Pentagon official calls Israel transfer into CENTCOM a “brilliant decision”

July 8, 2023 | 1 Comment »

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  1. CENTCOM is B-a-a-d for Israel. It ties us to work closely to US interests even if sometimes contrary to our domestic policies. After the current coup by Obama-Biden in stealing the US Presidential elections (and many others sine 2016, we cannot trust the US to recognize the red lines we must uphold even if the US disagrees (as it surely will) and goes its own way in military operations. That’s the rub in joining the “Club”. The threats to our existence are not a game and the so-called “friendship” is simply, at best, the result of mutual interests. Whoever agreed to this is very shrewd and it does not come from the heart. How can it? Never from a criminal family who plays as a front for the Deep State government. Time is running out. Iran may already be set to go nuclear. Wake up! Priority must be given to our own defense and our freedom to do whatever is necessary to defend the Jewish nation and our people worldwide.