Pat Condell about the UN and Israel

January 22, 2017 | 11 Comments » | 52 views

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  1. We shall see if Trump cuts the US membership fees by equivalent of the budgets for : the two Palestine Committees; UNWRA costs and the UN establishment in former British Palestine and the UN troops on Israel’s borders none of which do anything to earn their bread. Time forth High Commissioner’s palace to revert to Israel.

  2. Pat Condel represents the antithesis of today’s liberal establishment who incessantly hide or distort truth under their self imposed guise of “political correctness.” In short, “he tells it like it is.” I have watched his videos over the years and seen his knowledge of the world scene, specifically of the Israel-Arab conflict and of Islam in general, improve and mature. Not only does he give a fearless and cogent analysis, but he knows what he is talking about. Too bad the likes of NBC, BBC, or PBS would never even consider his opinions worthy of any air time.

  3. The U.N. a useless organization – Non-binding
    In a Democratic legal system if you have decision that you think is erroneous or unjust you can appeal that decision and many times it is reversed.
    U.N. opinions and or resolutions are biased, unjust, arbitrary and capricious (the same apply to the ICJ – International Court of Justice).
    The U.N. has issued numerous opinions and resolutions that are biased, unsubstantiated and contrary to historical and factual evidence. This U.N. collusion with corrupt and biased countries and the issuance of egregious opinions and resolution has eroded the credibility of the U.N. beyond repair.
    This has raised the ire and an outcry by many nations, politicians and institutions to de-fund the U.N. and dismantle it.
    It is well known that the U.N. and the ICJ can only offer and issue a non-binding advisory recommended opinions and resolutions which carry no legal standing or affect. They can only issue a non-binding recommendation and resolution and if it is accepted by all parties, then their recommended opinion and resolution is applicable. Otherwise it has no meaning, validity, and no legal standing.
    Therefore, my suggestion is stop panicking and aggrandizing these biased criminal organizations. Their recommended opinion has no meaningful value.
    By reacting to and citing the recommendations of this criminal organization as having any validity, you are misleading the public that the recommended opinions by these criminal organizations might have some validity.
    It is time to expose the fraud and deception by these unethical, corrupt and unjust organizations and dismantle them completely.
    It will also save a substantial amount of money and resources that could be put to a better use.
    YJ Draiman

    P.S. The League of Nations was replaced by the United Nations, since the league did not accomplish its purpose. The U.N. has not accomplished its purpose for what it was created to perform ethically and honestly.
    In today’s society the Nations of the world can function without an organization such as the U.N.
    If the Nations of the world desire to establish a new International Peace organization, it must put some very specific Charter, with a caveat, that if it is not performing unbiased, ethically, honestly and justly, with respect to each member country, it will be dismantled.
    A citizens committee might be set to monitor its functions to perform ethically, justly and unbiased, un-falsified, verified and substantiated factual unbiased opinions.
    YJ Draiman

  4. @ dreuveni:
    That is a great idea. I have actually thought of it, in the past. It’s not as good as dismantling the damn thing, but it’s right up there. Not another penny to the UN until Israel is made a permanent member of the Security Council. Perfect. (Warning: Joke in exceedingly bad taste alert) Solves everything except not only UN troops committing atrocities in Africa, but, even worse, U.N. diplomats not having to pay parking tickets in NY!

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