What is happening in America? BRILLIANT!!!

T. Belman. Both Putin and Obama-Biden have transformed their respective countries. Putin built up Russia from the depths of her despair after the fall of the USSR into the proud nation you see today and the Russians love him for it.

Since 2008, Obama-Biden destroyed the America we love, leaving us something we hate and tripled the national debt.

So I want a regime change in America but not in Russia.

Col. Douglas Macgregor delivered the following address to the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity on what Americans can do to reclaim the Republic

September 23, 2023 | 6 Comments »

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  1. @ EvRe1, I do not have time to comment on all of your long commentary (some of it I agree with or its sentiment anyway. I do not like Biden to be understated.

    However Ted attacked USA and not Biden, so that is what my comment was about. You maybe more nuanced your views but he has not always been and that is how my comment was directed. Biden is an idiot and horrible POTUS but Putin is the culprit here pure and simple, he made an unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation wanting to take it over as part of a plan to recapture the lands of the Soviet Union for Russia.

    One huge factual error you make is the Nordstrom Pipeline was blown up by Ukrainian divers and not the USA.

    WASHINGTON, June 6 (Reuters) – The United States learned of a Ukrainian plan to attack the Nord Stream natural gas pipelines three months before they were damaged last September by underwater explosions, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday, citing leaked information posted online.

    The CIA learned last June, through a European spy agency, that a six-person team of Ukrainian special operations forces intended to blow up the Russia-to-Germany project, the newspaper reported

  2. @Adam
    Perhaps you will share with us some evidence which leads you to believe that Russia started the Ukraine war, and yes, I see you are now recognizing the 2014 date, so if you would mind sharing what leads you to the conclusion that

    Russia did deliberately start the Ukraine war, first on a limited scale in 2014

  3. Actually, Russia did deliberately start the Ukraine war, first on a limited scale in 2014 and then on a massive scale in 2022. Its motive was the reconquest of Ukraine, a country that many Russians, on the basis of past history, rightfully belongs to them. The Russians initially believed that their Reconquista would be welcomed by the Ukrainians and that the Ukrainian state would fall within days. But when it became apparent that this was not the case, the Russians continued their war of aggression. I suppose by this time to pull out their forces and respect the will of the Ukraijnian people would mean a loss of face,

    This was a “war of choice” for Russia. Russia faced no danger to its existence or territory when Putin decided to invade. Had he wanted to, Putin could have avoided this war.

    There is also a great deal of evidence that far from being a “proud” nation, Russia is now in disgrace in most parts of the world. It has become a pariah nation.

    There is abundant evidence that Russians, especially ‘ordinary” Russians, have been badly hurt by the war and the economic sanctions imposed by foreign countries. There has been a large decline in imports to Russia, and Russians have for years relied on imports from abroad for their “discretionary” spending, meaning spending on everything on staples needed for survival. Credible evidence, based on information released by the Ministry of Defense and other Russian .government agencies, indicates that Russia has lost an incredible 230,000 men in combat in Ukraine, and has suffered more than one million wounded. With Russia’s population under 40 years of age in steep decline even before the war, this is a terrible blow to the Russian economy and all aspects of Russian life.

    The war has also been a strategic disaster for Russia. Finland and Sweden, nations that before the war had been on the whole friendly to Russia, have now joined NATO. Germany, which before the war had also on the whole friendly to Russia, has now become an enemy.

    Clearly, this war was a serious mistake for Russia.

  4. Biden said, “We will turn the Ruble to rubble.”

    Now, 9 years after the US led coup to overturn the government of Ukraine, Ukraine as a country is being reduced to rubble. A generation of men is being lost in a war that cannot be won.

    The US did not need to start a proxy war with Putin.
    The US bombed the Nord Stream Pipeline, which is an act of war against a European ally.

    When Trump was President oil was at $40/barrel. Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline on Day 1 and now oil is close to $100/barrel. When Trump was President, Putin could not have afforded to go to war. With Biden as President, Putin is out-manufacturing the USA in weapons because he can afford to.

    Putin is extremely popular in his country and the war is highly supported.

    Biden is extremely unpopular in his country and the war in Ukraine receives the support of mainly democrats and neocons.

    Meanwhile with Biden as president the dollar is being reduced to rubble, as is our southern border, and patriots are being arrested and imprisoned because they are patriots. The president is trying to imprison the man against whom he is running for the presidency.

    The US has great potential. Its potential is in its people and in the patriots who love this country. But the government is being led by treasonous criminals who want to destroy the US and get rid of any and all political dissent. This is totalitarianism and tyranny.

    The US has become another union of soviet republics with federal surveillance over all Americans to rout out any disaffected individuals.

    The US is also trying to undermine the duly elected governments of Israel and Hungary. It has done this before to many countries around the world, but the mainstream media doesn’t cover it, or it makes it sound like the US is attempting to bring “democracy” to these places.

    @Bear Klein, if there is criticism of the US it is not of the US as a whole, but at the current ruling junta. We know they committed massive ballot fraud. There is so much evidence for it, that it is on the government to prove they didn’t commit it. If they didn’t, they should be happy to give the people all the records to prove they didn’t.

    Instead they criminalize a person’s ability to stand up for the law and investigate if electoral fraud was committed. And this, even after Joe Biden went on video and stated “We have the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in history.”

    The US government is playing with fire in Ukraine, provoking Putin. It is the US that cannot be trusted, and instead, the world is depending on Putin to stay calm and not react with nuclear war.

    What has happened is not a change in Putin. He’s the same person he always was. I doubt many Americans can know much truth about him because all we hear is propaganda, put out by the same people who put out anti-Israel propaganda smears every day.

    What has happened is that the democrat party which used to be full of patriots, has become full out Marxist-totalitarian, and Obama decided to use the full force of national security surveillance systems against people who might be his political rivals.

    This is how our current state of siege began. This is what has changed America from a country governed by a functional Congress to a country governed by a totally dysfunctional Congress and executive branch dedicated to Marxist-totalitarian dogma. This is not the country any of us grew up in.

  5. I quote you Ted Above:

    Since 2008, Obama-Biden destroyed the America we love, leaving us something we hate

    Well you may hate it and this is your right and you clearly admire Putin and Russia and praise him for it.

    USA has lots of problems and it has deteriorated wherever the Dems rule locally. Higher Crime and out of control border. It is very repairable with a good new POTUS plus some additional changes to GOP management at some local levels which are badly in need of change of direction.

    I do not know too many people who would prefer to live in Russia over the USA if they had the choice. There many Russian ex-pats living in the USA. Many of them of Jewish heritage or Jewish. They fled Russia as soon as they could because it is such a lousy place.

    You claim Putin made Russia into a very desirable place which Russian’s love. Then why are not Russian ex-pats moving back to Russia? Why are so many still fleeing? Why are people not flocking to Russia but running away from it as soon as they can?

    Because your view that is a glowing improving place is pure malarkey and far from the truth.

  6. Ted, I want the GOP nominee to beat Biden at the Ballot Box. The USA has many serious problems that Biden has exasperated or caused but read the following.

    Ted, you said one really astonishing thing. Russian economy is something you admire and the USA’s you do not.

    I agree with you Biden has hurt the USA economy somewhat with too much spending causing inflation and curtailing carbon output. Yet luckily the US economy is growing and is 26.5 trillions dollars in GDP.

    Russian economy is a mere 1.65 trillion dollars. Peanuts for a country so large.
    144 million people.

    Russian GDP per capita $14,000(67th in world)

    USA GDP per capita $64,000 (7th in world)

    Israeli GDP per capita per the IMF is $58,000 (20th in world)

    Israel a country of not quite 10 million people has a GDP of about $600 billion.

    So Ted, you have no logical economic reason to praise PUTIN. Russian economy is very lousy. The brain drain caused by Putin’s war certainly will not help. Russia is a brutal dictatorship were Putin and a few oligarchs have taken all the spoils.

    I also do not in the least like Obama or Joe Biden but I am able to articulate the differences between the USA as a whole the current administration. Also I understand how the USA as whole is way better for Israel (though they do things I hate) than a Russia who sells Iran weapons including nuclear technology is bad for Israel.

    The USA sells Israel F-35s and conducts regular joint training exercises with Israel drilling their mutual air-forces.

    So criticizing the USA Administration is certainly valid. I do it constantly but venturing into demonizing of the USA as a country and saying Russia is superior is ridiculous to be understated.

    This is why Michael regularly gets upset with you Ted. He is certainly correct on that. Russian is a gas station who in the mini market sells some caviar and vodka for exports. US has a full blown economy that is the largest in the world.

    So you admire a brutal war mongering dictator Putin and his puny ineffective economy compared to the USA’s Economy which is the largest in the world and growing. Really and you acted puzzled or insulted when I do not trust what you are stating.