Putin just pulled off the ULTIMATE sneak attack against the West

Redacted with Clayton Morris

January 30, 2023 | 2 Comments »

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  1. How ironic is it that though everyone in the West likes to charge Putin as a committed Communist, the only reason why Putin is still in power and why Russia is not an economic wasteland is because Putin is the greatest capitalist of our age. Many lessons to be learned from his ability to weather the ever increasing storm of attacks launched against him over the past 15yrs.

  2. While the video pretty much sums up the military/economic aspect of this war, if the analysis were as simple as preserving the US dollar as world reserve currency there would not be this much unity among the “West” in confronting Russia.

    As for preserving the US dollar as world reserve currency, this is a futile effort. I figured this out over 20 years ago. The best approach is going to be try and work closely with the major world powers on the transition. Work to ensure a “soft” landing for the US and our economy when the inevitable does happen. As it is, a “hard” landing is all but guaranteed. I don’t see Russia, China, India, or other major world powers wanting to work with the current crop of US leaders.

    It is obvious that Russia is going to win, was obvious as far back as 2014, and is even more obvious now. I wrote letters back in 2014 to all of our leaders as well as made phone calls explaining this situation and to stay out of Ukraine as it does not mesh with our interests and is unwinnable. They foolishly barged ahead in folly.

    Russia and their allies are soon to remake the world order. This video may provide some insight into what they plan to do. It’s highly unlikely that they are going to allow the United States to continue to exist. Certainly it won’t be allowed to continue to exist in its current form. If only we had good leadership, we could be trying to open up a path whereby we could join BRICS.