Professors for a Strong Israel: ‘Gestures’ only distance peace

Professors for a Strong Israel, an extra-parliamentary organization of academics, on Friday sent an urgent letter to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Donald Trump’s advisor Jason Greenblatt, and U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

“The history of fifty years of negotiations has shown one thing: No gesture and no concession has promoted any negotiations and certainly has not brought any agreement closer. On the contrary, the concessions created a dynamic of gradual progress towards Arab empowerment in Judea and Samaria and a constant war – but without any progress towards peace,”

“We call upon the Government of Israel to be aware of the reality in which we are living and to refrain from any Israeli concession on the ground. Do not allow Palestinian construction in Area C so long as a final agreement on ending the conflict has not been reached. If the Palestinians need land on which to build, they must wait until the final arrangements are completed on the ground, not on paper.”

June 16, 2017 | 1 Comment » | 179 views

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  1. No construction at all anywhere. Area C is Jewish. Giving it away to the Palis can only be countenanced by Jewish building in the region between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim.

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