Trump CRUSHES Biden as Dems Face 2024 DISASTER!


Mark Fisher, the founder of the Black Lives Matter chapter in Rhode Island and chairman of BLM in Maryland has now publicly endorsed President Trump all as the Democrats face a 2024 DISASTER!

– Reports suggest that the Biden campaign is conceding the key swing state of Georgia, with Trump leading by 6 points in the latest Siena poll.

– Trump’s endorsement by BLM co-founder Mark Fisher reflects a shift in the Democrat coalition, with a surge in black voter support for Trump.

– Even former Bernie supporters and Hollywood actors are expressing readiness to vote for Trump, highlighting the Democrats’ challenges ahead of the 2024 election.

We are already getting reports that the Biden campaign has conceded the key swing state of Georgia. The New York Times is reporting that the Biden campaign has basically given up this crucial state. The Times is reporting that all signs suggest that the Biden campaign has already conceded that Trump is going to win Georgia in a blowout. According to the latest Siena poll, Trump is beating Biden in Georgia by 6 points!

The final polling before November of 2020 had Trump and Biden tied. They were neck-and-neck, and Biden pulled it off with 10,000 votes! Trump is beating him by 6. The Biden campaign looks like they are already writing the state off! The Times is reporting that the campaign has largely stopped spending money in Georgia. This followed voter mobilization organizers’ discovery that voters were apathetic towards Biden.

Trump gave a shout out to Mark Fisher, the BLM co-founder, who he spoke with personally and thanked for his endorsement. Trump is actually getting some pushback on this, particularly among DeSantis’ people who are claiming that Trump just got hoodwinked into praising BLM. However, Mark Fisher’s endorsement is indicative of the fact that the Democrat coalition is unraveling. We are seeing a massive surge in the black vote for Trump. Even Chris Cuomo said that he is considering backing Trump.

There is no way around the truth: nobody was trying to kill us when Trump was president in a way that they’re doing now. Cuomo is echoing an admission that more of the legacy media are recognizing. Trump’s foreign policy was an astounding success, which is particularly evident in the fact that he is the only president since Jimmy Carter that did not get American involved in a new war. Even Cuomo’s old employer, CNN, is admitting that world leaders don’t take Biden seriously. He is being snubbed all over the world.

Joe Rogan, who was a Bernie supporter, is saying it. Even the far-left actor Michael Rappaport, who used to viscerally hate Trump is saying he is considering voting for Trump too.

It is shocking that we are 11 months out from the 2024 election, and BLM leaders, former CNN anchors, former Bernie supporters, and never-Trump Hollywood actors would all be collectively saying that they are ready to vote Trump. It is getting even worse for Biden and the Democrats! It’s not just the non-white vote that is increasingly abandoning them.

Young voters are abandoning Biden in droves. This is a constituency that Biden won with 65% of the vote in 2020. Biden’s approval rating is in the 30s. Among Independents. The latest data from Minnesota, one of the most reliable Democrat states when it comes to presidential elections, includes polling that Trump is beating Biden in Minnesota. We are seeing many double-digit swings towards Trump even in the bluest states.

The analysis of Real Clear Politics concludes that when we look at all the polling data, Trump crushes Biden. Trump wins with over 300 electoral votes, far beyond the margin of fraud. If the election were held today, the Democrats would get crushed and Trump would easily win a second term. With all these far leftists astonishingly saying they may support Trump because Biden is such an irreparable train wreck, things will most likely only get worse for Biden and the Democrats!

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13 Comments / 13 Comments

  1. Biden will not be the nominee. Assuming he doesn’t die or resign beforehand he the wins the primaries and then says he isn’t running. At the Democrat Convention in Chicago Biden gives his primary votes to the person the convention picks. This is assuming the Democrats are smart, because they are telling you they don’t want Crooked Joe or Crooked Hilary.

    As the Convention is in Chicago in the Summer it will be fun to watch the Marxist/Racist crazy, moron of a mayor suddenly love the police for one week.

  2. Many thanks for your prayers and good wishes, Michael S. Would it be too much of an imposition to ask your wife to think of me and she lights the remaining Hanuakah candles. In any case, Happy Hanukah. Let’s hope that this years Hanukah will mark the return of joy for all Israel.

  3. Adam,

    I pray that you live to see good things; and in the end find peace with the One who made us.

    Whether or not we get to see how Donald Trump fares, God has certainly blessed us with exciting times, hasn’t He? My wife just lit the second candle. Happy Hanukkah! 🙂

  4. Dems facing 2024 disaster? Seriously? It does not matter what the polls say. What matters is how the election is conducted. More likely than a 2020 election replay will be worse vote manipulation and fraud because no leaders stood up to the situation.

  5. I hope Turley is right. I am suffering from several terminal illnesses. so I don’t expect to llive to November 2024 or much the less January 2025. But even a sick old man can hope.

  6. It will all come down to the swing states. Part of this will be decided by what the economy is like near election time in 2024.

  7. @Michael. Every assertion is substantiated with a link except the Mark Fisher endorsement but I googled it and its true.

  8. When I saw ALL CAPS “CRUSHES” in the title, I couldn’t resist the urge to peek, to see if this wasn’t yet more hyperbole by Steve Turley.

    It is (sigh). 😐

  9. I will read this article as time permits today. Frankly the only way Democrats (and Republicans) stop Trump at this point is to disqualify him via technicality based upon some sort of conviction on Trumped up charges. No pun intended.