“Behind the Headlines from Israel: What’s Really Going On and Why It Matters.”

This is the recent Webinar hosted by Naomi Kahn of Regavim.

1. Judicial Reform
2. Battle for Area C
3. Negev -Virtual Reality.

You can start at 9 minutes. What she has to say is mind-blowing. Click on the picture.

September 23, 2023 | 5 Comments »

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5 Comments / 5 Comments

  1. Naomi Kahn is very talented and dedicated. She should be considered a national treasure. In her videos, I have learned shocking things about the powerfully negative role the Israeli Supreme Court has played in the last decades, which has resulted in the loss of Israeli land and the creation of new facts on the ground that are illegally donated to the Palestinians regardless of who owns the land legally. No other country in the world would allow this. The Knesset’s hands have been tied. The frustration on the part of patriotic Israelis must be intense at this point.

    It was heartening to learn about the Be’ersheva case that was just decided and the land returned to the legal owner. Unbelievable that it took 10 years!

    In another case, being able to “see” (with geological survey maps)the land and what was on it years ago was so helpful in determining if the Palestinians indeed had lived there from ancient times or if they made that story up out of whole cloth. It turned out to be the latter.

    The lies that are told around the world about Israel, a never-ending supply of hatred, have been going on for centuries, and yet those purveying the lies are protected by the democrat party in the United States, and they write articles for the N Y Times that the intellectual elites read and have no clue that they are reading purposeful antisemitic bias. The readers then go on to believe terrible things about Zionism.

    I hope that judicial reform in some form is accomplished, and that NGOs from Europe or the USA will be sent packing when they try to change the facts on the ground by building Palestinian schools, villages, etc.

    Thank you for this informative webinar.

  2. The big question related to the continuing toleration of illegal building by Jews has been resolved. Since it is not supported by any foreign government, it can be demolished immediately. On the other hand, Arab building sponsored by the PLO, USA, EU, Saudi Arabia or any other Non Israeli Organization must be considered as an issue of foreign policy which cannot be dealt with by those in charge. In addition, the Supreme Court will also take up the baton ( without any reasonable excuse ) to deliver a verdict against any activity the government may intend. The same fingerprints can be found again and again.

  3. The Palestinian fingerprints are all over each situation described by Regavim and other news sources. Since we all know that main stream news is anything but objektive, we should always be on the lookout for alternative narratives. The remaining questions are then who to trust.

  4. I am regularly in touch with Naomi. In Aug 2023,I wrote:
    Why Isn’t Illegal Arab Construction Being Demolished?
    Naomi referred me to the Haaretz article at the bottom.
    Naomi Kahn also suggested that I check the Hebrew press for updates on demolition. I have asked a couple of people to do this for me and am awaiting their findings. If you understand Hebrew, perhaps you can also.

    Bottom line, I think it is the purview of the Min of Defense and he is the bottleneck.

  5. This is a very informative video. Very revealing. Highly recommended.

    How does Naomi do so much with only 11 members, I will never know. She says this will be the first of a series, so I am greatly looking forward to her future productions.