PIPES: No to Bombing Syria

T. Belman. Both sides are committing war crimes. So to act against one side and for its moral depravity and not the other is hypocritical. On the other hand, attacking one side or the other for strategic reasons is acceptable. Til now the US stayed out of the war preferring to stand by as both sides knock themselves out. Except that many problems ensued for the west and Russia Iran and Hezbollah have become stronger.

The US must now decide who should win the war. I believe that it is not in the interests of America or Israel that Russia and Iran should solidify their hold on all of Syria. It is more imperative now that Trump should talk with Putin, not less, to win his support for the ouster of Assad, Hezballah and Iran from Syria. To win his support for this Crimea should be ceded to Russia and agreement found for the Ukraine so sanctions can be lifted.

If this missile attack succeeds in acheiving such a result, it was worth it.

By Daniel Pipes, ME FORUM

The Obama Administration rightly stayed out of Syria through six painful, grisly years of civil war there. Yes, the fighting has cost hundreds of thousands of lives and displaced millions. Yes, the uncontrolled migration of Syrians to Europe caused deep problems there. Yes, the Kurds are sympathetic. Yes, Barack Obama made a fool of himself when he declared the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons a “red line” and proceeded not to enforce it.

Despite all this, it was right not to intervene because Iranian- and Russian-backed Shi’ite pro-government jihadis are best kept busy fighting Saudi-, Qatar-, and Turkish-backed anti-government Sunni jihadis; because Kurds, however appealing, are not contenders for control of the whole of Syria; and because Americans have no stomach for another Middle Eastern war.

The direct American involvement that a few hours ago with nearly 60 cruise missiles in an hour attacking Shayrat Air Base implies siding with one side against the other, even though both of them are hideously repugnant. (While the regime has done the great preponderance of the killing, estimated at 94 percent, that’s due only to its greater destructive power, not the humanitarianism of ISIS and its other enemies.)

I see this military action as an error. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution requires that American forces fight in every war around the world; this one should be sat out, letting enemies of the United States fight each other to exhaustion.

The immense resources of the United States should be dedicated, rather, to two goals: reduce human suffering with blankets and soup and prevent the stronger side (now the regime) from winning through the provision of intelligence and arms to the weaker side(the Sunni rebels).

Trump should immediately cease all direct attacks on the Syrian regime and instead help its enemies to fight it more effectively. (April 6, 2017)


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  1. America has a Third World infrastructure and is wasting millions…and billions….to protect the world from itself?
    if so, America will be a dump when Trump leaves office, too.

  2. @ Paddy:

    We’ve tried the isolationist approach time and time again. History shows we have two choices. We can send trained soldiers to fight over there or have our defenseless civilians and off-duty soldiers attacked over here. The same lesson applies to Israel.

  3. I was expecting a much better analysis of the situation from a
    pundit as smart as Pipes.Superficial and disappointing.

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