Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses UN General Assembly

September 22, 2023 | 11 Comments »

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  1. Once again Bibi made a great speech at the UN. He was diplomatic vis a vis Biden who has been disgustingly disrespectful of Bibi. It shows me the difference between a creepy thug and a real man.

    Bibi did make a slip re: needing a credible nuclear threat against Iran. But so many times he has said what was needed was a credible military threat against Iran to prevent them from becoming a nuclear power.

    I thought what he did was basically box in Biden and the globalists. “You want a peace deal with Saudi Arabia and Israel? Well the Palestinians don’t get a veto, their antisemitism has to stop, and Iran cannot get a nuclear weapon, and their hatred of Israel has to stop. Deliver those and you’ve got a deal.” And he was speaking from a position of power because MBS is basically on Israel’s side against Iran, and MBS doesn’t want the Palestinians to dictate to HIM what his country can do.

    I sincerely doubt that the Biden junta can deliver. The Biden junta has been consistently for empowering Iran and the Palestinians and disempowering of Israel. Just as Bibi was mistreated by the Biden junta, so was MBS mistreated by the Biden junta. This is another thing they both have in common.

    The Biden junta has failed so far in every foreign policy and military campaign, and they have failed in every domestic policy they have tried.

    They have turned the US into a dystopia.

    Has anyone seen the movie Idiocracy? That’s what the Biden junta reminds me of.

    May God have mercy on us.

  2. @Bear I did answer you. I said, “da,” which means, “yes” in Russian. Whattsamatter, ya don’t speak Russian? if you push me but he doesn’t represent me, he represents his people. I’m an American and a Jew so that means America and Israel. Among the Republicans I like Huckabee the best. I’ve often explained this and why. But he isn’t an option and democracy itself is on line here, no double entendre intended, so I support Trump. I do think Russia doesn’t have to be an enemy. There is no natural conflict of interest.

    I don’t think the early judicial reform proposal mandated seperate swimming but merely allowed it at certain times. As things stand, the Haredi are excluded from many activities.

    I am not religious, as you know, even by upbringing, and I swim at combined swimming pools every day. Never seen any other kind, or even thought about it before, but

    I do believe mixed bicycling on the street should be banned.

    Or, any bicycling at all for that matter.

    I used to bicycle everywhere but I now have bad knees and back and I think it is the height of social injustice and moral outrage for anyone to be able to have fun when I can’t anymore.

    It’s unconscionable, which is to say it shocks the conscience of the court or in other words, it’s unreasonable.

  3. @Seb, I am not a huge fan of Zelensky’s demands and arrogance towards Israel in particular. He goes overboard. I recongize him as the brave leader of Ukraine who led them to not fall apart and fight the Russians.

    I support Bibi and Trump as people who have some very admirable traits and have done some very good things for their countries. Trump also was the best POTUS for Israel ever!!

    In the USA where Trump appears to be on a fast train to the nomination of the GOP. He is not my favorite among the GOP but surely is way way way better than Biden or any of the Democrats.

    Bibi I support now but I do critique him as he makes some serious mistakes. Example our response to the terrorism on going is not good enough nor even close. I would like in the future for Nir Barkat to replace him as the Likud leader.

    I did not dodge your question but answered it thoroughly.

    Now back to my question which you keep dodging. Putin is someone you support?

  4. Ted, much of what you say about the people opposing Judicial Reform is true. However, that said I know many right wingers who got very turned off by the initial package of reforms proposed and got down right fearful. This Included Jews that are right wing, religious but modern. They are against coercive religion. They want a free livable state for all that is not run by Halacha. Jewish yes but not a theocracy.

    They were fearful that religion could become coercive even if they were religious. Example one of the first bills when the new government was formed would have required divided men and women’s areas for a public beach.
    This had an immediate loud backlash and so it was pulled.

    However, now in Samaria in a public swimming area again there is a proposal to divide men and women.

    The new light rail is not running in Tel Aviv a mostly secular city on Shabbat.

    People are scared that this government if it has no oversight from the Supreme Court will take many freedoms away and turn Israel into the Jewish version of Iran.

    That is why the solution is not just judicial reform but a complete separation of powers, bill of rights, incorporation of the Basic Laws (including Nation State Law) and Declaration of Independence into a long over due Constitution.

    It is best for Israel if not one side win this debate but a true comprehensive compromise take place in the shape of a constitution.

  5. @Bear da and you support Bibi, Trump and Zelinsky?

    (A caveat, I saw Zelinsky in “Servant of the People” in the original Russian with English subtitles on Netflix and loved it. As xenophobic, war-mongering front man for neo-Nazis and dictator, I’m not so crazy about him. I’m reinded of “Moon over Parador with Richard Dreyfus, Sonja Braga and Raoul Julia.)

  6. @Seb, seriously you equate Putin as someone you look up to at the same
    level as Bibi and Trump. You support Trump, Bibi and Putin?

    Kindly correct me if I am wrong. I take from you analogy that Putin is someone of a high standing? There are far more people than Globalists that despise and detest Putin. It is a very very long list including many many Russians, Europeans, Americans (of many political persuasions).

    It appears but I do not know for sure that communists, former communists and Russian Nationalists support Putin and his actions.

  7. The entire anti Judicial Reform movement stated as an “anyone but Bibi” movement.. The anti-Bibi movement was and is anti-democratic in that it targets an individual and smears him and even indicts him on four counts rather than fights him on his policies.

    The problem for the left is that it doesn’t have any other policies but anti Jewish and pro-Palestinian ones.

  8. @Ted
    There is no one who could come close to replacing him, which is why he has been such a target of the Left. Excellent speech!