PM Trudeau, Smears all Canadians with Islamophobia Lie to Create a Sharia State

By Leslie Stoffel –

“In politics stupidity is not a handicap.” Napoleon Bonaparte

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” Plato

The Prime Minister of Canada will be holding a vote on February 16, 2017, Motion M103, that if passed, will enact Islamic Blasphemy Laws in Canada creating a defacto Sharia compliant state on the Northern border of the United States.

In order to push this vote forward, Trudeau has diabolically employed psychological warfare tactics created by the Muslim Brotherhood, and has smeared the entire Canadian population with the lie that they are Islamophobic.

Not only is this false, but it is cruel and unusual emotional and mental abuse that could very well be a human rights issue in itself.

To give the motion further gravitas, Trudeau has deployed a Muslim woman Member of Parliament from Ontario, Iqra Khalid, to put the Islamic Blasphemy/Islamophobia Law forward.

Canadian, Stefanie MacWilliams, writes in her Planet Free Will article entitled “Former President Of Student Association Which Handed Out Books Condoning Wife Beating Now Pushing Anti-Islamophobia Law” about Iqra Khalid:

“In 2014, the Muslim Student’s Association of York University handed out a book condoning wife beating. A former President of the same student organization is now pushing a bill to make Islamophobia illegal in Canada.

Iqra Khalid was born in Pakistan and moved to Canada in the 1990’s. She is a Liberal Member of Parliament, a Muslim, and a former President of York University’s MSA.

Interestingly enough, despite noting her work as President of a Pakistani student club, her official Liberal Party website makes no mention of her work as President of the York University Muslim Student’s Association.”

With this parliamentary motion, the Prime Minister and his minion, Khalid, hope to wipe this imaginary phobia out by silencing Canadians who have common sense and are concerned about Jihad, both violent and cultural as well as Sharia Law usurping Canadian Laws.

If Canadians are not able to speak out about the issues resulting from Islamic Law and jihad they will be put in grave danger. It will also bring danger to Americans as there are many places on the border where it is possible to simply walk across without a border crossing.

President Donald Trump has the Islamic Global Jihad in his crosshairs and for good reason. We can all see what the unhindered importation of Islam into Europe is doing. Trump seeks to protect his citizens from this and preserve western civilization as a whole.

In his arrogance, Trudeau announced he would welcome all “refugees” who are included in President Trump’s travel pause from seven failed nation states, as the US vetting process goes under some changes. Trudeau’s thwarting of Trump’s plan bodes ill for their upcoming meeting & this creation of Canada into an Islamic State won’t help either.

Coincidentally, the day after Trudeau announced his desire to welcome the supposed rejected “refugees”entering the US, a tragic shooting took place at a Mosque in Quebec where 6 Muslims were killed by a young Canadian man. At first it was reported that there were two suspects, a Muslim and a Canadian. The worshippers heard one of them scream, Allah Akbar. The Muslim suspect was held for 15 hours and then released as only a witness.

The story was then framed around the one young Canadian man who was built up to be an “Islamophobic” white supremacist, Trump supporter with flimsy “evidence” for this taken from his Facebook page. Trudeau’s office interfered and demanded Fox News remove a tweet that named the Muslim suspect that Fox had reported from Canadian media and all other news outlets had also reported. It isn’t clear if we’ll ever get the full and true story on this.

Not surprisingly, this incident has been used by the Prime Minister and the propaganda media arm of his party, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, to fuel the hysteria that all Canadians are Islamophobic and therefore a Law banning Islamophobia is absolutely necessary.

Trudeau’s short sighted desire to please his Islamic handlers could put Canadian trade, travel and our special relationship in jeopardy. To keep his country safe from Trudeau’s Sharia state, President Trump could very well decide to close the border, build a wall among a myriad of other scenarios.

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Since we lost our great Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a huge
    supporter of Israel – Israel named a bird sanctuary in his honour,
    when Bibi visited, he was received with a huge display even
    a 21 gun salute – we now have a Muslim sympathizer an Obama
    clone. Who cares what he of his minions say. Further, I have a question
    for everyone: Name the people who have the most right to their
    country anywhere in the world. Canada? No: ask the First Nations
    People. The US, no, ask the Indians, etc…etc…The answer is:
    The Jewish People on their Land: Eretz Israel, that’s who.
    I always say:,Read the Bible…

  2. M. Cohen Said:

    Since we lost our great Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a huge
    supporter of Israel

    I always thought Canadians were a responsible people, but to lose a PM bespeaks of extreme carelessness.

  3. @ honeybee:
    Yes Honeybee, Mr Harper is a season Economist. We had him for 8
    glorious years. As a Conservative myself, he run the country efficiently
    and kept up whole during the las economic collapse of 2008.
    Unfortunately, Canada is no longer what it once was.

  4. xxx
    Napoleon is known for many often repeated quotes… Although Karl Marx is credited with this famous quote in 1843, it was many years earlier when Buonaparte first uttered the aphorism…”Religion is the opium of the masses, otherwise they would drag out all the priests and hang them from the nearest tree”.

    This, according to Barry O’Meara who was Napoleon’s doctor on St. Helena until he ran afoul of the governor/gaoler General Sir Hudson Lowe and was sent home..

    As a sidenote, it’s very interesting to read the history of his time on the Island, and the relationship between him and the Balcombe family, particularly the younger daughter Betsy, who used to call Napoleon, “Boney”. It was regarded as a love affair…….. She stayed in close touch with the Bonaparte family her whole life, much of which was spent in Australia,

    The Balcombe family also ran afoul of Lowe and was sent away. Betsy’s grand niece was Mabel Brookes who married the famous Wimbledon Champion Norman Brookes, about whom I have read much. He was playing Davis Cup Tennis until well in his mid 40s.., and at 37 was one of the oldest men to have won (his 2nd) Wimbledon at the time.

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