Bombshell: NATO Says “War Started in 2014”. “Fake Pretext” to Wage War Against Russia? To Invoke Article 5 of Atlantic Treaty?

Statements of NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg

By Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 21, 2023

On September 7, 2023, Stoltenberg in a presentation to the European Parliament, formally acknowledged that

“the war didn’t start in February last year. It started in 2014.”

This far-reaching declaration confirms his earlier statement in May 2023 to the effect that the Ukraine War

“didn’t start in 2022”, “The war started in 2014”.

Speaking on behalf of NATO, what this statement implies is that US-NATO was already at war in 2014. It also tacitly acknowledges that Russia did not “initiate the war” on Ukraine in February 2022.



The article, Bombshell: NATO Says “War Started in 2014.” “Fake Pretext” to Wage War Against Russia? To Invoke Article 5 of Atlantic Treaty?, can be read on

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September 23, 2023 | 9 Comments »

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9 Comments / 9 Comments

  1. From my perspective, based upon my reading of a variety of sources, The US promised Gorbachev not to expand one inch west of Germany. NATO has done the exact opposite of what was promised to Russia right up to the border of Russia by encouraging Ukraine to join NATO.

    It is not Russia that is expanding into Europe, it is America/Europe that keeps expanding into territory closer and closer to the Russian border, and Ukraine was the last straw.

    There will be no peace until the US accepts Ukraine as a neutral (non-NATO) country. There will be no peace as long as the democrats/ Nuland/neocons are running Washington D.C. Clinton is coming in to DC likely to cement this position which threatens Russia.

    There will be no peace until the corrupt US government stops using Ukraine as a money laundering and bioweapons lab hub, and using Ukraine’s corruption as a shield for their corruption.

    There will be no peace until the US stops making war on Russia.

  2. @Michael Your peace deal would satisfy nobody. NATO has to go. But we are in agreement about the ceasefire. Problem is Biden has ruled it out. He’s willing to fight to the last Ukrainian. So far. we’ve sent $113 billion and Biden wants to send another 24. How long can this go on? This about conquering and partitioning Russia into neo-colonial spheres of interest. Ukraine is just a handy pretext. Who will the globalists use next when they run out of Ukrainians?

  3. Hi, Seymour.

    I see you are referring to the article by Chossudovsky, in saying,

    the msm are just a bunch of propagandists.

    I agree. Chossudovsky has twisted Stoltenberg’s words, making it seem as though the latter supported Russia’s position. The opposite is actually true — which causes me to say that Chossudovsky is not just a “propagandist” but an outright liar. Here is what Stoltenberg said about Russia’s position:

    I believe it was possible also to overcome, as we have done in Europe for most European countries within the framework of the European Union and NATO, to also overcome that relationship with Russia. Russia didn’t choose that path. Russia decided to control neighbors, to try to reestablish their influence and say that there was a provocation if a country decided to join NATO. It is not a provocation. This is democratic, sovereign right to have a nation to choose its own path.
    And therefore, we had Georgia in 2008. We had the Crimea in 2014. And then the full-fledged invasion in 2014. Russia has walked away, and I regret that. But then there is no other option for us than to ensure peace for NATO Allies, for EU members by investing in defence supporting Ukraine. Because if President Putin wins in Ukraine, it’s a tragedy for the Ukrainians, but it’s also dangerous for us. It sends a message that when they use military force, they get what they want, authoritarian leaders. So it’s in our security interest to support Ukraine, and therefore I’m extremely grateful for all the support that EU members the European Union and NATO Allies are providing to Ukraine.

    Chossudovsky again lies, misrepresenting Stoltenberg’s words, when he said,

    In a twisted irony, in his presentation to the European Parliament, Stoltenberg portrays “the purpose” of the Ukraine war, which has resulted in more than 300,000 casualties as a means “to prevent war”.

    Sotlenberg’s actual words were,

    At the NATO summit, we agreed new plans for the defence of the whole Alliance. We also agreed to establish and identify more high readiness troops, 300,000 troops on different levels of high readiness, and also have more air and naval capabilities, ready to quickly reinforce if needed.

    The purpose of this is to prevent war.

    The OP is not just a biased opinion by Chossudovsky is not just propaganda, not just a slanted point of view, but a series of craftily chosen lies.

  4. This is no “bombshell”. If you’ve been paying attention Stoltenberg is on the record a long time ago, at least last spring, in stating this. The reason it comes as a bombshell is that the mainstream press did not pick it up. So what’s new? Just more conclusive evidence if any were needed that the msm are just a bunch of propagandists.

  5. I have been viewing the rest of the EU meeting, the part after Stoltenberg’s 10 min. address, in which the members are posing questions for the NATO leader. Xavier Nart, of Spain, addresses precisely the items I mentioned in my peace proposal, namely, that

    1. Ukraine cannot enter the EU while a war is going on; so there has to be a ceasefire-in-place (As I noted, “Russia gets to keep its steal”.

    2. Nart personally wants Ukraine to be part of the EU and NATO.

    These elements are IMMETIATELY ATTAINABLE objectives. A ceasefire-in-place is simply an acceptance of the situation on the ground. It requires no changes whatever by either side. Ukrainian membership in both the EU and NATO, moreover, is also a de facto fait accompli.

    The only “change”, is the absence of bloodshed. I am surprised to see no interest in this proposal by the Punditers, especially Peloni and Ted. Do you want peace in Ukraine, or not? Why is all the focus on fruitless discussions of things that have happened in the past?

  6. I see that the Putinphiles here have passed over this thread. I posted a peace proposal. Not too much interest among the warmongers.

    BTW, here are Stoltenberg’s exact words, concerning 2014:

    And the third thing was that NATO Allies have really now demonstrated that they are delivering on the commitment we made in 2014, because the war didn’t start in February last year. It started in 2014. The full-fledged invasion happened last year, but the war, the illegal annexation of Crimea, Russia went into eastern Donbas in 2014.

  7. statement implies…

    This statement implies nothing of the sort. What it explicitly STATES is that Russia invaded the Ukraine — first in 2014, and again in 2022.

    Look, it’s time to get rid of the hot air about blaming the Ukrainians for their own calamity. Cut to the chase: Do any of you actually want peace in the Ukraine? I have a “peace plan”:


    Here’s the deal:

    1. Immediate cease-fire-in-place.

    2. Immediate NATO membership for what is left of Ukraine.

    3. Ukrainian-controlled nukes on its soil.

    That ought to satisfy both sides. Russia gets to keep its steal, and Ukraine is guaranteed real security.

    Anything else is blah, blah, blah.