President should represent entire nation

Ron Breiman, Professors for a Strong Israel, wrote an article “A half President” in which he takes Peres to task for past and present failures.

Professors for a Strong Israel also put out a press release

Can a Peres change his skin, or a schemer his spots?

It didn’t take long for Peres to prove how unsuitable he is for the presidency of the state. Even as he was sworn in to a position that is supposed to unify the nation, he started out on the left foot as president of the Left. He promised to be a political president, one who works to further the extreme leftist policy of ethnic cleansing, expelling Jews from their homes in the heart of their country. Professors for a Strong Israel calls on the citizens to free themselves of the images of the coronation festival staged by the mobilized media, and to start demanding
the resignation of the nation’s greatest divisive menace.

July 16, 2007 | 2 Comments »

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