Patrick Byrne: Is Extortionist Jack Smith Being Extorted to Pursue Trump?

It started off as a typical DeepCapture intrigue, this one set in Europe, with whistleblowers whispering in the backs of airport hotel bars, stakeouts in obscure Swiss hamlets, and back-alley brush-passes in Eastern Europe capitals. It ended with proof that is a liver-punch to Garland’s politicized Department of Justice and its Southern District of New York offices.

The superb 151-page whistleblower complaint (attached) speaks for itself. Three allegations to take from it:

  1. Jack Smith is the current Special Counsel prosecuting Donald Trump on two grounds, one related to J6 (for which I take full responsibility) and the other related to the “crime” of being an ex-President with an active Department of Energy clearance possessing classified materials. Before pursuing such novel legal theories as are expressed in those indictments, Jack Smith was the US prosecutor in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, where Jack Smith was a blackmailer.
    • Jack was sending henchmen to Eastern European to convey the following message to various parties (both innocent and perhaps not-so-innocent): We know that during the Yugoslavian Civil War you murdered some people, Jack is going to indict you but if you will put $X in a suitcase for me to carry back to Jack your problems go away.
    • $X = from $400,000 to $9 million (bribes of $7 million and $9 million were paid through Bitcoin, not suitcases).
    • Jack sought a $100 million bribe from a head of state who refused payment and is now in prison.
    • We learned of these allegations because of a passel of European whistleblowers who not only shared the stories, they wrote superbly detailed affidavits, provided texts and financial records, etc. Read the 151 pages with exhibits yourselves. From where I sit, Jack looks shtuped.
  2. In April 2022 (18 months ago) this information with supporting documentation was provided by these whistleblowers to the offices of the DOJ in the Southern District of New York (SDNY) in lengthy phone calls.
    • SDNY arranged for these European whistleblowers to have a follow-on meeting with someone named Alan Tieger, someone whom they understood to be a high-level Internal Affairs officer. Alan Tieger had a phone call with some of these European whistleblowers from inside the SDNY offices in April, 2022.
    • Alan Tieger spent the first few minutes of the call trying to get the whistleblowers to recant, and when they refused, reluctantly walked through their allegations and evidence. We know this not only from the whistleblowers affidavits, but in addition, because they recorded the 90-minute Zoom call (which is dynamite to hear, and which, of course, we have).
    • The SDNY then buried the matter. That is likely explained by the fact that Alan Tieger turns out not to be from DOJ Internal Affairs, but a man who spent his career carrying Jack Smith’s luggage around the DOJ (and he has since replaced Jack as the American prosecutor at the ICC). So while the whistleblowers thought they were blowing the whistle on Jack Smith, they were tricked into doing so to Jack Smith’s own DOJ-butt-boy.
  3. I infer:
    • Attorney General Merick Garland learned about this material 18 months ago, and he (or Lisa Monaco, the Littlefinger of Garland’s DOJ) summoned Jack Smith back to Washington, DC to tell him something along the following lines: Listen you SOB, we know that you have been blackmailing people over in Europe and we are going to put you away for 30 years…. or you are going to come home and bring a prosecution against Donald J. Trump. We don’t care how far-fetched the legal theories, you are going to indict him and hound him to thwart his return to office.
    • This explains why Jack Smith has brought indictments against a man with an active DoE clearance for possessing classified materials, and also for whatever he did on J6 that no one can really explain.

NB: A word of caution to any in DOJ DC or SDNY prosecutors considering retaliating against me for making this information public: retaliating against a federal whistleblower is a felony with provision for 15 years in prison for each occurrence. I am sure you good folks are getting enormous pressure from DC to retaliate against me. But if you step aside, I will make sure no harm befalls you when these traitorous punks get lit. Think it through.


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  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if ten percent found it’s way to ‘the big guy’. The DNC is thoroughly world wide corrupt.