually came up that all I had to do was to detail the address of the intended recipient.

    So it worked…..somehow…??? Thank you .

  9. @ Ted Belman:
    You may read this and not post it. It is for you only in reality.
    I doubt very much that you will find out. Unless it is by one or more of the many new comment writers to your blog. “A”, PhD Computer Science and PhD Math. could help you to in some fashion protect the Blog and friends.
    We managed to backtrack the re routing and blocking of specific emails of our group and the rerouting was sanctioned not aleatory. We could care less about any of the official foul arms reading what we consistently address. They can read, copy and shove what they steal up their… sleeves.

  10. @ YJ Draiman:
    You got your answer at the UN SC! Nobody cares. Israel has to do what she has to do. And with a pro-IL president in the WH, things will be easier to do. This is very likely the year to go into action. Nobody will dare attacking Israel. Trump is wide shoulders! Time to destroy Palestinian terrorism. They are the one who started at the Munich olympic games. This is the year to destroy the bi-cephalic (Iran/Saudi Arabia) Islamofascism. If not this coming year then when?

  11. Awesome. Refreshing. Tells it like it is. Also, he gives the lie to the idea put forward by some that Europe is inviting them in because of a low birth rate and a growing older population. Automation makes that irrelevant, as you can continually produce more with less, and these savages are unemployable and living off the dole, for the most part.

  12. Muslim Sharia-adherents are directed by their prophet and holy book to oppress Jews, Christians and all non-Muslims for the sake of Allah. Everywhere they attain power they create misery and everywhere they have yet to attain power they stir up hatred and instability, all started by a sadistic psychopath whose revelations from Allah (many of which were self-serving) were brought about from his seizures/hallucinations.
    Suggested reading- “It’s All About Muhammad” by F. W. Burleigh.

  13. @ riverfred123:
    Amazingly or rather disappointingly NO ONE in the US mass media INCLUDING FNC is honest enough to state that the majority of US Muslims are not good American citizens! According to Pew RF 2014, more than 50% of US Muslims want the Sharia to replace the US constitution!!! I suspect that 51% is a significant underestimation of the truth!!! Remember taqiyya.

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