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‘Judgment!’ Exposes Fraudulent Death Camp Pictures that Fooled the World!

[to order the film ‘Judgment!’ from Emporer’s Clothes]

In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp.

You may recall those pictures. Taken by the British news station, ITN, they focused on Fikret Alic, the emaciated-looking man on the left. The mass media broadcast these pictures as supposed proof that Alic and the other Muslim men in the pictures were imprisoned behind barbed wire in a Serbian death camp.

The pictures were broadcast worldwide. Twenty minutes after they were shown on US Television, President George Bush Sr. held a press conference to announce harsh new US measures against the Serbs.

But the death camp story was a lie. The ITN crew had filmed from inside a fenced-in storage area. By shooting through the fence (composed of chicken wire with strands of barbed wire on top) ITN created footage that gave the impression that the Bosnian men were imprisoned. With a little editing, this footage was turned into pictures that gave the impression of a death camp.

By fortunate coincidence, a Serbian TV crew accompanied ITN that day, filming the same things that ITN filmed and sometimes filming the ITN crew. Using footage shot by the Serbs, ‘Judgment!’ proves that the people in the famous ITN pictures were refugees. Curious to see a film crew (not to mention one that had set up shop inside a tumble-down storage area) the refugees wandered over, leaned on the scraggly fence, chatted and joked with the ITN reporters. ‘Judgment!’ shows, step by step, how ITN took this innocent footage and edited it to create the phony death camp pictures.

The “death camp” pictures were used to demonize the Serbian people as “new Nazis” and justify devastating economic sanctions and NATO military intervention, including bombing the civilian population, in Yugoslavia.

Get a copy of ‘Judgment!’ If after viewing the film you don’t think we proved our case, return the film and we will refund your money.

If we are wrong, you lose nothing. But if we are telling the truth – and we are – then the media has created fictional news to justify the destruction of multiethnic Yugoslavia.

‘Judgment!’ is based on footage edited by Mihajlo and Petar Ilic of Ilke Productions, who have graciously permitted Emperor’s Clothes to use their work to produce this film for an English-speaking audience.

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15 Comments / 15 Comments

  1. Felix,

    Actually, Wells was a member of the Fabians but he quit to pursue his own vision and agenda which he described as Liberal Fascism (

    Oswald Mosley, founder of the British Union of Fascists approached HG Wells and offered to help Wells promote his ideas but Wells declined by stating that what the world needed was more “liberal fascist.” Wells liked the concepts of the fascist system but he rejected the anti-Semitism and racism of Nazis. He believed in a Godless enlightenment and that an elitist ruling class should be set up to run a benevolent authoritarian global society.

    This is no different than the ideology of people like Soros and many CFR members to name a few (for Bill.)

  2. Randy

    I know your heart and instincts are in the right place in relation to Israel and the Serbs.

    But you must be careful with Wells. Do not forget that Wells was not a revolutionary socialist. I think he was in the Fabian group of the British Labour Party for a period. Believe me that is closer to methodism than to Lenin!

    If I am not wrong he then became a supporter of Stalin and of Stalinism.

    In any case he did not provide a revolutionary socialist answer to the problem, which is not in fact “collectivist”, a word which you often use.

    The real problem is that the world capitalist system while it had a high point is now at the point of crashing humanity into oblivion.

    The problem in this discussion is that Jared, Francisco and also Nathan do not undwerstand the revolutionary socialist strategy of United Front.

    But the air is being filled with this business of international conspiracy etc.

    Of course there is conspiracy. There has been ever since the nations of the world led by America and Britain sent ten, (yes 10) armies in to destroy the newly created workers state and revolution in October 1917.

    If it was a putsch why did they need 10!

    Since then the no 1 aim of the capitalist world has been to prevent a repeat of that “experiment”, and this aspect of things is left out in the discussions here on Yugoslavia.

    A United Front should have been formed with Milosevic when he was arrested and sent to the hague.

    Jared has to revie his practice on this. It did not matter whether Milosevic kept the American state agent Ramsay Clarke on the committee or not. Thje defence of Milosevic had to be unconditional and it was not.

    Francisco is in exactly the same position because in fact they worked together on this at that time.

    Now Nathan the burning question facing the whole international movement is our position towards Vojislav Seselj. I note that it is a long time now that he has been in the Hague awaiting trial. He has been on Hunger strike even.

    It is absolutely vital that the Jewish Movement and Israpundit, as well as the sites run by Jared and Francisco, come out openly and make a complete defence of Seselj.

    I can see no sign of a defence of Seselj on either tenc or hirhome!

    This does not necessitate or imply political agreement with Seselj. But our defence of Seselj agains t the cruel NATO EU US enemy must be unconditional.

    It is he who is at the receiving end of the Hague NATO reactionaries at this particular moment.

    So why the silence on Seselj!

  3. (My sincerest thanks to Nathan Pearlstein for alerting me to this lying idiot and apologist for Islamofascism, known as “Joeboy”)

    Joeboy, Israpundit does not “side with” LM or any other former magazine. Israpundit sides with irrefutable truth and facts against the incessant lies of Islamofascism, Nazism, globalist internationalism and their allies in the corporate controlled media.

    Joeboy, where the heck have you been since December 6, 2006, when you last commented here at Israpundit? You seem very smug and arrogant in your pro-Islamist, pro-Arab terrorist beliefs but you actually prove yourself to be a moron and idiot.Sound a bit harsh, unjust and unfair? Read on.

    Your unsubstantiated claims,specious arguments,obfuscation and outright lies here on Israpundit with regards to the ITN/Guardian “death camp” hoax do not stand the test of close scrutiny and critical examination much like your apologia for Islamofascism both in the Middle East and in ex-Yugoslavia.

    Your three numbered spurious allegations made me laugh out loud at their ill-informed ignorance and stupidity. I still remember your apologia for Islamofascism – your favorites from the terrorists of PLO-Fatah,Hamas,Hezbollah, and their apologists: the so-called ISM – by reading your comments on this site ( for Israpundit readers who wish to find out what this “Joeboy” is really made of, simply click here to see ALL of his pro-IslamoFascist terrorist comments here on Israpundit )

    Now to your three numbered “are you still beating your wife?” circular “pretzel style logic” of unsubstantiated nonsense concerning the ITN/Guardian “death camp” hoax.

    You claim that:

    1) “The barbed wire was nailed to the fence on the same side as the residents of the camp, which apparently somehow proves they weren’t prisoners”

    So according to your warped thinking Joeboy, the conventional construction of fences – in order to keep an area “fenced in have the wire and nails on the inside of the fence? MORON.

    This is totally at odds with the traditional, conventional construction of fences – where the wire and nails are on the outside of the fence in order to keep an area “fenced in so that the wires can’t be pulled off easily.

    Joeboy, just where the hell do you think the phrase “fenced in came from? Idiot.

    Joeboy, not only have you just unequivocally proved yourself to be an incorrigible liar on Iasrapundit, but like most apologists for Islamofascism, you have also indisputably proven yourself to be a very STUPID incorrigible liar at that.

    First of all, the Emperor’s Clothes film footage in the DVD “Judgement”, irrefutably proves, in no uncertain terms, that the so-called “death camp fence” consisted of a less than 5 foot tall flimsy CHICKEN WIRE fence with a mere two strands of rusted out barbed wire on top. A 5 year old child could have kicked it down.

    Furthermore, if you knew anything at all about what a REAL “concentration/death camp” looks like, you would know that they look NOTHING like Trnopolje. Perhaps you need to educate that thick skull of yours and go visit a library: a REAL “death camp” has 10 foot plus high electrified and/or razor sharp barbed wire equipped fences with 30 foot tall Guard towers equipped with machine gun nests in each corner in order to prevent the prisoners from escaping.

    2) “Some residents unsurprisingly gave favorable reports of their treatment to the Serbian state film crew. Serbian state TV’s report on the camp was much more favorable than ITN’s.”

    Goebbels style Big Lie #2. The Emperor’s Clothes film footage does NOT show “residents” being interviewed by a “Serbian state film crew” as you claim (Joeboy, you imbecilic moron: I thought this was a “death camp” we were discussing, not an apartment or condominium complex containing “residents”!).

    The Emperor’s Clothes DVD film “Judgement” in fact actually shows the ITN/Guardian film crew doing most of the interviewing, of what you yourself have just referred to as “residents” of Trnopolje “death camp” (in reality a refugee transit/collection center for people fleeing the warzone).

    Joeboy, since when are “death camp” prisoners referred to as “residents”?! IDIOT.

    3) “Somebody drew a diagram assuring us that the ITN crew created the image of the residents being behind barbed wire by standing in a small caged area filming out.”

    Goebbels style Big Lie #3. Not true. The so-called “somebody drew a diagram” requirement is absolutely NOT needed, since it is glaringly obvious from viewing the Emperor’s Clothes film footage that the ITN/Guardian journalists have entered an enclosed area: a small dilapidated old agricultural compound containing a barn, a broken down electrical transformer, numerous old broken down, rusted out wheelbarrows and the like. The area’s disuse is evidenced by the abundance of overgrown weeds all around the ITN/Gaurdian journalists on their side of the CHICKEN WIRE fence.

    The entire area the ITN/Guardian people are filming from is clearly shown in the film to be indisputably surrounded by a broken down CHICKEN WIRE fence, less than five feet tall, with a mere two strands of rusted out barbed wire on top, which a 5 year old child could have kicked a hole through.

    Hardly, “death camp” material, Joeboy.

    “Although the youtube version isn’t very clear, some shots seem to show that there’s no fence in the position the diagram suggests there should be (to Penny Marshall’s left).”

    Goebbels style Big Lie #4. Absolute nonsense. The Emperor’s Clothes film clearly shows the journalists surrounded by the less than 5 foot tall, broken down, CHICKEN WIRE fence, the two rusty old strands of barbed wire on top, the dilapidated area overgrown with weeds all around the journalists, the rusty old wheelbarrows, garden tools and the like.

    The Serbian journalist claims to have shot footage of the ITN crew entering the enclosure through a small hole in the fence, but this is not shown.

    Goebbels style Big Lie #5. Total BALONEY. Where and when exactly does the so-called “Serbian journalist claim to have shot footage of the ITN crew entering the enclosure through a small hole in the fence”?

    The footage you have referred to was actually shot by ITN themselves in their un-edited “rushes” (raw, uncut film footage)and NOT by any “Serbian journalist”. The actual film footage of Penny Marshall, Guardian journalist, Ed Vulliamy and her team of ITN cameramen entering the small dilapidated agricultural compound surrounded by the CHICKEN WIRE fence was at one time posted on the now defunct LM website back in 1997 to 2000. I saw with my own eyes the ITN uncut raw film footage, how Penny Marshall and her team of cameramen entered through the small hole in the chicken wire fence. The video was of decent quality and is probably still available by whomever may have downloaded it and saved it to their PCs at the time, 10 years ago.

    Below is a link to a debate I had with someone whom was a lukewarm believer in the
    ITN/Guardian “death camp” hoax:

    Comments (on the London Guardian)

    Here is what I wrote on Israpundit back on May 16, 2006 on this very issue in response to Joeboy’s lies:

    “Joeboy”, please get your facts straight and stop believing what the Western media tells you about this case.

    The article exposing the ITN Trnopolje “death camp” photo/video HOAX first appeared in the mainstream German “Novo” magazine by Thomas Deichmann, NOT in LM ( the successor to the defunct Living Marxism magazine of the British Revolutionary Coimmunist Party). LM magazine merely REPRINTED the German “Novo” article by Deichmann. See and do a search on “Trnopolje” and “ITN” or go directly to this link which is a mirror of the original article:

    ITN vs LM What Really Happened

    In any case, the ITN/Guardian people sued because they wanted to silence LM magazine for exposing their hoax.

    Even the the judge admitted in the case that the truth doesn’t matter when he acknowledged,in his summing up of the trial, with these exact words – “but does it matter?” -that the ITN/Guardian journalists were NOT filming a “death camp” surrounded by an “old wire fence” (i.e. the judges words describing a CHICKEN wire with two strands of rusted barbed wire on top) but that it was in fact the ITN/Guardian journalists themselves who shot their video footage through an old chicken wire fence(surrounding an old small agricultural compound which the ITN journalists entered -with their cameras & recording equipment – through a broken down part of the fence).

    The tiny agricultural compound area was overgrown with weeds and housed old wheelbarrows and a broken down electrical transformer.

    If telling the TRUTH is “revisionism” then anybody who also exposes the fact that NO massacre of Arab civilians occurred in Jenin in 2002 and Deir Yassin in 1948 is also a “revisionist”. (See

    Unlike the United States, where the plaintiff whom is making the accusation of libel bears the burden of proof to prove his/her case, the draconian British libel laws make the defendant, and not the plaintiff, bear the burden of proof that he/she did NOT say or write something which was injurious to the plaintiff’s reputation – even if what he/she said was “technically” true. In other words under the British libel laws you are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent.

    The LM team had to PROVE in court that the ITN/Guardian journalists did it deliberately and not by accident – i.e. they had to PROVE that the ITN journalists could not have “accidentally” shot a phony “death camp video” by entering the agricultural compound and pointing their camera from behind a 5 foot tall chicken wire fence which now encircled the journalists!!(my friends, I kid you not).That is why if you live in Britain, and some huge corporation sues you for libel, unless you are very,very rich and can afford a top lawyer to prove that you are innocent, you are out of luck: be prepared for bankruptcy. Thank God the British system doesn’t exist in the USA or on the internet – otherwise this website wouldn’t be possible.

    Joeboy, you should make up your mind whether or not you are interested in FACTS or what the anti-Israeli Western corporate mainstream media tells you: which in most cases is pure BALONEY or SPIN (i.e. twisting the facts) in order to demonize a people and/or their leader for political effect.

    Once again, my sincerest thanks to my dear friend, Nathan Pearlstein, for alerting me to Joeboy’s lies on Israpundit, and for providing the links to the articles below:

    Lies the London Guardian told me… or, The Return of Villainy

    Trnopolje & Omarska – Two Examples of The Concentration Camp Lie

    Three Cheers for the Scottish Daily Mail

    Reporting of Palestinian Deaths

    Comments (on the London Guardian)


  4. Nathan,
    Your posting some good stuff that I am very much in agreement with.

    A good way to get into the head of these elitist is to read HG Wells’s book “The Open Conspiracy:Blue Prints For A World Revolution” which laid out in 1928 what the elitist are doing today. He believed in global controls and was and advocate for putting the world‘s elitist thinkers in charge of everything.

    Why? Because he foresaw the development of technology including the atomic bomb as early as 1914 and believed that unless an elitists ruling class took control on an international level humanity would destroy itself by possessing to much power.

    Here is a link to a very interesting article from The Nation (August 18, 1945 issue):

    When H.G. Wells Split the Atom: A 1914 Preview of 1945

    The bottom line is that Soros, Turner, Rockefeller, et al, – All the elitist, as different as they are from one another have one thing in common – They are convinced that they are smarter than the rest of us and that gives them the right to save us from ourselves because we are so stupid. Even if it means taking away our rights and the rights of sovereign nations. (God save us from those who would save us)

    Unfortunately they are the fools, who if they get their way, they will be the ones who destroy the world and bring about Wells’s “prophesy” of global annihilation and chaos. It is people like these who reject the use of force against countries like Iran and allow them to develop nukes while they try to work out a diplomatic solutions – But at the same time they will use force against people like the Serbs and in the future possibly against the Israelis.

  5. I guess this is largely the same video that’s currently available in four parts on youtube. I couldn’t get the fourth part to work, but parts 1-3 didn’t seem to contain anything very persuasive. The evidence so far seems to be:

    1) The barbed wire was nailed to the fence on the same side as the residents of the camp, which apparently somehow proves they weren’t prisoners

    2) Some residents unsurprisingly gave favorable reports of their treatment to the Serbian state film crew. Serbian state TV’s report on the camp was much more favorable than ITN’s.

    3) Somebody drew a diagram assuring us that the ITN crew created the image of the residents being behind barbed wire by standing in a small caged area filming out. Although the youtube version isn’t very clear, some shots seem to show that there’s no fence in the position the diagram suggests there should be (to Penny Marshall’s left). The Serbian journalist claims to have shot footage of the ITN crew entering the enclosure through a small hole in the fence, but this is not shown. Perhaps the full / high quality video remedies these problems?

    Doubtless the journalists had an angle, because journalists always do, but so far I don’t see anything here worth abandoning the historical / legal consensus for. Still, it’s fun seeing israpundit siding with Living Marxism.

  6. Ted,

    very good point you raise there. Of course the Islamic masses would want their own “one world” system, as would the Chinese and the Russians as well.

    However, the Western globalists are not stupid. They have planned and prepared for all contingencies such as the above.

    Here is how the Western globalists think they can do it specifically with the Muslim masses: their thinking is that the only way they can safely bring in the Islamic masses into the collectivist-globalist, “one world”, “all religions are equal”, “multicultural”, internationalist system and leave it dominated by the Western elites is when sovereign nation-states like Israel cease to exist in other words, Israel must be sacrificed as a sovereign nation state in order for the Islamic masses to be absorbed into the “one world” system. This can be achieved either peacefully or if Israel resists, through war and genocide.

    The Western globalist elites are using a combination of the threat of nuclear annihilation from Iran combined with the “Trojan Horse” of EU-NATO & Washington sponsored so called “peace initiatives” “Road Maps” and the like in order to disarm Israel and leave it defenseless from a nuclear attack.

    If Israel by chance elects patriotic leaders who resist the Western globalist onslaught, such actions will be intensified by putting them into overdrive until she can no longer sustain the intolerable pressures -economic, demographic & military – until finally she is exhausted and succumbs.

    Failing that, the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation will be the last resort used by the globalist elite, with the EU-NATO powers supposedly “coming to the rescue of Israel” but in reality they will act as a “Trojan Horse”, with a total takeover by EU-NATO military forces of Israeli territory as so-called “peacekeepers”, telling the world via their mighty mainstream media that they are “keeping the peace between Muslims and Jews in order to safeguard the world from the horrors of nuclear world war”, with the patriotic Israeli government removed and a globalist puppet government put in its place.

    Yugoslavia/Serbia was the test-practice run for the above. But of course, Yugoslavia/Serbia had no nuclear weapons to defend herself from military attack, so Israel must be disarmed of all nuclear weapons first – hence the stratagem and cynical ploy of “a nuclear free Middle East” by the Western powers.

    This is the next phase of the globalists’ multi-faceted, multi-stage plan for the destruction of Israel as a viable, sovereign, Jewish nation-state.

    Ted, as you warned us previously: Jews and Israel, Beware.

  7. Nathan

    Perhaps that’s why both the US and Israel are vilified. They don’t conform to this vision.

    But neither do the Islamists in one sense. Islamists want one world government but one where Islam dominates. So how do the elites espect to deal with Islamists.

    You point out Jewish values that are inimical to them as they were to the Church, the Nazis and the Roman’s.

  8. Ted,

    I deeply appreciate your supportive comments. Thank you so very much. As to your questions on why they do it” & where do they want to go” , what is their world view” , “how do their policies or goals benefit them “Are their interests in conflict with those of America”:

    Ted you hit the nail square on the head with your last sentence: “I suppose it depends how you define American interests”.

    That’s really it. These elites do not represent “American interests” (those of the good American people) – they actually represent their own elitist interests only. The total destruction of the sovereign American Republic as envisaged by the Founding Fathers in 1776 – by absorbing the US into a “one world” globalist “multicultural” system where “all religions are equal” – is what they have in mind as a goal. National sovereignty and the principles of freedom/liberty and the inalienable rights of mankind being given to him by G-d, is total anathema to the globalist-internationalist elites.

    Why they do it to Jews, is because the Jews represent freedom/liberty, human compassion, decency,honesty,justice,fairness,prosperity,freeenterprise, egalitarianism, progressive thought, the highest levels of morality, mutual respect and the highest attainments in culture, business, science and the arts.

    The preceding qualities and values are in total conflict and at odds with the totalitarian internationalist-globalist-corporatist-fascist world view. Hence Jews and their allies (such as the Serbs) are demonized and attacked and threatened with genocide continually.

    Where do they want to go”?

    Total world control over the peoples of the globe is where the internationalist globalist elites want to go. That necessitates the absolute annihilation of sovereign nation-states like Israel and any nation-state allies she may have possibly had in order to bring in the Islamic masses into the collectivist, globalist “multicultural“, “one world” system.

    Ted, I will need to cover this critically important topic in more detail soon. I think a collaborative effort with Israpundit contributors on this particular issue who feel they are knowledgeable in this specific area is needed.

  9. Nathan

    Thank’s for your valuable contributions to our understanding. I now appreciate how “they” do it but I am short on “why” they do it it. Where do they want to go? What is their world view? How do their policies or goals benefit them. Are their interests in conflict with those of America. I suppose it depends how you define American interests.

  10. The articles below show how the media consistently, over many years, blatantly and brazenly lies through its teeth in order to perpetuate the unjust demonization of an entire people (the Serbs & Jews), in order to justify the creation of Islamofascist terrorist & mafia dominated states in the Middle East and Europe, by Western governments.

    The EU-NATO (led by Germany) and Washington (urged on by the CFR, State Department & George Soros’ International Crisis Group) is pushing for an Islamofascist terrorist criminal gangster state, right in the heart of Europe – Kosovo (the Serbs’ Jerusalem) – ruled by Albanian KLA terrorists (funded by the UN as the “Kosovo Protection Corps”!) – with links to Osama bin Laden, Ayman al Zawahiri, the terrorist attacks of 9/11, and the Madrid & London train bombings:

    Ignore at Peril: the Growing Cauldron of Kosovo and Bosnia

    International Strategic Studies Association: Balkan Strategic Studies – Bosnian Izetbegovic SDA & Albanian KLA links to 9/11, Madrid, London bombings

    Lies the London Guardian told me… or, The Return of Villainy

    Comments (on the London Guardian)


  11. Keelie,

    You are quite correct. But it’s because politicians are supposed to not be naive and gullible to buy everything they read in the papers or see on TV.

    Politicians are supposed to be wise and intelligent and careful to scrutinize what the mainstream media tells them and not be unduly influenced by the media when making critically important policy decisions where the fate of an entire people is at stake (witness the Western media’s anti-Israel/pro-Muslim-Arab-Islamofascist stance against the Jewish people).

    But the fact that many of these politicians are not wise enough to take what the media says with a grain of salt does not alter the undeniable fact that government intelligence agencies – many of them working in concert with so-called “Public Relations” firms – manipulate the public opinion in order to justify policies that are harmful to the Jewish people of Israel and for that matter, harmful to the people of the United States and the West.

    As Randy and Ted have revealed numerous times here on Israpundit, this is a classic globalist internationalist elite ploy, best evidenced by the psychological operations (“psy-ops”) of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in manipulating the US government into adopting anti-American policies harmful to the peoples of the United States, Israel & the West – as well as manipulating the public opinion of the people of the United States via the CFR’s media connections in order to justify their suicidal policies of appeasement and betrayal.They do this in order to justify policies of betrayal and appeasement of despotic terrorist regimes like Iran & North Korea, PLO/Fatah,Hamas & Hezbollah.

    So remember, it works both ways, but those politicians who use the specious argument of: “Hey, don’t blame me,I was conned and duped by the media!” when a foreign policy disaster of their own making ensues – implying that they were so innocently naive, clueless and gullible that they had no other source of information to base their critically important policy decisions on, are simply lying through their teeth (Politicians have ready access to factual intelligence information from both private and government sources, so it is up to the individual politician to gather information from as many sources as possible – not merely the mainstream media – and utilize his critical faculties of judgement and discernment, by scrutinizing all of the available information from as many differenet sources as he/she can, for possible inaccuracies and biases).

    Any politician who uses the lame excuse of: “Hey, don’t blame me,I was conned and duped by the media!” when a foreign policy disaster of their own making occurs, is an absolute idiot and clown who cannot be taken seriously. They should be immediately booted out of office at the next elections.

  12. Isn’t it odd how puffed up and outraged people get when it comes to any semblance of government control over the Press… and how little attention is payed to Press control over government?

  13. So the Toronto Star people saw the videos of the Serbs being massacred?

    Let me ask my fellow Canadians (including Ted); did the Star report on this? Or is that a stupid question?

  14. The visual is not showing on my screen.

    Why is this all vital study for the Jewish people, and really for everybody who has an interest in the future?

    Many reasons and many answers to that. But the most obvious is that on Yugoslavia we can prove a whole series of Media lies against the Serbs. It was very blatant.

    Take this incident. This ITN team travelled out to Yugoslavia. There had been statements made in the US by Eagleburger and others alleging that Milosevic was running concentration camps. This was in the air.

    We know that this team led by Penny Marshall were under instruction from their bosses ITN to find concentration camps.

    Basically they turned things on their head with this photo. They the ITN were inside the barbed wire. The Bosnian men were outside it.

    The judge at the trial admitted in his summing up, or rather asserted rather forcefully, that they must have known what they were doing. Of course they did!

    Later Marshall and her buddy Ian Williams never once corrected the impression they had created with this photo.

    This photo was on the same level as the Muhammed Rl Dura France 2 affair, and maybe even a bit more!. It had huge repercussions for the Serbian people which are still going on today. NATO is in the process of stripping Kosovo away and handing it to Greater Albania, which is the Islamist Jihad in effect.

    To Jewish people when we look at Yugoslavia one of the big tie-ins is the role of the modern Media.

    Of particular importance to Israpundit in all of this is the role of LM in the following ITN Libel Trial. LM (Living Marxism) took up a role of sitting on the sidelines between the Srerbs and the Jihad against the Serbs.

    This sitting on the Fence role is very common in relation to Israel and the Palestinians.

    They lost the Libel Trial to the ITN .

  15. Many thanks for posting this critically important article, Ted.

    Every decent, freedom loving person in the West and in our beloved Israel needs to see this film.

    It will free your mind and open your eyes to how we have been lied to for nearly 20 years by the Western mainstream media – both in the case of the Israeli vs Muslim/Arab-fascist conflict and the Serbian vs Croatian HDZ Ustasha/Bosnian SDA/Albanian KLA-Islamist Nazi conflicts.

    Our dear friends of Israel & the Jewish people: Peter Robert North of Australia and Neil Craig of Scotland, have written extensively on this ITN/Guardian/BBC “concentration/death camp” hoax and how the very same people behind this monstrous Goebbels’ ‘Big Lie’ style fraud are also behind the demonization of the Israelis and the whitewashing of the Islamofascists of Iran,Hamas,Hezbollah & PLO/Fatah.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    By purchasing this film we will also be helping the good people at Emperor’s Clothes continue their vital work in defending Israel and the Jewish people. There is a money back guarantee on this film so you have nothing to lose: buy the DVD and pass it on to all of your friends – both Jewish and Christian Zionist alike.

    Here are the articles by Neil Craig & comments by Peter Robert North along with a fierce debate sparked by supporters of the Middle East Islamofascists who – surprise,surprise, – also supported the Tudjman Ustasha Nazis and the Izetbegovic, Thaci/Ceku/Haradinaj KLA Islamofascists!!

    Trnopolje & Omarska – Two Examples of The Concentration Camp Lie

    Three Cheers for the Scottish Daily Mail

    Reporting of Palestinian Deaths

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